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  1. Name not in Credits

    Hello there. i was wondering why my name was not in the credits since i bought the SquadLeader Pack. So yesterday checked my email and followed the instructions and entered my in-game name. Will my name then be in the credits soon or is it to tale for that
  2. No skins

    i have found out that Squad will send you an email with Soundtrack and skin code which you just enter in steam.. So problem solved
  3. No skins

    Mine is not there at all
  4. No skins

    Tried that just now. but i could not see the skins.
  5. No skins

    i bought the Squad Leader Tier 2 Founder level package for 70$ but i dont see the skins in game. Can anyone tell me what the problem is ?
  6. i cant join the servers.

    i will try. should i just click it all the time or just wait that sucks bro. try to close the game and then open it agin. it worked for me
  7. i cant join any servers. it allso takes longer to refresh the server list. Wtf
  8. It would be cool to have all countries in NATOS colation force in the game, Such as England or Denmark who have done an encridible good job on the ground spise to its size of only 2 infantry companies total. They are very elite
  9. Closed Alpha issues

    When i open my email it just send me to this page where i need to download windows updates. that doesnt make any sense http://alpha.joinsquad.com/profile/game?utm_source=Squad+Leader+Distribution+list&utm_campaign=09f0ba6c04-Squad_Leader_No_upgrades_Key_release9_23_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_fd34429af8-09f0ba6c04-99290285&mc_cid=09f0ba6c04&mc_eid=7f74945bf6
  10. Closed Alpha issues

    I just recieved my Closed Alpha Key. But when i click the link it doesnt download the game. i need help please

    Im just curious about when the Closed Alpha will be released so i can play the game. So annoying to wait and just watch videos on youtube. i want to play..
  12. V7 is OUT!

    When i want to know aswell. i hope it will be released next week so we can play the game.
  13. The sooner the better. i have been looking forward to play this game for a very long time. i hoped i was able to play pre alpha but unfortuneately i was to late on buying the game but shit happens i hope the Squad developers will send me the key soon so i can enjoy this beautyful game Not really since im not able to play the game yet
  14. Hello Squad. What is the ETA on the release of Closed Alpha, cant wait to play this game.
  15. Where is my cd key ??

    Raging Death. Im not here to argue about anything. but i dont like being called maggot. especially if it comes from someone i dont know, or worse from some scumbag civillian who doesnt know shit about pride. im not here to step on any toes im just a simple Vet who bought the game and had some questions.