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  1. Regardless of game's current status, does the game ever make you feel accomplished after a round? If so, when and how? If not, how could it?
  2. FA in. Chora AAS V1
  3. How about no.
  4. These two videos should answer this thread.
  5. Current system is fine but I would be down for FOBs with more assets built costing more tickets upon removal by enemy.
  6. When two teams with absolutely same kill level meet each other, USA and Russia will come on top against Militia and Insurgents right now. The latter may give hard time but the former will always have the initiative and edge. My humble two cents; content pacing should focus on irregular armies for a while to balance the asymmetrical balance.
  7. FA in. Gorodok
  8. Bought Squad, found out the game's experience is poop without a team, joined one. One thing led to another and found a lot of cool guys, became friends with most of them. Now I'm waiting for PKM and IEDs.
  9. FA in. Kohat
  10. FA in. Kohat
  11. FA in. Gorodok
  12. Anti-material rifles confirmed.
  13. FA #2 in.
  14. FA in. Gorodok
  15. FA in. Fool's Road AAS 1