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  1. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZXD in sumari
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZXD fools road
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZXD logar
  4. There is a few but not many!
  5. Squad Regional Tournament

    There is already many competitions/tournaments
  6. Scope periphial zoom

    Using pip (picture in picture) it’s usings too many FPS atm I’m sure in the future it’ll be a thing! You’ve just got to get better at Iron sights keep on using them
  7. Dragging Animation?

    Oh yeah I mean how have I played 2700 hours without dragging!!! Its it’s one of the less important things in game and has been mentioned many times welcome to squad by the way, now get off the forum and get on Squad and get gud xxx
  8. Squad - combined arms? Keep me informed.

    I’ll wait for the audio book
  9. Ranking System?

    Bad, very bad
  10. Squad is dead or not ?

    Squad is still by far the best fps game out right now!! we've got many more years of squad to go
  11. Snipers

    Yeah I’ve started to instantly kicking pubs who pick sniper after about 10 in a row with no mic and not playing with the squad
  12. Stuttering Fix - V12

    Well firstly squad is only game worth playing so you need to have a decent pc and run it in a least 1440p having a 1070 upwards and a 2 or 3 year old i5 or i7 with ssd and at least 16 of ram and not having anything AMD
  13. Stuttering Fix - V12

    Is there a audio book? the main problems are potato pcs
  14. Snipers

    Yeah they’re good how they are because it takes a bit more skill to use them! When a public player joins the squad and picks sniper stright away I ask if he can swap to AT or medic and they usually always leave the squad because all they want to do is play sniper with no mic on their own!!! So making it harder to use and master is good! We have 2 or 3 guys in the clan who can play sniper well
  15. Banned From Discord

    You tagged a admin this can’t be reversed!! It’s the worst thing you could ever do!!! But on the flip side you’re missing absolutely nothing in the squad discord so don’t worry