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  1. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZXD in what ever map
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    Zxd ofl
  3. It's been 1 year next month

    I think I played it on fools road but it didn’t work, can’t remember if it was v10 or a version of V9
  4. Yes I usually have a bit of dread when a pub player does a mortar! Most of the time they have 9 guys sitting a mortar fob in the middle of nowhere useful mortaring in the wrong place or mortaring friendly’s but if someone is good on the mortar I’ll use them all day long! A good mortar can be game winning
  5. It's been 1 year next month

    I think we did play it in one build but it was very buggy
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZXD chora
  7. Post Scriptum maps and graphics

    I thought it looked way worst! I think pay squad and PS in 1440p at the same settings
  8. Keyboard Layout

    Works fine for me
  9. Boot up time

    Also having a potato pc don’t help
  10. Zulu Xray Delta Squad Clan!

    Hi all, are you looking to play squad competitively? Be a team player? We’re a EU clan and one of the original squad clans since the closed pre alpha we have guys playing squad every night we are in the fortunate position to have a great clan with great players! We have very few rules, we play from early to late come and join us on discord and squad up https://discord.gg/HgpQxQN
  11. Game freezes when hitting max VRAM

    My daughters pc has a i5 6600k and 1060 6gb and runs Squad fine with no problems! Your problem is that useless AMD CPU and had one in 2015 and it was totally useless! It’s not really ment for gaming it’s more for light web browsing
  12. Founder Weapon Skins

    The founder patches were before V7 because I remember playing in CCFN and killing two guys, when I looked at them I see their founder patches so I knew they where Redcoats
  13. tag system and teamkill

    I say turn the tags off!!!

    I think, you either misunderstood or you’re very sensitive? What I’m saying is it must be something your end, because myself or anyone I know has ever said it’s a problem! Maybe you’re on low resolution or a small monitor? Not sure, seems a bit strange so post some pics tell us your specs

    I’ve never had a problem with it and I’ve never heard anyone say anything about it in 3 years of playing Squad