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  1. FA #2 in.
  2. FA in. Gorodok
  3. FA in. Fool's Road AAS 1
  4. FA #2 in. Logar PAAS
  5. FA in. Gorodok AAS 2
  6. I don't know if anyone else is getting this but I am using Sound Blaster Z and I'm getting "empty room" audio environment effect in really weird places like in a random alley, in a garden, in a courtyard of a compound et cetera in Sumari, in short I'm getting empty room audio environment effect in places where it has nothing to do with an empty room or room at all. I was getting them during Alpha 7 too if I remember correctly but they weren't as much as right now. So, yeah, just a random feedback passing through.
  7. Dear Santa PKM, IED and TBG-7V for x-mas please.
  8. FA in. Logar PAAS
  9. FA in. Fool's Road AAS 2
  10. I was like "hey, I made a topic about this suggestion" and was going to link it but realized this is the one I made.
  11. Good initiative. All server admins should participate to this.
  12. FA in, 10~15 guys. Gorodok 1
  13. Trying to find a middle ground between "I'll throw smoke grenade to kill enemy's FPS" and "I'll throw smoke grenade to cover my movement".
  14. FA in. Yehorivka AAS 2