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  1. I am waiting for Amazon tv to finally come to France, I want to watch the new top gear/the grand tour starts tomorrow. I don't like that netflix won't let you download to watch offline, and due to French protectionism they can't air films until 3 years after cinema if not paid for alone....
  2. Wall Hacks

    Is this still happening with the present version?
  3. Friendly fire abuse prevention ideas.

    Be really nice to see something done about TKS been TKed more in 100 hours of squad than 8 years of PR. Big reason for not updating to try again, last time a mate persuaded me got TKed.... Peak is under 1000 now.
  4. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    I admin a PR Coop server with a 3TK auto 1 round ban. It works very well as a round is such a short amount of time and the fact it is an auto system that removes a lot of problems people know they can't argue with it.
  5. Custom PC

    No they just price check lots of places and put up the cheapest. I bought windows from Microsoft store as it was the only place selling a hardware UNlocked retail version as opposed to a mobo locked OEM that everyone sells, same price too. I thought the problem with TVs was the 'input lag' for gamers.
  6. Custom PC

    I see people using PCpartpicker to find the best deals, if you can buy from different places just search out the best deals with mail in rebates and so on. http://pcpartpicker.com/ They even have a very good build for 1040 but without peripherals. http://pcpartpicker.com/blog/108/great-gaming-build-video
  7. new Army uniforms messed up

    I am not a river counter but why not make that 7 spoke BTR correct it doesn't cost anymore time or effort, however I would think the wrong US flag is a placeholder for founder, clan or some other type of patch.
  8. Best gaming chair design for your back

    I don't like the idea of unbraked wheels. I would love a proper chair - one day.
  9. GTX 970 upgrade, anything i need to know?

    I was running squad on epic with a 970 ok, 2500k at 4.3. Think it's the CPU speed helping here.
  10. GTX 970 upgrade, anything i need to know?

    Make sure you have enough Watts 300 on ONE rail....
  11. Lol I have a son of 9 who plays PR and talks with people I've been playing with for years and in one case met IRL, my 5 year old daughter goes out with me on my motorbike an she's da boss. I suggest to my nine year old he gets a tattoo (reverse psychology) but he thinks I'm mad - I don't have any - as for nose rings as long as its done somewhere hygienic I couldn't care less it can be removed it's their face. IMHO the more you forbid them the more fun and appealing these things become and the more out of control they will go later when they can decide. Please note IN MY OPINION.
  12. UK leaves EU and Prime Minister resigns

    I think the immigration is what turned many average Brita against Europe, the strain that this influx puts on medical, schools and police. The largest non Brit community is the polish where I was informed the minimum wage is 500 euro and in the countryside very little work. So when I read that in order to have no tax barriers we would have to let European workers come freely?
  13. Three simple fixes:

    The guns through walls is very silly.
  14. New Animation System release date?

    Gaming is already a pretty pointless activity, it gives us nothing except wasting time. I try to enjoy my gaming time and have a laugh, getting hyper competitive about video games outside of being paid to win I find a bit sad. Try to enjoy and have fun first.
  15. A thing to be done, but there will, I feel, be the element who just switch it right down on joining as they're not interested in that aspect of the game.