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  1. How often do regular soldiers carry/use silencers? Probably almost never I'd guess.
  2. Very low FPS with 1080 Max-q and i7-7700HQ

    I'd say the FPS seems about right for Squad. It is a laptop.
  3. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    Agree with Nightingale.
  4. Sun & Compass

  5. On Behalf Of All Scouts - CHECK YOUR MAP

    I agree with the OP. It's very annoying to get kicked for these TK's. Last night my SL drove over our Scouts mine. Thankfully he was alone in the vic.
  6. air assets??

    I can't wait to take out a loaded Blackhawk with my PG-7VR Tandem.
  7. What position do you play the most? Why?

    I try to play Medic every 3rd or 4th round but do try to play AT the most. I love hunting vehicles.
  8. Any good war/combat films worth watching

    Yes, I agree. A very good film.
  9. Logi truck lacks horse power

    left shift is your friend
  10. Squad cause Internet disconnect

    Squad is not destroying your internet. Call your ISP.
  11. Fix Bullet Physics

  12. Alpha 11.2

    Thank you! Good work.
  13. Medic bug?

    Today while playing Medic I patched a downed blueberry and tried to revive him but got a "Player is not on your team" message. He was clearly on my team. It was very odd.
  14. Jokes Thread

    Why couldn't the lifeguard save the Hippie? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Because he was too far out, man.
  15. China for sure. IDF along with Hamas for a Gaza map. I loved that PR map even though getting out of the IDF main sometimes was hell.