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  1. Tactical Troll Squad 2 LOL

    hahaahaha nice one man
  2. What job do you got?

    I worked as a ilfeguard when i was 16 and 17, now i am 18 and studying to become a policeman
  3. Stay strong and my condolences to all the fallen ones and their families from Spain.
  4. Tattos

    Cool tatto man, i already have 5 and can't stop haha
  5. Closed Alpha Announcement

    When i'm on the server browser and i click to join it does nothing, just the 3 loading squares at the right bottom, but nothing else https://gyazo.com/2e5c3bc62bed3c02bdee6f5ae2afa7c2
  6. Closed Alpha Announcement

    Well i know don't have problems logging in, but can't join servers... love dem glitches lol
  7. Closed Alpha Announcement

    I have the same problem
  8. Closed Alpha Announcement

    The game is still not letting me join in my log-in account.
  9. Closed Alpha Announcement

    Does it mean it doesn't logging in your account? because its not letting me log in... lol
  10. Frames problems

    What card could be 4gig?
  11. Frames problems

    I think i would go for the cheap one, wish i could go beast mode but my budget is not a beast xD Also another question if i upgrade the graphic card but i keep the i5 i already have would be ok?
  12. Frames problems

    Hey guys i have an Intel® Core i5-3570 CPU @3.40 GHz and a Nvida gtx 650 or 660 (can't remember) and i'm having frames problems running the game in medium when i run Arma 3 in high for example. Any ideas?
  13. Closed Alpha Announcement

  14. Roma's ('nough said)

    The brave victims who sacrified their lives for freedom
  15. Slow Motion Rocket Fun

    That backblast looks fancy, damn!