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  1. Instead of crying about rush tactics

    If you don't like it, counter it.
  2. Instead of crying about rush tactics

  3. FPS 30-70, 40-45 avg Full Server CPU i7 6700 3.4 GPU GTX 970 RAM 16G DDR4 RES 1080 Settings are Low/Off except for Med shadows and High view distance.
  4. Squad Not In Steam Sale

    If you're tight on money make sure your PC is up to specs before you buy Squad. It'll cost a hell of a lot more than $20 bucks to upgrade a GFX card or better to an i7.
  5. New to Squad with a New Build

    Poor performance. Search the forums. Plenty to read.
  6. New to Squad with a New Build

    I'd stay away from AMD chips for now. Squad does not like...
  7. Do mortars suck?

    I've been killed only once by a mortar attack since their addition. Though I love using them when you have a good spotter to relay info.
  8. UE4 Fatal Error

    yup sorry
  9. Steps of the enemy cannot be heard

    I find that it's mostly unnecessary squad comm chatter that drowns out footsteps. Keep it in local chat guys if you must.
  10. Tank cooking off

    No way the driver got out safely.
  11. EAC is smoking weed

  12. MTLB

    You paint with a broad brush my friend.
  13. m203 sights are completely useless

    I love the GL's. Almost always have my best rounds with one.