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  1. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    I chose other, specifying a messanger bird. Just kidding, Bluedrake.
  2. Squad Livestream Now...

    Me and Katarn had the compound on lockdown keeping him and AncientMan out for a while. I picked off 8-9 kills.
  3. I like the idea too, but on a larger scale. The idea of randomizing the spawns/zones would be quite nice to make every round unique.
  4. Ladder Functionality

    How about having the ladders work like Battlefield 4, but adding a little spice to it making it so X button has to be pressed per ladder step?
  5. Website And Fundraising

    These guys really do care. Great team makes a great game.
  6. Specs

    Start saving up, all I could really say. Squad will run generally like any recently made UE4 game.
  7. It's the reverse of things.. Like modern war, it's the U.S. with U.S. weaponry versus the Afghani local mujahideen with Russian weaponry (and some second hand U.S. weaponry).. In the USSR vs. Afghanistan it's the USSR with Russian weaponry vs. the Afghani's with U.S. weaponry we gave them during the war.
  8. That's where future nodding teams come into play!
  9. Don't forget the F-86 Sabre!
  10. Definitely agree here, was tempted to mention it. 'Twas the first war to utilize helicopters in combat!
  11. Squad Media

    They're pretty vague as they don't really show off the "Alpha-ness" of the game.. They make great wallpapers, though!
  12. USSR - Afghan War would be pretty rad. Offtopic: When mod support opens for the game I have a desire to make a modding team that makes a series of maps of conflicts that almost happened.
  13. Squad Media

    I have some landscape screenshots that don't really show off the game in detail but rather just glamour shots of the map at a bird's eye view, if you're interested shoot me a private message.
  14. Exclusive newsletters or access to a private forum where people can discuss unlisted content & updates. If anything mighty high then add their name to the credits (if there is any?). Access to closed demo? Get the game a couple days early pre-release? Get a fancy tag or medal next to their name in-game when looking at the scoreboard?
  15. Me and a bud have been doing some graphics.. I'll be adding on to this thread every couple days. Some of the graphics in this thread will contain wallpapers & forum attire you guys are welcome to grab, just don't plagiarize it, hehe.. Wallpapers (bren & Ryan) Merlin Wallpaper - Web LQ ; Raw HQ (by Ryan)IrOnTaXi Wallpaper - WIPChuc Wallpaper - WIPZ-trooper Wallpaper - WIPMosquill Wallpaper - WIPSpush Wallpaper - WIP<more to be added>