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  1. launchers not working???

    The training range is bugged
  2. Mounted scope realistic zoom

    Unfortunately a lot of people have potato PC’s!!! These people slow down development and limited the game
  3. Mounted scope realistic zoom

    The thing is PIP (picture in picture) eats FPS so they’ve got to use the current system
  4. Oh what’s the point?? Why not just play PR?? I wont a lot of opposite stuff to this like having enemies within 5 or 10 meters of the fob and not on the other side of a wall! Because what’s the point of building anything on the fob?? There’s not any point!! At the moment fobs are taken down way too easy maybe limit the number of FOBs or increase the distance between fobs having the fob taken down by 3 guys within 100 meters is a terrible idea especially on the smaller maps it would make your fob totally worthless
  5. new DLC visuals

    Are you joking??? All graphics have been downgraded the fog is ridiculous the DLC is a mod made by modders and one map is terrible!! It looks like the moon
  6. Ingame voice chat not working for me

    hang on, why would you be using the laptop mic????????
  7. Can’t really see from the pics because they’re super bad but you need to be connected to your shield they need to be connected to theirs i don’t think the ticket bleed is working until you take their shield
  8. These are all performance updates!! Because loads of people have potato pc the rest of us have to suffer hopefully perma death will be back at some point
  9. **** the firing range! No ones got time for the shit
  10. Alpha 15 Released

    Looks like there was a water drought on fools road everything is half dead not realistic at all make squad great again please I’ve seen fools road get worse and worse!!! First it was less trees now it less foliage and grass and dead grass and trees This hasn’t just happened to fools road, forget about to potato pc with 30 FPS they need to catch up, there’s no point in having 130 FPS for normal players for it to look terrible
  11. Alpha 15 Released

    This is one of the worse updates/downgrades so for unfortunately!!! Graphics have been downgraded for performance or more like less graphics i would totally forget about potato pcs they hold back game development and progression trying to cater for pcs less powerful than consoles!! V14 optimisation was good just some micro stutters on some servers but ok squad/OWI should be saying the minimum requirements are much higher than than on the store page! Have the recommended requirements as minimum at least I know squad needs to go out to the widest possible audience to make money and so on but it’s making the game worse!! We need more foliage more cover more view distance! Just downloading graphics to make it run better for potato pcs isn’t a way forward at all, if people want to play a big boys game they need to have a big boys pc not a fisher price pc
  12. Yeah you’re on pretty low specs there!! Just simple things like having a ssd and good ram helps a lot, your ram is pretty slow and your cpu and GPU don’t help try try upgrading everything that should work
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZXD Chora
  14. Lags on some maps

    Yeah a 1050 ti is a fisher price toy for children but it also depends on cpu and ram and ssd
  15. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZXD logar