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  1. Need more info, has it ever loaded up before and now isn’t loading up after an update, PC specs have you deleted the app folder? How big are you feet? These are all important things we need to know!
  2. Release

    Anyways I’ve had the best gaming experience of my life in Squad and I’ve been gaming since 1984!!!! I still really enjoy it and any updates are just a bonus for me
  3. How can run more 43fps....

    Upgrade your potato pc thst should do it thanks
  4. Squad is than enough developed to play competitively!! Join the next season of iskt and let’s see how good you are!!!! http://internationalsquad.com/main2/
  5. Release

    It’s not long really most games take around 3 years and with a small development team and a new engine I think they’ve done pretty well especially as the game was pretty dam good from the get go
  6. Thinking of buying, one question

    Well it happens much much more on free weekends
  7. How to combat "dropshotting"

    Yes it’s very annoying when people first started doing I wouldn’t do it but I kept on getting killed so unfortunately I had to start doing it as well all change in the new update that should be out before Christmas maybe
  8. I’ve not got time to read your story I’m too busy playing Squad and I suggest you do the same! GET ON!!!!!
  9. hey up guys, hows you? are you guys in any competitive competitions or do you play friendly matches????
  10. Ranks and replayability

    but you're still doing wizards right????
  11. Competitive?

    http://internationalsquad.com/main2/ check out the ISKT web site, you can get a link to their discord on there
  12. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    I’ve just linked my steam account for the 20th time! There must be loads of people who aren’t on the forum don’t use discord and have no clue about linking their steam account!
  13. Sound Problem [PLEASE HELP]

    Hi, I’m not one of the geeks but verifying the integrity of game files! That’s always a easy one if not delete and reinstall
  14. When are the British coming?

    They're coming on the 27th