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  1. You can shove your sarcasm wherever you want but I wasn't talking about that anyway. Read between the lines maybe. Anyway, the idea is that skilled will of course will remain skilled regardless but the other guy (less skilled) will not get roflstomped like he would do in CS or COD if he is in a better position et cetera.
  2. As I have mentioned in the twitch chat yesterday during M vs F game, right now it's all about who reacts and dolphin dives faster then shoots towards critical body parts better which is really not what I would like to experience and see. Tactics often go out the window when a side has that one or two players who can kill more than half a squad all by himself regardless of map and place in a firefight when the game mechanics and features does not allow receiving and to hinder or slow this dude. Sad.
  3. I'm adding one more suggestion to the above. Separate buttons for construction and ammo resources. Gradual supply ability should also apply. - Q for construction points, one press drops 250 resources - X (or another button) for ammo points, one press drops 250 resources Superb flexibility until we get the crate system.
  4. Firefight's duration. I don't know how would I change it, this one's a crucial topic with hundreds of subjective ideas.
  5. FA in. Kohat
  6. I didn't like it when they moved the flags closer to each other with 9.4 because I liked how flexible the map was. I could agree that the old layout was too confusing but instead of moving the flags closer to each other, simply reducing the flag amount and still utilizing all of the map at the same time is very much possible I believe. I am hoping the same for the Kohat. 4x4 maps with more than half of available zones being wasted bring tears to my eyes.
  7. FA in. Gorodok Invasion
  8. You shouldn't plan your game on the bleed, you should plan it on taking flags from the enemies and destroying their assets. That's how you win with current mechanics.
  9. Dear SgtRoss, are we ever going to get 120mm mortars or hell cannons?
  10. This is a suggestion thread. As you all know, all deployables require a radio to be built and cannot be carried and built by squads separately. Hopefully, developers will allows us to build mortars and heavy machine guns on the go without the need of a radio in the future. Also, dropping supplies through crates (like in PR) will come later down the road as far as I know. So, until both of the above features arrive, I have come up with an temporary solution to circumvent these, gradual supply ability. Let me elaborate. Right now, when you press Q, you unload all of the resources you have (1000 for truck and 500 technical). What I'm suggesting is, when you press Q, it will drop, let's say, 250 of the resources. They can either add separate to unload all supplies you are carrying or you just press Q two and four times to unload it all. I believe, with this addition, many tactical options will open for squads on the map (especially large ones) and it will also ease the transition of the community to crate system.
  11. Search function is your friend. It's been denied many times.
  12. We are actively looking for players who are interested in racking up hundreds of hours in the game. Our current roster already has over 20000 hours and increasing. Visit our platforms listed above if you are interested.
  13. Most of the stuff in the OP is obsolete now and I am too lazy to remove them.
  14. There is probably like 50-75 players in the whole community who knows how to handle vehicles. Rest is summed up below.
  15. I think the least developers can do to redeem this vehicle is to add a little HUD or something like that that shows our aiming angle.