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  1. Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, Im not really new to this game but ive never introduced my self. My name is Jan and im a 26 year old German Army Officer. I absolutely love this game and have been addicted to it ever since early Alpha and with over 200 hours playing ive never regretted to pay more than the usual 35$. I search an organized and friendly clan in the long term. Keep up the good work Devs ! Ill see you on the battlefield !
  2. Squad Leader Perks

    thanks for the quick answer !
  3. Squad Leader Perks

    Hello fellow Soldiers, I installed the Squad Leader Perks DLC but cant activate them ingame because i dont have the option. Last week i had the option ingame and i activated them but it didnt work on the different servers.. so i reinstalled the Perks but now the ingame option isnt there anymore... should i reinstall the whole game or is there something like a cache i should delete? thank you for every help and see you online
  4. Vertigo 9 was some seconds ago on a German Squad Server spamming Grenades or Rockets or some shit.
  5. Bloody pumpkin heads

    just 3 servers are filled with players and just one is in Europe please just turn it off... i'm sorry... this update is awesome but i go nuts with these big orange heads
  6. Closed Alpha 2 Released

    EDIT: amazing update! can't wait to play keep up the good work!
  7. IED's And Technicals

    suicide vests would be nice
  8. FOB Building Exercises, anyone interested?

    i hope u find some guys or lads and post some pictures here aswell ;)
  9. Closed Alpha Follow Up

    my balls vibrate
  10. September 2015

    just awesome! nice to see and feel the progress keep up the good work guys!
  11. Closed Alpha Released

    can't say something different about u ;D
  12. Closed Alpha Released

    my girlfriend already dislikes it
  13. Closed Alpha Released

    just awesome
  14. Closed Alpha Released

    game servers up?