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  1. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Thanks for all the work so far guys . I took a break from gaming for 6 months or so and i have really noticed the changes to the game that have taken place over the time . I love you all
  2. New Desktop System Specs?

    700 USD should get you a decent pc . As others have said i would stay away from AMD at the moment . For £700 in the uk you could get the below parts . (Fairly certian usd would be cheaper) Intel core I5 6400s ASrock Gaming K4 Z170 8 GB corsair LPX DDR4 Zotac GTX 970 Corsair 500w CX500 powersupply 120GB Kingston ssd Maybe a cheap mechanical hard drive would be a good adition and Cheap case .Aero cool are making some really good cheep cases. I would say any less than these specs would be a bit of a waste of money at this moment in time . It should last you a year or so and play most modern games on high settings. Im sure you will find somone local who likes building pc's .Although its really easy to actually build it , Getting everything set up and installed correctly can be the real challenge but all quite simple if you do a little research first.
  3. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    Just received my key now . I will thank the devs here instead of adding another email to the list! Thanks guys :)
  4. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    Thanks to both of you ! I have emailed both so hopefully i should here back from them !
  5. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    Hey guys . Looks great . I havent had my key yet . Do i need to email the [email protected] email adress ?
  6. Resoloution problem

    Thanks for the responses guys ! After a Google search i found a post on here that i hadn't managed to find using the search about deleting the .ini files from the app data file . All seems to be working as it should now . I have DSR factors enabled but i cant select them on the GUI . I have tried a few monitors , I have a 4k but its to big for gaming . I usually use 2560x1440 but i have been running squad on a 1920x1080 144hz Benq Thank you for the help guys !
  7. Nvidia Graphics Cards

    The problem you have by waiting for the new generation is that your current cards will be worth hardly anything . I like to buy them as they come out then sell them just as the next gen is released and you still get a lot of your initial outlay back . my 780 ti's only ended up costing me £300 for the whole time i had them . My 2 970's cost me less than £100 . At the moment i have 2 980 Ti's that i will be selling just before the new ones come out for hopefully not much more than i paid for them . It might seem crazy but in my crazy mind it all makes perfect sense :P
  8. Resoloution problem

    I know this has come up a lot but i have tried everything posted in the various other threads . I have not been able to select anything above 1600x900 since the first build . I have re downloaded 1.2 twice to see of that was the problem . I get no change from using the console and trying the setres command. Is there anything else anyone can recommend? Pc spec is I7 6700K , 980Ti x2 , 32gb DDR4 ram I get ridiculously high frame rates but it just doesn't look as good as i know it should . Thanks in advance
  9. STOP using Teamspeak

    I haven't noticed any problem with the sound balance . A machine gun being fired 5 feet from your head will always be louder than any ear piece in reality so i quite like the effect. I think the fact we can hear foot steps is an added bonus for the game so you cant really moan about not hearing it . What is pissing me off is the amount of people who want to be a squad leader yet have no mic , Or are just unwilling to even try and take control . Hell i don't even care if you are giving out bad orders , I will still follow them as its part of the fun . There is no space for team speak outside of the pre game lobby. Why the hell anyone would even consider using skype is just beyond me .
  10. Will be more weapons in this game?

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere , But will there be the option of picking up the opposing teams weapons? I can see how this could cause problems with ammunition and resupply and such . Just wondering
  11. Your Squad War Stories Thread

    Wait a minute ? am i on 4chan? Sounds like fun . I may have been in that game . I seem to remember half our team playing house up in the hills whilst the other half split up in to 4 separate fire teams and tried to capture
  12. Impressions from New Players?

    As a new player i have found that without a squad leader who knows what they are doing , things can go wrong fast. I have had around 5-6 games today . The first two where amazing . Proper organization and communication . And the others seemed to be all new guys (Like me ) We need you Vets to step in and whip us in to shape
  13. First game reaction

    I cant say i have had any problems getting kills with 1 or 2 shots so far . I cant seem to get the hang of throwing grenades yet . So far i have heard ''Oh shit bad grenade'' More than anything haha
  14. Closed Alpha Released

    Just finished my first game of squad and i have to say ....Damm its good . I have an awfull lot to learn but think i did okay . Good work team