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    Oh when you’re in a competitive match and your rally is being mortared nothing is really used right in public matches so it would be very very a hard to compare what’s op and what’s not because the two are very different! In a pub game 90% of the time mortars are way off and run out of supply’s after 5 minutes in a competitive match that’s not the case but you have guys looking for there mortar fob to take it out

    In the right hands mortars can be very effective but definitely not OP! On public servers most pub player terrible on the mortar! If my mortar guys are on then it can be very effective especially in a public match
  3. List of active clans and communities

    Hey up mate, can you link your discord channel please
  4. Hey what happened to 50 v 50??

    Maybe in another year
  5. What are your specs to runt this game on high?

    I’ve got a i76700k [email protected] and a 1080 it runs runs fine in 1440p with everything on high but I mainly play in 1440p in tournament settings And get around 100 FPS
  6. Squad In-game Ban

    Using reshade won’t ban you it just won’t load up if you’ve got it as far as I know!
  7. Review ?

    Where do I start with this:- firstly your pc is a potato! Secondly Squad is really cheap already as there games that come out that cost £30 or £40 plus and are completely shit i would very happily pay £50 plus for Squad with it being sooooooo dam good Squad a beautiful thing! Best served in a clan and there’s many of them you’ve just got to pick the right one for you! Some are casual some are competitive some are in between i would totally forget about arma 3 I deleted it in 2015 when Squad came out on closed pre alpha and I’ve never looked back the team work is second to none the community is pretty big with many community events depending what you’re in to some clans are small like 9 to 15 guys if you want that small family feeling but I would suggest a medium size clan 20 to 30 that can play in clan v clan match’s ive been gaming since 1984 and no game has ever come close to Squad
  8. List of active clans and communities

    the list needs updating most of the clans are no longer with us!!!
  9. Guys playing in a public game is like a lottery!! you can make it better by playing with friends in a public game or even better a clan but on the most part, they're going to stuff like pubs, use the mortar badly or in the wrong place at the wrong time!! get the vehicle blown up or just do dumb shit!! it happens I would never give a mortar to a public player or a vehicle there's not much point! the noob SL that going off and puts up a useless fob, and mortars off target kills half of his own team with everyone telling him to stop firing over and over again is always my favourite there are some good public players out but there are also many many bad ones thinking its BF! and yes there's also some bad clan players or public players with clan tags The only real way to use all the assets right is to play in a clan match!!!
  10. Hey up mate, I mean if you do stuff like run over a mine you’re going to get some s**t everyone is! Stick to stuff youre good at first don’t drive if you can’t drive don’t play sniper if you can’t play sniper! These things take some time to master and with your voice could you get a voice changer of some type? Then no one would ever know I think it’s because 99% of the player base is a few years older than 13!! I was 13 in 1991 but judt carry on play DONT give up
  11. SquadCast Episode 3 - Merlin & Drav

    I think forgetting about doing stuff on reddit and doing everything on the Squad forum would be much better plus the Squad forum has way better UI
  12. Quid of Squad AIM Speed

    I think they’re trying to slow down game play and punish people that rush so everything is slowed down, weapon sway and weapon kick is increased, so everyone isn’t on full auto unless they’re just trying suppress! aimed shots only in V9 it was way too fast Squad should be in between milsim and a competitive shooter
  13. Cheaters on Squad ?

    Think the last shot was a miss! Definitely not hax tho, sometimes you get hit but you don’t start bleeding the tick rate on the UE4 engine is pretty low!! This video explains PUBG tick rate I’m guessing Squad the same
  14. Hey up mate, good luck in finding some guys there’s plenty out there! I started out all by myself and now I’ve got a amazing clan of really good guys if you get a full squad try out CCFN community clan fight night https://discord.gg/6ZmtwM6 oh and get yourself a discord server
  15. The RedCoats - Actively Recruiting

    can i join and take it over?