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    I think, you either misunderstood or you’re very sensitive? What I’m saying is it must be something your end, because myself or anyone I know has ever said it’s a problem! Maybe you’re on low resolution or a small monitor? Not sure, seems a bit strange so post some pics tell us your specs

    I’ve never had a problem with it and I’ve never heard anyone say anything about it in 3 years of playing Squad
  3. Playing with friends?

    Hi, it’s not a problem to get on the same team team and Squad, sometimes you my have to wait to swap team for balancing reasons we have at least one Squad on every night sometimes two squads and it can take a few rounds to swap over 4 man Squad can do a lot, it can unlock the Squad and become a 9 man Squad or jump in a logistics truck and setup a fob and HAB and go scouting for the enemy fobs, a 4 man Squad could do mortars (get the mortar calculator) and learn how to use them first!!! A 4 man Squad could do vehicle crews grab 2 vehicles but must know what you’re doing first of you’ll end up dead and wasting loads of tickets! Everyone will hate you!!! Its best to all join another squad For the first 100 hours at least all learn how to play Squad first! or you will be the noob Squad that builds the fob in a shit place gets the vehicles blown up and gets dead a lot On the other hand joining a clan is the best way to learn or just playing with a clan! Not a new clan that are noobs with clan tags but a well established clan look in the forum for clans
  4. Newbie need help

    What’s you pc specs? And internet/ping like?
  5. Some CQC maps/areas in maps?

    Sounds a bit cod to me! Some clans have a minimum requirement of 100 hours some except just about anyone some chose players we have a 100 hours and must play with us for a few weeks there’s loads of clans from all over the world
  6. Some CQC maps/areas in maps?

    Firstly welcome to Squad CQC happens anyway so we don’t need maps just for it! Join a clan play competitively and see how Squad is meant to be played 100 hours!!! I did 100 hours in my first night!!
  7. v.11 iluminate fps issue .

    Most people have much better FPS now! Have tried to upgrade? 960 is pretty minimum really

    Oh when you’re in a competitive match and your rally is being mortared nothing is really used right in public matches so it would be very very a hard to compare what’s op and what’s not because the two are very different! In a pub game 90% of the time mortars are way off and run out of supply’s after 5 minutes in a competitive match that’s not the case but you have guys looking for there mortar fob to take it out

    In the right hands mortars can be very effective but definitely not OP! On public servers most pub player terrible on the mortar! If my mortar guys are on then it can be very effective especially in a public match
  10. List of active clans and communities

    Hey up mate, can you link your discord channel please
  11. Hey what happened to 50 v 50??

    Maybe in another year
  12. What are your specs to runt this game on high?

    I’ve got a i76700k [email protected] and a 1080 it runs runs fine in 1440p with everything on high but I mainly play in 1440p in tournament settings And get around 100 FPS
  13. Squad In-game Ban

    Using reshade won’t ban you it just won’t load up if you’ve got it as far as I know!
  14. Review ?

    Where do I start with this:- firstly your pc is a potato! Secondly Squad is really cheap already as there games that come out that cost £30 or £40 plus and are completely shit i would very happily pay £50 plus for Squad with it being sooooooo dam good Squad a beautiful thing! Best served in a clan and there’s many of them you’ve just got to pick the right one for you! Some are casual some are competitive some are in between i would totally forget about arma 3 I deleted it in 2015 when Squad came out on closed pre alpha and I’ve never looked back the team work is second to none the community is pretty big with many community events depending what you’re in to some clans are small like 9 to 15 guys if you want that small family feeling but I would suggest a medium size clan 20 to 30 that can play in clan v clan match’s ive been gaming since 1984 and no game has ever come close to Squad
  15. List of active clans and communities

    the list needs updating most of the clans are no longer with us!!!