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  1. When are the British coming?

    They're coming on the 27th
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZXD 2 squad if we can Logar Valley AAS V1
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    Zxd in Chora
  4. 6700k 1080 i was playing in 4k then over a few updates the frames dropped from 70 to 85 in epic to 45-60 I started using reshade and had to drop down to 2k in tournament settings getting 75 ish again with 9.9 I'm back running 4k at 70 ish with reshade turned of it's around 100+ So it's much much better!!
  5. Movement problems

    If you like you could come and play with us we're on every night and we'll teach you the proper way to play squad not the public way!! As the two are very different
  6. Wondering if i can run this

    Can you play anything with it?
  7. Specs to run in decent quality

    Wtf who gets 4 gb of ram??? I that a thing?? Just get upgraded and GET ON
  8. Movement problems

    Stop f***ing around in the firing range and GET ON oh and welcome to squad the best game that hasn't been fully made yet
  9. BUG - SL stops moving with map

  10. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    Hello, you our will instantly be killed if you've been revived and you will die instantly if blown up by a mine or ied We dont really play on russan servers as we did once about 6 months ago and found strange stuff happening in game and most people don't trust the Russians one little bit but I love squad Germany we've never had any problems at all
  11. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZXD in kohat
  12. SQUAD In-Game Terms List (Glossary)

    You forgot wtfis(number)d??? - what the **** is squad (number) doing???
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    ZXD logar!! I'm not playing this week as I'm on holiday in Poland it's the first one I've missed for about 40 weeks
  14. Will squad ever come to console?

    Sell your shit box and get a pc! Console gaming isn't real gaming it's sitting in a cardboard box and pretending that it's a car!!! I treat squad as a spoilt kid, what ever it needs it gets! Anyhow will consoles even be able to run squad or would it be at low settings at 30 fps? I'm not just thinking now but in the future and would you not have to have auto aim on!!!
  15. PC Specs That Work

    Having the intel cpu is the thing there! change that to a AMD FX CPU and you'll be getting 5 fps I would say the minimum you need is a half decent intel cpu with a 970 ive got i7 6700k and 1080 at 2k/1440p I get 70 to 100 fps