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  1. Historical accuracy in war games

    I will always be in the camp of proper marketing and PR concerning accuracy in ones content. If a publisher says, "here's a title that is thematically set in a time period but takes liberties to be fun at the expense of historical accuracy", I won't pitch a fit. No different than if a publisher stated, "here's a title that will be heavily rooted in historical accuracy in every aspect", I won't pitch a fit either. But as soon as the walls go up and honesty/integrity go out the window you can bet I'll pitch a fit. Proper PR and marketing to ones customer base will always be key, especially when you start pushing into the historical space. The issue with BF:V (the current standing offender) is instead of being direct with how they want to utilize/not utilize accuracy they are instead keeping behind a veil and at times grossly attacking criticisms they choose not to address in a professional manner to their players. Historical accuracy in the end is a tool for the creator. It can mean visuals, narrative, settings, etc. A plethora of things to use at ones discretion. However with said discretion comes the responsibility of establishing at what level one is going to portray/utilize historical accuracy within a product. Simply put clarity is the key.
  2. Feel it's been forever since I've posted here haha. Anyways on topic, I'm game for either direction as long as it's implemented with proper consideration as to the pace of the game and player enjoyment. With that as of playing some V11 charaters already feel fairly armored/spongy with little shot consequence outside of the usual bleeding/suppression. If Body Armor is implemented then I see a few factors that need to change along with it. Stamina for armored regulars needs to be nerfed, or irregulars need a greater stamina buff (after all plates are extra weight). Distinct hit reaction needs to be present for armor catching a round (similar to OFP:RR when getting shot) since irregulars will just get dropped fairly instantly with no armor. Armor needs to be correctly proportioned to the model ala no helmets protecting faces or plates covering whole torsos. Armor needs to degrade per receiving damage ex. paper doll > torso going from white to yellow to red to black = armor depleted. Obviously armor class needs to be considered in relationship to ballistics ala correct use of NIJ levels (no god armor). So clearly lots of things need to be in place for armor to work in a balanced manor considering how SQUAD plays. Probably not worth the work in the end to implement such a complex system just to give players balanced armor in the endgame, but it could be done. Overall I'm okay(ish) with the current bullet spongy characters, and in time as gun mechanics continue to improve and better suppression comes down the chain I feel SQUAD won't need or fundamentally benefit from a tedious armor system (my opinion of course).
  3. The beer thread - What are you drinking?

    Recently got into Almaza Beer. Lebanese and first tried it visiting Switzerland. Light and tasty, great for road tripping.
  4. Reshade

    Don't get me wrong loved Reshade when it was available just to take some beauty shots here and there but it's not remotely a huge loss to see it go. Even with lumasharpening, additional AA methods/blurring, and some color tweaking SQUAD still shows it just needs more work done visually under the hood. As Gatzby said won't really be a #1 until the game is fully fleshed out and targeting visuals doesn't detract from main body game elements. I'm sure we'll see smoother UE4 AA solutions, better post-processing effects, and higher resolution environmental textures in due time but for now I can live with what SQUAD has to offer.
  5. V10 M68 Red Dot Placement

    You would be correct. For the US Army and my time as a contractor in recent times Aimpoints are all zeroed to 300m from a 25m paper target.
  6. Self-Destruct on Vehicles

    I don't really get it. Like as in to clear the debris from the map, force a respawn of a vehicle, or like actual star trek level explosive self destruct?
  7. Deployment

    Kuwait isn't too bad at all mate. I'd say bring some extra zip locks to keep things scorpion free and dust free. Otherwise just make sure you have a solid hygiene kit and bring the portable electronics you so desire. Super simple deployment, so don't sweat it, like seriously. I personally brought some books along as I'm a big reader so when I wasn't in the field I was enjoying myself some sweet pages.
  8. +1 Would improve gameplay comms by a fair amount.
  9. Congrats to that brother! I used to work with the PPCLI in Edmonton. Loved the time I got to spend working with them and I'm sure you'll be very surprised how manageable the C9 will be in hand while you're doing work in the field.
  10. It wasn't that bad to be completely honest with you. The only aggravating part of using it is the hinge based bipod that when dirty can really mess with you in the field. Otherwise I found the weight more than manageable with an Elcan, 200rd soft pouch, and a PEQ15 mounted. Also to give a sense of scale I'm no machinegunner, I stand about 5' 8.5" around 175 pounds and still found the 249 easy to use for extended periods of time.
  11. I'm not disagreeing with your point that different nations employ GPMGs differently across the board. However my main point and adding what you pointed out is that in SQUADs current state it's something that has yet to be employed in how players work together and move. For the most part SQUAD doesn't remotely emulate any nations IRL use of equipment or units which to be fair is one of the attractive elements to SQUAD. Rather than forcing players to have to fall in line with specific means of organization like IRL armed forces SQUAD instead keeps it simple organizationally and keeps the kits more or less simple as well. I'd hate to see someone running around with a M240B/L pulling the rambo move when in reality that just isn't the case unless we're talking desperate actions in the field, but to your point it would make complete sense to see PKP and PKM being run by one operator or hell even MG3s normally in the field. The one suggestion I saw earlier, or maybe it was on a different thread was to allow for the use of the GPMG as a hipfire only weapon until mounted on either a tripod or bipod stabilized surface. Then you'd essentially get the MG (role) with a load out consisting of the MG itself, a portable tripod unit, three boxes of ammunition, and a fairly low stamina/recover rate in terms of movement. This would in my mind make up for some nations having a "crew" limiter but would still allow for technical independent operation of the MG platform. Now you'd have a singular MG running around who can create a stable firing platform, and maintain sustained fire for a decent period of time without going overboard for balance reasons, but also being respectfully limited in terms of movement speed and relative traverse. Obviously more thought would need to get tossed into this idea but overall I feel it would be the best way to tackle implementing GPMGs into SQUAD without going full bore ARMA and just trying to simulate every factions version of each role down to the slim details.
  12. Well being that I was an AR for multiple years you can definitely aim down your sights with a 249 and be accurate. Hell in some ways it was easier to shot in comparison to my M4 or even the Mk18 I used later (primarily due to weight : caliber ratios).
  13. I don't think we will see GPMGs. Crew served weapons don't make sense in SQUAD's setup if the plan is to do them correctly meaning at the very least you need the Gunner and an AG at minimum, and if they just make the GPMG a single player operation then it'll just conflict purpose wise against the current LMGs. Also when it comes to movement it makes little sense to employ GPMGs. Everyone moves as a squad (no pun intended) with little to no platoon level management in game. No WSL, PL, or PSG. So you'd literally have the most random MG teams running around serving little purpose in terms of operational movement (at least movement as it pertains to SQUAD).
  14. Pretty sure most of the system will change as new animations and improved medical systems are implemented down the road. I feel most people forget that most of the medical system in game hasn't changed since the early days of alpha if not pre-alpha. Patience is the greatest virtue. Plus the devs just took holiday not so long ago so all in due time will we see some major and positive gameplay changes to better finalize pacing and the like.
  15. Instead of crying about rush tactics

    I fail to see the productive point of this thread