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    Love PC games. Founder of the gaming community / office/ adult-kindergarten LOKALEN in the heart of Stockholm anno 1998.

    Online history after the Amiga years; Quake1-3, Battelfield 1-4 inc dessert combat, Tribes, CS, Unreal, Arma 2-3, TF2, DayZ, Payday2, Heroes&Generals. Squad rules!
  1. Bindings

    I know this topic has been discussed before but simply put will we be able to keymap any keys including the mouse? For me this is a big thing since i usually "walkforward" with mouse2. I assume this shouldn't be a big problem...
  2. 1. More blood - Since there´s no kill feed in this game (witch is good) it´s essential understanding if you hitting/missing the target. I Would like to see more blood both on close-range and scoped weapons (like insurgency). I love the fact of you actually have to sneak to the enemy location (where the walls would be blood covered) and confirm the kill, imagine seeing/following a blood-trail in to a nearby room where the enemy trying to heal/survive and finishing him off. Would be cool if you even could here the heavy breathing from the enemy soldier, instead of the heartbeats that now dominate the you are actually bleeding... 2. Death Animations - spinn off from topic above. it could be nice to actually have some more advanced death animations/rag-doll effects when spraying down an enemy close range or hitting them from a midrange ambush. Every time i do kill an enemy from mid-range confrontation i often mistake the visual confirmation of a kill with a "dive to cover". In IRL i´m sure you would make out the difference. 3. Dust & particles. I think the overall game experience would benefit if we could see more dust/particles in a firefight, such as bullets hitting the sand, walls etc. I know the game is in a early stage but i feel the intense firefights could benefit from this simple suggestion. Keep up to good work!
  3. Keymap - Mouse

    Tnx, for the response, Quake made me stick to the mouse (move forward) backspace (move backward) key map.
  4. Keymap - Mouse

    Quick Question, will you (devteam) make it possible to bind the right mouse button for "move forward"? I know, call me a retard using the mouse button for that but im a oldschool gamer...