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  1. Ticket System Needs to be Reworked

    It is way more advantageous to go roaming behind enemy team and searching undefended fobs and hunting vehicles than attacking cp. Let's say the fight is on middle point and enemy team is currently holding it. My 4 man squad goes roaming behind enemy team and searching near enemy's uncappable flags. We find 2 undefended backup fobs way behind middle flag and destroy them and also ambush 1 logi truck. We earned 48 tickets and worst case scenario is we dying and losing 4 tickets. Not to even mention if we see 40 tickets rolling around (btr-80a) of course we always prioritize it over attacking cp. I feel it's vehicle and fob losses that always decide the winner.
  2. Squad League

    Just lost all faith in Squad League and some of its clans...
  3. Making our maps less magical

    Friedlies showing on map is essential for this game. If friendlies wouldn't show on map it would change gameplay dramatically to not better direction. Most of the cons already mention in this thread. But I think player direction indicator could be removed. It would add certain degree of "uncertainty" to reading a map. For example you couldn't say on first glance on what direction players are moving or most importantly what direction are they focused on. If your squad member says he spotted an enemy your only way to know where is to ask him -> communication. Or squad 2 only says they are in contact, you can't just look map and see what direction they are looking at -> communication.
  4. Suicide Button

    Do you really think that removing suicide or restricting it will prevent me from dying and respawning? I can still jump off a roof or cliff or throw grenade to my feet or run to enemies... There are number of ways to die to be able to respawn somewhere else. And that is completely valid tactic that I will be using in furure too. Losing ticket when dying is quite enough negative perk.
  5. Communities opinion on VOIP Mute

    Yes. Session based mute for individiual players. Meaning all mutes you have applied reset when you leave server. There is always people who don't know when to shut up or who you don't want to hear (speaking different language etc.). Thinking admins solve everything is naive. It is same as saying we don't need any anti-cheat because we have admins. And there is also what someone may consider spam is totally ok for someone else. And have devs totally forgotten that there is also custom servers?
  6. Lone wolf squad

    Please ban all who doesn't have mic. Please ban all who doesn't speak english. Please ban all who play different. Please ban all who "just play video game". Please ban all who are too good at video games. Please ban all who are too bad at video games.
  7. Vehicle Brainstorming (Post Pictures)

    Please add this! It's new tank design that will beat both armata and abrams.
  8. [MOD] 1944 : Voie de la liberté

    Good luck with project! I will definately play this if/when this comes out.
  9. I just want to add that more power you put behind throw more inaccurate it will be. Just try it yourself. Pick a heavy rock from ground and try to throw it as far as you can and still be accurate. It's not that easy. Especially if you try to do it quickly from cover.
  10. Kicked

    Just suicide and respawn. Problem solved.
  11. Oh yes. And throw in US vs europe conflict. Now that would be some new and refreshing experience!
  12. This map seems to be exactly what I was describing. City map with foresty outskirts. I would absolutely love to see something similar in Squad. The city itself could be somewhat bigger now that we have good engine that supports bigger maps.
  13. Eastern european fictional city with foresty/rural outskirsts. My wet dream.