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  1. Additional comms - are they needed?

    I really believe devs should focus on VOIP system overhaul, e.g. reducing the 1 second comms lag that makes effective in-vehicle coordination pure pain. Devs said this is will be worked on but it seems to have fallen into obscurity recently. I think lag fixing is especially important with all those vehicles coming out in V9. With regards to diffent comms options i say why not. Although the game feels to fast paced atm so these additions could contribute to comms overload already being experienced on the battleground.
  2. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    Pretty massive update, i'm excited like a 5yr old kid. Penetration and FOB mechanics will change the game-play significantly, new strategies will emerge on each map. How come though we're getting a change log before V9 is actually released? Or is it just around the corner?
  3. Official Squad Forum Alert Level

    General quarters, general quarters, man battlestations. Elevate to WTF immediately for upcoming V9 release.
  4. Squad Alpha V9

    With regards to fastropes they probably mean: 'We're implementing the mechanics so that they can be used when helo's are implemented'. I'm more interested in update to VOIP system. One of the devs mentioned on Ruddit it's one of the oldest systems in the game and needs an overhaul. It's definitely showing it's age now... I am looking forward to the VOIP lag reduction as coordinating between gunner and driver is prooving to be difficult. Any chance for seeing an improvement in V9?
  5. Happy Anniversary Squad!

    Good idea, here's my best picks 4,329,122 - amount of flags that have been backcapped when players rushed to attack leaving noone behind to defend 1,120,689 - amount of medics that have been shot in the face by the enemy while patching up a teammates that decided not to cover that corner 841,323 - amount of 'impenetrable' fortress super fobs taken down 43,310 - amount of vehicles that have been hanged on walls and other obstacles Out of those 31,929 have been later destroyed by enemy Out of those 5,322 have been dislodged by crafty players by dolphin diving under the wheels 23s - average time spent in-flight by BTRs ejected into the air after glitching out 40s - average life expectancy of a militiaman on Yehorovika 92,990 - amount of frag RPGs fired at Crows Humvees 8,239 - amount of vehicles stopped by that small tree on the left after a mad downhill ride out of Russian main on Kohat 1year, 3months, 19 days - total time spent by squads investigating that soundbug on Kohat
  6. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Question: What is the progress on VOIP system overhaul and the elimination of the lag? To recap, we all experience 1-2s lag im comms, especially noticeable if u enjoyed low latency in PRs mumble. Last time it was mentioned on reddit, a member of dev team mentioned its one of the oldest systems in the game in need of a rework, possibly to be done for v9. Keen to learn whats the status of this as it wasnt mentioned in the recap. Otherwise its looking really exciting!
  7. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    Had a really good run yesterday and i have very positive impressions from the free weekend so far: My observations on the players i led (my squad was 75% total freshers). - Very communicative, switched on - A lot of them are familiar with tactical FPS (Arma popped up a lot) but this was the first time they tried Squad - Enjoyed being led, told what to do and followed orders to the letter - Asked questions and were willing to learn about the game I usually play with pubs and i enjoy it. To be honest i had better experience than last weekend where you often lead people who think they know better and often try to do their own thing. Winning wasn't particularly difficult (~25/0 k/d ratio, flags easy to capture and hold) so in hindsight i should have taken it more slowly and taken even a bit more time to explain the game - I'm just so conditioned from pre-alpha days to rush the flags that it's a habit hard to get rid of. I hope the Devs get lots of shekels out of this weekend!
  8. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Will give new meaning to my stealthy SOP on Squad battlefields: "Hold fire, but if they as much as blink toward you, smoke em".
  9. V8 Optimization

    Happy with this approach. I feel that after introduction of vehicles and basic logistics the devs have given us enough toys to play around with to keep us busy while they work on optimization. I sincerely hope that the optimization gains will not need to be re-done once new functionality appears in the game, as to me that would be a wasted effort. I'm sure the devs will balance this out and leave some things for optimization later. Good luck on the optimization journey.
  10. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Holy shit - this! I've been shouting from the rooftops about this and nobody ever considered this a big thing. Im starting to believe most of you guys are totally deaf or nobody pays attention to audio in this game. 1 second (1000ms!) delay in VOIP is really bad. So many good men have died because they did not hear me shouting "GRENADE!!!" on time. Support our troops = fix VOIP delay. So based on the Reddit comments, I am all the more happy that the developers are aware of this and acknowledge it needs to be fixed (but you could have updated us here on forums as well you know). I cant wait till we have PR-like low levels of latency.
  11. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Devs = Absolutely Based As a side note can someone summarize existing best practice after downloading a patch? One thing i remember is deleting the squad's %appdata% folder... or am I confused here?
  12. If in doubt get the hoover out!

    Yea, i need to change my thermal paste as well - been getting high temps throughout. Here's a good re-fresher on how to do this in case anyone needs: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/boards/g/img/0452/71/1416631603294.webm
  13. FPS

    I get 60-70 fps. What's the problem?
  14. Khamisiyah Remake?

    Good old Khami. Absolutely based map. I'd love to see a remake of that. Challenging map for infantry, but in a good way. Holding Chemical Plant against tanks and airstrikes is intense.
  15. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Played again today with no rubberband on vehicles and no crashes. There were occasional mega-lag spikes where everyone warps around the map, but the server pulled through! V7 will bring months of joy.