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  1. Axton's Big List of Level Design Resources

    Just a very sincere thank you. I have a lot of time to crawl through this subject and look forward to "wading through" the resources provided.
  2. US Medic M4a1 Iron Sight Foregrip

    In an effort to distinguish the Medic and provide something more than "iron sights"...I introduce the EO Tech Optic. It's not very much of an improvement for sighting targets and is very distinguishable visually.
  3. 1st Op as SL (Squad Leader)

    Just a shout out for the group who stuck with me during today's liberation of Gorgock. Your patience and group play really helped with the task. I must have done the job poorly, because I enjoyed the episode. Some After action reflections of note... Commo is critical! I know I rambled for a bit but the first conversation set the tone of our efforts and expectation. It also provided a rapid integration of the group toward our objective and contribution to our side. ( BTW: you all played very well together without much direction) I did get to through down a FOB and a couple of Rally Points and an Ammo Create...big wins for me. Lastly, the challenge of processing information and progress to other Squads and remain updated on "our" situation is a technique that deserves some more attention and effort. (That's the tuff part). Otherwise thanks for the chance and challenge.
  4. "effin New Guy

    Finally finished my gaming rig. Over a year in the making. now learning the key bindings over at the Firing Range. Any suggestions about how to start ply without causing a ruckus? looking forward to all the pain of learning and the exhilaration of team wins. Feel free to post suggestions and directions, can't promise I use them but the info couldn't hurt. Thanks...
  5. Checking In

    A raw recruit to Milsim gaming. It's worse; I have been using Mac's for the past couple of years. Finally, I'm old and slow. Yay!! Let's do this again!