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  1. Automatic idle kicker, IED, TBG-7V and finally, mother****ing PKM.
  2. FA in. Yehorivka AAS 2
  3. It's a pipe dream right now as far as I followed the development. What I am saying is, just change flag's positions on the map or their capture orders.
  4. The game's direction is solid right now. I disagree. They already added spoon feeding more than I would like.
  5. No, it does not break anything except someone's lack of driving and tactical awareness skills.
  6. The new big maps are fun to play and it will take us some time to establish the most practical way to win or figure out what works or not in them, which should take 4-5 weeks I think. Rest of the maps are not affected as much as I hoped by the new changes and are still very much parallel to the linearity of the A8 strategies in regards to most practical ways. The biggest factor to break this linearity is to introduce new layouts right now since the amount of tools we are given are limited and seeing A10 will probably be released 4-5 months later, I suggest introducing new layouts like 2 months later to add some new approach to the game and essentially refresh it.
  7. Tell me how I can neutralize a captured flag in the firing range then.
  8. Good. Now add noise-induced hearing loss and we'll be fine.
  9. I saw no mention of gain, loss and bleed in the A9 patch notes. Are they not going to be announced?
  10. FA in. Logar AAS 1
  11. Spectral also is now former as far as I know. So, the list could really use an update.
  12. After the Friday's "one week" tweet, I assume the values for this are finalized so is it possible to get them anytime soon? Also, is bleeding going to become rewarding and worthwhile again, hopefully?
  13. Let's hope A9 fixes this because it doesn't make any sense that OP couldn't solve his problem even after contacting OWI support. This stuff here is refund worthy reason.
  14. No, it's not. Some of us here have thousands of hours of experience to anticipate some stuff. It's not a dramatic change to make it impossible to guess.
  15. I tried Discord, reddit and got no answer, might as well write here too. Is it possible to get the latest values of ticket bleed and ticket loss/gain upon flag loss/capture? For example, Gorodok will have layouts with 9 flags in them, how will it work? Or is it written in the Squad wikia? I believe majority of the community is not aware of the exact numbers, me included to be honest.