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  1. Squad Voip Not Working.

    Have you stil got the problem?
  2. That is a mighty Oak you’re stuck on that’s why! And its a game feature not a bug yeah it’s ****ing annoying AF
  3. FPS has tanked since v12??!!

    I run in 1440 with tournament settings 6700k @4.3 1080 32gb m.2 and im running the same, around 75 to 95
  4. Squad vs Insurgency

    Yeah swimming with just normal clothes on is hard enough! And insurgency much small game so pip is much easier, maybe squad will have it in the future but unfortunately at the moment there’s way too many potato pcs that only just run squad as it is!!!
  5. Can't Run the game anymore

    Wow potato pc
  6. Hi mate, you can jump into our discord and play along with us we have german guys on as well we have guys with 500 to 3000 hours in squad https://discord.gg/HgpQxQN
  7. Here come the girls

    I always play in my underpants!
  8. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZXD fools road
  9. Yes mate there’s loads of clans! We casual and competitive players theres no time commitments, either come join us or just play with us heres our discord https://discord.gg/HgpQxQN Playing with pubs can be soooooooo frustrating!!!!!!
  10. How well would this game perform with my PC specs?

    Yeah I’ve got a pretty decent pc and can run squad in 1440p with high settings, but I play in 1440p in tournament settings, everything on the lowest setting apart from shadows on medium view distance on high the spawn system is apart of the tactics and game play and yet another thing Battlefield fails at
  11. What's next?

    Yeah it just takes more team work to take out the tank! And you’re not always going to get that in a public game unfortunately
  12. How well would this game perform with my PC specs?

    Yeah you should be fine with that pc on medium ish the thing is squad is a 1000 miles away in terms of game play you know that right also you don’t have to pay £39.99 every month for DLC
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    Zulu X-Ray Delta Yehorivka
  14. Struggling with this game

    You can join our discord when ever you want and play with us https://discord.gg/HgpQxQN
  15. Struggling with this game

    Yes playing with public players can be bad sometimes especially when it’s on a free weekend play with friends or even better a clan clan v clan matches are where squad is at 100%