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  1. pc needed

    GPU prices have risen because of Bitcoin.
  2. Project Reality vets sign in here

    I guess I should chime in too. I've been CC-Marley since BF1942 and remember hearing about PR when it was a mini mod but only occasionally played in those early days. I'd guess .6 was when I started playing a bit more.
  3. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Same here. I haven't been able to play much of 9 since 10 left us. I can wait though...
  4. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    Playing Project Reality...
  5. Clearing my app data folder fixed it for me.
  6. Please no shovel melee

    Gives a fighting chance to the guy digging up the enemy radio. Too many times I've been killed trying to switch to a weapon.
  7. Double hit, simultaneous timed RPGs

    I've been getting hit with lots of FRAG rounds of late. I just cackle hysterically as I mow them all down....
  8. How old are Squaddies? - Questionnaire

    45 in January.
  9. Poor framerate

    Which i7? How much ram? What are your settings at? More info might help. I run a i7 6700, GTX 970, 16g of ram at 1080 with settings at medium with view distance high. 1.25xSS All the occlusion blur ectt.. off. AA is T+X or something like that. Rarely do I see below 50 FPS on full servers.
  10. no longer have squad leader edition skins.

    Did you turn them on in game settings?
  11. Release - Alpha 9.11

    What are your PC specs and what settings/resolution are you playing at? AA on? ect..
  12. Release - Alpha 9.11

    Did you clear the app data folder?
  13. Alpha 9.9

    Have any of you with only 6G ram having issues with 9.9. My buddy can't play since the update. He's done all the typical things like page file, re-install, ect...
  14. Alpha 9.9

    I'm getting about 10-15 more FPS.