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  1. Great update guys, looking forward to the FOB mechanism changing. Then the hype for v10 with the animation update will begin!!! Mav
  2. Great works guys! Thanks for putting the eye candy videos in the post too, prepare for the hype!! Can't wait to play as the Brits, being a brit an all... Mav
  3. Thanks for this devs, all the hard work is paying off Mav
  4. This is going to be awesome! Great work devs can't wait to see you all on the battlefield, although our squads will be putting on more weight now they don't have to run as far! The hype is reaaaaal! Mav
  5. game mode

    I really like this idea! Brings an RTS element to an FPS. Similar to the BF2/PR Commander role but with more freedom. Obviously it comes down to the people playing the game as you would expect....which...since when did that ever happen Mav
  6. Wooohoooo, that first bug was crazy annoying! Cheers Devs Mav
  7. I read this thread with excitement and nervousness as it's great to see so many people being supportive and loving the game, on the other hand...some of these negative posts really annoy me... especially the one liners that aren't even constructive. To reiterate. The game is in should be expected for things to get worse...better...worse...the same....better.... The devs are doing an amazing job and this is an undertaking of something that has never ever been done before, from the ground up. So with this in mind, my hat goes off to you devs, crack on, your doing a great job and every release is a step forward. To the non-constructive feedback flingers.... buck up, grab your rifle and get on the battlefield... or just be patient. Cheers Devs... Great work. Mav
  8. Welcome to the forums mate! See you on the battlefield soon. Mav
  9. Brilliant thank you Spectral! Did wonder how to do this earlier Cheers man! Mav
  10. Amazing work ! Happy Maverick...
  11. Fantastic work Chuc, coming from a PR background it wasn't too hard to get used to the game, it was more trying to spot people that was difficult to adjust too. But that is testament to the excellent modelling and environments the guys are working on and the unreal 4 engine. These are especially useful for non-PR players Like everyone is saying...keep em coming... Mav
  12. Good models guys, keep up the hard work. Mav
  13. This is so cool! Great work! Mav
  14. Very cool Mitsu, keep up the good work Mav
  15. Welcome guys! Have fun!