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  1. [solved] Fatal Error

    Thanks Raging death. I have no clue what they told me to do. Im not so smart with computer. Is there anyway one of the experienced guys or anyone who knows that to do, can do it for me? Would be greatly appreciated. Would pay money if thats needed tho. Thanks
  2. [solved] Fatal Error

    Thanks. it worked. Turned down my ping to 500. But still, the game runs really bad on my pc. i5 3570k 3.4 ghz gtx 780. Why is this? is the game not optimized? Will it be optimized? i really wanna play this game..
  3. Coming back to squad

    I got to the main menu. I click on server, and i disconnect from the game with the following message; 'fatal error'. Already did you steps, but didnt work. Already updated Direct X, didnt work. This is the error log. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/10tz95pwgsygph7/AAA4VqXGGhYZI0hgxpgN6uFwa?dl=0
  4. [solved] Fatal Error

    I re-installed squad via steam. Got into the menu, than when i click servers i get a error called; ''Fatal error''. Than the game closes.
  5. Coming back to squad

    Can i still play the game? Cause when i try to login it says; cant connect to gameserver or something.
  6. Coming back to squad

    Im thinking to come back to the game. I bought the alpha a while ago, and played the game for a couple of weeks. I quit because the horrible FPS on my good gaming pc. ( i5 3570k gtx 780. ) Can i still play the game? or is the game in development again? thanks!
  7. when can we play

    Do you know when the pre alpha is over?
  8. when can we play

    So i didnt even knew this game exists. When are the able to play the game? I see that you can buy a package of 30$ 40$, etc, what does that mean? I really wanna play the game.
  9. Here i am

    21 year old truck driver from holland. Joining this amazing community Can i run the game? on what settings? i5 3570k 3.4 GHz GTX 780 OC edition Twin frozr.
  10. New to Squad

    What game is it? Whats the mission/point? Is it a huge open world, just killing each other? or is it taking over bases/flags, and holding it? and yes, i have read "What is squad",

    i5 3570k 3.4 GHz GTX 780. What settings, and what FPS?
  12. New to Squad

    Hello Girls, and Boys, all over ze interwebs, who are reading this. Im a old Arma 2 DayZ player, and have quit long time ago. I saw this game, and was watching some youtube videos on it, and it looks pretty interesting. Is it beter optimized the Arma? Cuz i got a i5 3570k GTX 780, and it runs like garbage Is the map big? or same size as chernarus in arma 2?