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  1. Threat indicator

    Well I searched again for both "SPOT" and "Threat" from the dawn of time and again didn't find any dedicated threads. Had a thought and wondered if when the name comes up when transmitting maybe a distance from you could be added. No indication of anything other than his distance from you. If you want to flame people I don't give a shit I've see too much crap to give a monkeys arse. The game has potential because of its realism, but I think it wont attract many players until you get rid of the RPG unlimited reload spam. Rage, Rage, Rage yes I know but all you do is build supply crate.
  2. Threat indicator

    Well thanks to some of you. At no point did I ask for spotting system I personally hate them. Never noticed a local threat indicator on map. Thanks for that. Guna get a lot of players hooked with your friendly forum mantra though.
  3. Threat indicator

    And the difference of watching where the little dots disappear is what?
  4. Threat indicator

    It would be nice to have the above if someone spots an enemy. Not a spotting system maybe just a bar that indicates red, or yellow on screen if you are in proximity of the target. I know we are supposed to use the radio but unlike real life we could be spread all over the place due to respawns and for someone to say "he's on the rock at 9" isn't that helpful when I'm running with someone from a fap 600m away. Would be nice if the threat was generated from the squad member pressing the button. My location to him would give me the warning not the location of enemy.
  5. This weekend is the first time it feels like my bullets are going where i shoot them. Game getting smoother.
  6. Prone and annoying players

    I find it very difficult to shoot anyone who is prone unless i am above them. Maybe they are bouncing but not on my screen?
  7. Hi Couldn't see anywhere else to post this so here we are. With epic setting all shadows in distance flicker about 2 times a second. Gives the appearance of camera flash in distance. Card R9-390 with about 40-60 FPS Thanks
  8. Hi dudes just finished my first session, cool game like AA but huge. Old eyes find the night maps hard but hello and see you all soon.