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  1. Drunk Squad Leader (Stream Highlight!)

    I hope that he sees this :DDD This guy made my day
  2. Drunk Squad Leader (Stream Highlight!)

    hahahahaha :D the best squad leader we have ever had :DDD
  3. 5 Hour FOB Build, watch it in HD!

    add me pls to see when you are online :D http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197989283289/
  4. 5 Hour FOB Build, watch it in HD!

    nice to see our fob in a fight :D
  5. Yes when you left I still have built it a little bit bigger, but then came amerikican and it escalated a bit :D :D
  6. the video from the fob here http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/5955-5-hour-fob-build-watch-it-in-hd/#entry96969
  7. 5 Hour FOB Build, watch it in HD!

    kelton, 2 man build this :D hahaha ... butterfly post the video please, i want to watch this :D
  8. 5 Hour FOB Build, watch it in HD!

    we are freaks amerkican :D lets do this again today :DDD hahahaha
  9. yeah :D our SUPERMEGAFOB :D i love this shit :DD
  10. Impressions from New Players?

    This game has the best community I've ever seen. There is nothing more to say. okay except that it is so far despite alpha the best tactic shooter I've ever played. i am looking forward to another very horny matches :DDD
  11. Music!

    i don't listen to music
  12. Searching for German Players

    heyhey, wäre auch voll am start hab lange zeit arma3,project reality und insurgency gezockt ^^