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  1. Post Scriptum Keys

    Done! Thanks guys!
  2. EAC Kicked

    It happened to me when I first jumped on the TG server earlier tonight. Rejoined and played all night. No problems.
  3. I dislike my jumpy FPS that dip into the 30's on most maps nowadays.
  4. Optimal Graphics for my GPU

    Ram? CPU?.....
  5. Decent-ish rig, massive FPS problems

    I'm having issues since 10.1. Frames drop into the 30's nowadays. Clean install plus all the other tricks. Win 10 i7 6700 16G ram GTX 970 SSC OS and steam on SSD 1080 res All Settings on medium with high view distance Used to get 50-80+ FPS on full servers depending on map.
  6. 60 Hours in Squad but only few good matches on EU

    Sounds like Squad might not be for you....
  7. Immediate loss of a fire support kit

    I get losing the kit after you die if your squad drops below the minimum squad number but to have it taken as you're spawned seems wrong. Again I can't confirm this happens but others have said it does.
  8. Immediate loss of a fire support kit

    Does it take it away while spawned?
  9. Alpha 10.1

    Did you clear the app data folder in the game settings?
  10. So 10.1 another update is out and...

    I agree on the Medic issue. I had problems with the bandage and the bag today.
  11. Current stance on vbieds?

    Big Red too!
  12. February Recap

    Very nice!
  13. I played with Rugby the other night on the Doctors Office server. He plays the game very serious which some people hate but I'd rather play with strict SL's than not. Just shrug it off, learn from it and play on.