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  1. June 2018 Recap

    Looking goood. Curious just a tech artist point of view, what new 'rendering method' did you switch the Yehorivka grass to?
  2. Devs Need Your Help! 4k in game screenshots

    We should pop these in an accessible format on the sub reddit for the masses to see - I've started a thread if you want to reply with your own there but it might be better to all have individual posts. Just a thought. There are some great ones here guys nice work on that sunset forest shot - it's 10/10.
  3. Devs Need Your Help! 4k in game screenshots

    Uncompressed versions here - http://1drv.ms/1k1sfvW but I figured an embedded version would be handy just to see in-line.
  4. Ping not listed in server browser

    Should also add that it used to work in alpha v1 but has since stopped working.
  5. I can't see ping of any server in the browser. Not a problem really but just an fyi incase it's global, idk. Not sure if it's just me or everyone etc. Your game rocks.
  6. Overwatch acog luck

    Went up on a hill to get overwatch on the town my squad was heading into, got a lucky angle on an enemy squad. The enemy squad died. Couple of headshots were the most satisfying shot's I've taken to date. A typical encounter with a member of a certain squad (who'll remain unnamed) at the beginning, and of course comments from the peanut gallery in the background over comms haha (mostly nikavek). (youtube compression makes it a bit squinty unfortunately)
  7. Socrates

    I recognize you from in game. Good to meet you. So
  8. malcom turnbull

    My lefty voting preferences aside, I can respect the man for being remarkably good at winning debates, arguments, and spin. He's highly intelligent so it's a mixed blessing. On one hand he's better than Abbott in that a complete moron isn't in charge, but on the other if any one can get a solid liberal victory in the next election it will be turnbull. If you're a liberal die hard then he is just a blessing I imagine haha. edit: he's a sneaky c#&! haha
  9. Aussie server tonight!!

    Haha yeah that fob was a sight to behold - nice work chance. Did anyone get a screenshot? That'd be cool to post. I think everyone gave it at least a bit of a shovel on the way past haha.
  10. extension of my previous post on med evacs

    It would end up being faster and easier to just re spawn than have to coordinate the number of cogs involved in a medivac I imagine. Could be interesting to see if there were ever a no respawns mode or something but I don't expect it would be popular. Interesting question about loading incapped into vehicles though.
  11. Aussie server tonight!!

    Couldn't put it better.
  12. Distance Field Ambient Occlusion

    Fair enough. Love hearing your thoughts on all this stuff regardless - thanks for the reply.
  13. I'm sure there are people who's job it is to make the pretty graphics paying attention to this stuff and doesn't need me to bring it to their attention, but as spectator and graphics enthusiast I thought this was cool to read. Would love to see this particularly for the sake of the trees. https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?69307-The-state-of-Distance-Field-GI-in-4-8&p=287243&viewfull=1#post287243 "we have some pretty big optimizations for DFAO that get it down to ~4ms on PS4 in large game scenes (Fortnite and Kite Demo). These won't make it into 4.8." https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Rendering/LightingAndShadows/DistanceFieldAmbientOcclusion/index.html#foliageocclusion
  14. Just curious about these things, and also about any plans for bullet penetration. Any info on this currently?
  15. Texture issues

    Just looks like low quality ambient occlusion