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  1. bad performance. v9 not enjoiying.

    doing good now. just downloaded the patch. 60 to 90 fps on chora
  2. bad performance. v9 not enjoiying.

    hotfix just got released. wow. hoping for better game
  3. bad performance. v9 not enjoiying.

    no not using reshade
  4. bad performance. v9 not enjoiying.

    tried it all, still crap. never mind I'll wait for patches
  5. bad performance. v9 not enjoiying.

    4gb should be enough to run this game. especially on low settings
  6. bad performance. v9 not enjoiying.

    This shouldn't be a issue because its a new windows install and on a new ssd. I haven't had this game installed for over 2 months playing battlefield etc
  7. bad performance. v9 not enjoiying.

    I know what u mean. I just reinstalled older drivers. game runs fine but still there is the fps drop from 60 to 0 and back. just freezes for a sec then its fine.
  8. bad performance. v9 not enjoiying.

    plays a bit better now. but still fps drop to 0 and back to 60. I have everything on low.
  9. bad performance. v9 not enjoiying.

    blur is turned off by default. I hate blur I just played a round. running 10 steps frame drops to 0 and back to 60 i'm downloading an older driver to see if that fixes it.
  10. So I haven't played this game in months because of performance. Now v9 is out so I thought I try it again. to my surprise the game run even worse then before. moving my mouse makes me sick. so much blur. every time I fire my weapon or just start walking there is a freeze. my specs. intel 4970 @4ghz 16gb ram gtx970 FPS is 60/90 not real drops in fps is there a way to tweak this game. I rather have not such a beautiful game but better performance.
  11. Thank you

    I just wanted to take this moment to thank the devs for being persistent in creating such a beautifull game. the last patch made me return to it and enjoy it. so Thank you devs
  12. Another one bites the dust

    well nevermind this game because there are better games out there. AAPG H1Z1 etc etc etc..let the boys who played a buggy PR keep this one. By the time this game go's beta the engine is to old and the game will die off. some people have a nuclear device to run this crap. I'm not even gonna try anymore. if they don't like what you say they call you every name in the book. and when you say something about it the mods will delete your topic. so long suckers
  13. Is anyone experiencing this aswell?

    This happens when the RP is glitched in the ground. when you spawn you spawn under the map and fall. had this a few times.
  14. ACOG? Terrible or not that bad...

    I Know what your talking about. yesterday i tested the m4 acog in sqaud and in americas army. Indeed the recoil in squad is rediculouse. although you can counter the recoil by pulling ur mouse down when you shoot. i was able to triple the hits with burst fire on 1 target. but it makes the gun useless in medium to long range engagements. because it takes to much effort for a rifle who main purpose is medium to long range engagement. in Americas army the m16 with acog kicks a little bit but its easy to counter with minimal mouse adjustments. The Ak however is really low recoil for a rifle that has a larger bullet. (larger caliber) it doesnt even kick like a real AK does. thats true. The AK feels more like a MP5
  15. ACOG? Terrible or not that bad...

    Lets say I know why u are upset about the m4 with acog has a different kick then with aimpoint. I can confirm it has a pretty unsecure aim to it. Let me explain previouse. In the game AAPG you also have a m4 type rifle with acog. well its a m16 with acog but it has the same kick the m4 with acog has in squad. I think you notice the kick more because you are zoomed in more. so the recoil might be the same as with the aimpoint. but because more zoom it seems more. and 2nd you are not suppose to burst or auto fire with acog. single fire is preferred. I have watched 100's of video's about soldiers in Afghanistan and irak where you see SF fight Taliban. they never burst fire or auto fire their acog m4. its always single fire shots. that's why marksman training is focusing on single fire. that's a hit!