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  1. What 1st person shooter is everyone playing now?

    PR and Insurgency.
  2. Kickstarter DONE!

    Takedown was a great upset for me. I really had hope on that game. But after the release, at the very begging there wasn't a stable server. Sad
  3. How old is the Squad community?

    35 years old from Brazil.
  4. That's a great idea and very well written. Congrats. Very clear giving the pro and cons and giving suggestions to fix the cons.
  5. Stat tracking

    Stats should be related to squad performance only. It will encourage team play.
  6. PR 1.3 Standalone is out!

    Nick You have to use Deamon tools to load up the .iso file into a virtual drive.
  7. Comunidade Brasileira De Squad é Aqui!

    Hiro e Roma, parabéns! Excelente iniciativa.
  8. Remake

    Beirut because I wish to see the might Merkava in UE4.
  9. Stat tracking

    Imo there is a solution for that. Those stats if implemented should be focused only on squad performance. Not on team win/loss ratio and not even on personal stats as k/d ratio. Example: Most defensive squad ( based in defensive stats as killing enemies that tried to capture a flag or FOB.) Most offensive squad (based on offensive stats as capturing a flag or destroying enemy FOB.) Best heavy asset squad (this one should compare both teams only one team will have the best heavy asset squad. That will encourage asset preservation.) Best commander (this could be rated by being up voted by your own team) Having the stats focused only on squad performance will encourage teamwork. It should be counted as how many times you have being in a most offensive squad or how many times you were the best commander or how many times you were in a best heavy asset squad. English is not my native language. Tell me if further explanation is needed. What do you think people?
  10. Share your TIER!

    I'm getting clan pack with some friends. Probably 2 or 3 packages of it.
  11. Leaving a vehicle accidently by pressing E

    Great suggestion @Ostboll !!!
  12. Unreal engine suggestions

  13. Variety of maps?

    I'm trying to learn. Lots of tutorials in the webz. Unfortunately I do not have much time for this purpose but I hope I can contribute with anything in the future.
  14. Persistence And Rewards

    I agree with that, and I think that is the edge of an implement of that kind. PR is fun without it. I believe squad will be very fun in the same way.
  15. April 2015

    Great work guys. Keep it up!