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  1. Gore would be good but instead we get unless things like voice call outs
  2. Voice Lines?

    There’s no taunting, it’s just stuff like calling for a medic I’m reloading I need ammo
  3. Kicked for swearing?

    What did you say? To who? What server? Servers do have the right to kick anyone they like
  4. Squad founders- where are they now?

    I’m on almost every night leading the mighty ZXD to glory! Very nearly got 3000 hours
  5. Squad: Block warfare

    I’ve had this before after changing some settings, it all went back to normal after restarting squad

    I think that’s mainly for single player games the lag would get you dead way too much
  7. Voice Lines?

    Play pr then, things have moved on, 99.96% of people have a mic, 0.03% are unknown and 0.01% don’t have a mic!! This is from steam stats
  8. Voice Lines?

    It’s a absolute joke!!! It’s not needed or asked for but yet we got it it’s not 2013 anymore and seems to be a very console thing to do
  9. Ban from SteamSquad can't send screenshot

    Is there any of this story missing??
  10. Running on low perfomance

    Yep definitely more ram!!! Even though the 1060 is a fisher price GPU used be children it should be ok just about and your cpu is fine I have 32gb of ram and I’m using about 10 to 16gb of it in squad at 1440p
  11. Is 50v50 coming?

    Errrrr yeah who cares it’s the best FPS out right so stop posting shit and GET ON
  12. List of active clans and communities

    Name:-Zulu X-Ray Delta TAG:-ZXD Discord:- https://discord.gg/HgpQxQN Language:-English We’re one of the original squad clans from the closed alpha days in 2015 we have a mix of competitive and semi competitive players and have played in many competitions and will continue to do so!! We mainly play squad and a bit of PS with a few other games have a laugh take the piss out of each other! GET ON AND GET GUD
  13. customization / ranking

    So does boots not fitting being home sick actually getting dead and losing limbs but this is a game on the pc it’s not real
  14. customization / ranking

    Ranking for console shooters is great but not for squad this has been asked like 20 times before ranking is for kids who like skins and crap like that I’m glad to play a game that doesn’t have weapon unlocks ranking systems loot box’s screaming kids and 30 explosions ever second
  15. Yeah it can be a thing!! Ive been playing squad since the closed pre alpha in 2015 and I’ve seen the skill level of SL’s and players alike go up and down atm the skill is low ish!! when a new version comes out it brings old players and new player so skill levels are low Use the same server join a clan or try and play with a clan or group