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  1. Founder tags

    Basically I ordered the squad leader pack a while ago but after following the guidelines to get the founder tag and items, I still haven't got it. Just curious if anyone would know how to help.
  2. I got the squad leader pack and I saw a guy with one of the founder AK skins but I don't have mine
  3. I can't hear the squad radio when people are talking. All other sounds are fine except for that
  4. I have a different email for my squad account and my forums account and I was wondering if I can link them. I want to be able to get the founder tag on here but if I can't then thats fine
  5. Squad is slower and more tactical, with larger scale maps and vehicles
  6. Pre Purchased. Not recieved anything?

    Just seems to take awhile
  7. New to Squad

    A pretty simple way to think of it is a combination of the large scale combat of Arma and the small scale of a game like insurgency or something of the sort. Kinda a best of both worlds.
  8. Name the towns/villages on maps

    Sounds like a good idea and easy to implement
  9. Acog scope

    I think I read somewhere that the sights are still being worked on and they'll be fixed, just gotta be patient.
  10. Yeah it's in my paypal thanks, I was just worried that if I wasn't logged in it wouldn't have an email to go to but i've been told it will go to your paypal email so i'm set.
  11. It would be nice but I think they have reasons to just focus the activity to the weekends
  12. Questions

    Seems pretty good to me, I haven't played it yet but the dev team is very active and it shows a lot of promise.
  13. Alright thanks man, can't wait to play
  14. I forgot to log in before buying the bundle and I haven't received an email yet, and I was wondering if I messed up real bad or if there is still a way to get my bundle