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  1. One aspect I like is the Insurgents looting disabled Blufor vehicles. Make Blufor have to totally destroy the asset to keep it out of insurgent hands (aka every downed chopper / tank / apc ect...) Expanding on that, it would be cool to make Blufor be able to recover vehicles. Play with this bad boy, M88 Recovery Vehicle:
  2. Insurgent Specialization Classes: Smuggler

    This is the best suggestion so far! Yes please! However, I would recommend giving the Smuggler a weapon better than a pistol. If a smugglers role is as important as you say it is, they will get in to contact a fair bit. I would like to see them have the ability to fight back, rather then being a bag of meat for Blufor. Maybe a bog standard AK but only with 3 mags? Capability to hit and run / retreat? Otherwise I love it!
  3. Ethical Admin Server Certification.

    I think it's a good idea, but it needs to be done carefully. Too be honest, I think it needs to be delved out on a case by case basis, and not given out based on ticking boxes. Servers and Communities administer and run the show differently to each-other. For example, BigD runs things in a fundamentally different way to PRTA or FCV (not picking on anyone, just an example). Neither is better, except that Communities run their servers to match the expectations, maturity levels and regional preference of its users. Doing one thing on one server might not get you a ban, whereas it may on another. TLDR: I like the idea, needs to be implemented on a case by case basis. No ' fixed set of rules for OWI certificate' method.
  4. Scope Implementation Discussion

    Totally back you guys on this. I wan't functionality over eye candy any day
  5. I'm waiting until my RIFM outfit gets there crap sorted so we can buy a 10 pack Also, time to do some shameless self promotion, as is my job on BigD. We now have two PR1.3 servers running, weekends are when Aus PR really kicks off so I hope to see some of you around
  6. PR 1.3 is in the air, I can smell it
  7. Anti Cheat

    Use BattlEye. That thing is the terminator of anti-cheat. You can't sneeze the wrong way without getting banned. Don't buy into the 'hate' over battlEye. Its just the loud minority of DayZ and Arma 3 Life script kiddies having a whinge.
  8. Bulk of your Aussie players get on around the weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons/evenings are your best bet. We are working on fixing the mumble on BigD right now, but we are waiting for 1.3 to drop, which will happen most likely this weekend.
  9. DLC Why the hate?

    I think Arma 3 has hit the nail on the head with their DLC. For example, those who bought the Marksman/Helicopter DLC can shoot/fly the vehicles, whereas those who did not can only see, or ride as passengers. Personally, I think this is what Squad should do. New factions / weapons / vehicles can be seen by all players, however those who have not bought the DLC can only use the basic rifles or light vehicles. Not sure how it would work for maps however.
  10. item trading/collectable skins

    Please god no. Skins and customization should not be a mainstay of squad. I appreciate the necessity of it for kickstarter however that is where the buck needs to stop. As much as people try to make it sound like a good idea, these things only ever result in people trying to show off their virtual dick size. No.
  11. PR1.3 will no longer require BF2 installed. It will all come packaged as one. We are busy blowing away the cobwebs on the BigD servers, and firing them up for 1.3. I eencourage everyone to give it a go Aka I think PR might be free to play now. But don't quote me on it!
  12. Hey guys something looks a bit familiar in this list Stay tuned...
  13. BigD, or otherwise known as "That thing that hasn't died yet" going strong
  14. Asia Pacific test event.

    Thats a good point. Finding a server somewhere that will provide decent ping for everyone will be tough. We don't quite have as many undersea cables as the Atlantic
  15. Heres my video, fits the bill of action/music whilst being light hearted