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  1. PS code

    ClydeBOT-Today at 7:41 PM Your message could not be delivered because you don't share a server with the recipient or you disabled direct messages on your shared server, recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends, or you were blocked by the recipient. Only you can see this — delete this message.
  2. PS code

    Yep, but I don't own a phone and the PS discord requires phone verification.
  3. PS code

    Founder unable to get PS code, says email is incorrect.
  4. GPU hitting 90C after 10.1 update

    I only have squad and TS open, I can play other more GPU intensive and visually impressive games at higher frames and lower temperature, I wasn't having issues till v10.1. Your advice is pretty basic stuff that I already went over in the main post.
  5. GPU hitting 90C after 10.1 update

    Less frames, higher temp, but I don't see any difference visually.
  6. GPU hitting 90C after 10.1 update

    My Titan X would run at 84c which is normal before 10.1 and now its 90
  7. I can run games like total war warhammer 2 or Kingdom come deliverance on ultra without a problem, but SQUAD running on MEDIUM SETTINGS not only runs worse, but is causing my GPU to hit 90C and this is only after the release of v10.1. Squad is literally killing my titanX and there is no reason it should be. I only hit 90c in squad, other games run at a lower temp with higher frames on higher graphical settings. My drivers are up to date, I only run squad and TS, my fans are on high performance profiles.
  8. I'd love to see something implemented like the point system from RO2, where doing class specific actions would promote your class level, even if purely cosmetic, it would make those more skilled at a specific role stand out and encourage people to try other kits and get better at them. I'm personally tired of random people trying to tell me how to do my job as a medic, when 15+ kills, 4 deaths and 15+ revives are my usual averages, when they're busting a hefty 5 kill and 9 death average. I'd also love some sick ass weapon skins from mastering a class, might just be the BF players heart inside of me but nothing shouts accomplishment better than a spicy skin from dedication and hard work. PS, loving the recent updates devs, quite the improvement from the Squad I knew in 2015, really impressed with performance and gameplay, super excited for the future of squad, gonna stick with you guys till the end, you truthfully deserve everything you've worked for and I'm beyond impressed. BF2:PR vet
  9. How do I save my controls/graphics before resetting the cache?
  10. So whats the benefit to doing it if I'm not having problems?
  11. Do I actually need to do this or is it just a precaution? I've never actually had any issues with squad and I've never reset my cache so I'm just wondering what it actually does. I understand it'll reset my settings, but is it truthfully necessary or only if I stumble into problems?
  12. Thanks I got it now.
  13. Hire me to work for your help desk, I'll help you deal with all the freebies :^)
  14. Any update? I've still not received a message back, I can send them the keys if that helps.