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  1. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    If your looking for a team to chill with this weekend come and check us out.
  2. Free Weekend and New players

    If your looking for a helping hand on the free weekend or a player just looking for a good bunch of guys i would like to invite you to Sigma Tactical’s discord, Sigma Tactical has been around since the birth of squad back in pre-Alpha and have grown into a diverse community involved in many areas of squad. Day - Day play you can find us on our official licensed server “Afternoon Delight | ΣT | [ASC]” This is where we play casually with all members of the squad community We are also involved in FNF “Friday Night Fight” Witch is a collection of communities from the ASC that meet up on Fridays and all join a server and chill for some games If you haven't heard of NAS it's also a great thing we play in weekly, North American Squad is a collection of NA squad communities who all bring 9 guys and face of in a friendly event that's usually streamed on twitch And for the Competitive players we are also playing in the SWC “Squad World Championship” This is a completely competitive event involving clans from all around the world fighting out out to be number one. If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with with feel free to join our discord or you can add myself on steam or head over to our website. Website: http://sigtac.org/ Discord: discord.sigtac.org Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DonMeehan/
  3. Alpha 11

    Trying to find the info for ticket gain/loss with v 11 i thought i saw the details in the release patch note but does not specifically say what they are?
  4. Just Purchased Squad

    Welcome to the community brother. If you ever need a group of guys to play with we got a lot on NA timezone free free to get in touch
  5. Looking for a Squad!

    feel free to pop in and introduce yourself https://discord.gg/a9QeKCq
  6. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

  7. New Player in town.

    hi @ezekill if you need a hand learning about the game wanna get some help we got guys on most of the week feel free to pop into the discord and say hi let the guys know your new and tag along. Discord: https://discord.gg/a9QeKCq
  8. Hello all, a newbie has arrived

    hi @ronofichif you need a hand learning about the game wanna get some help we got guys on most of the week feel free to pop into the discord and say hi let the guys know your new and tag along. Discord: https://discord.gg/a9QeKCq
  9. Hi all! New to Squad here.

    Hey @DRip if you need a had or want to find a clan to play with feel free to pop by our discord introduce yourself and the guys will get you in some games. feel free to add me if you wish to. Discord: https://discord.gg/a9QeKCq
  10. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    Hey @Odin I updated mine a while back but i missed the last deadline Any chance you could check when you have a sec would be great, Also sent a DM in regard to a forum name change if that is possible? Thanks Don
  11. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    And as stated if we can help you resolve your issue if you have some proof of what happend we would be more than willing but seems as if you are taking an opportunity ti jump on a post and pass opinion without any evidence while also turning down the opportunity to resolve the issue, If it did not bother you so much y did you feel the need to go out of your way and ensure people knew what you thought? Anyway we always try to respect others and if you were troubled but past actions im sorry form anyone who bares our tags, But i would also ask you dont call us out if your not willing to follow it up or provide proof. Have a great day Don
  12. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    Please feel free to add me up bro if you can send through something aswell that way we can look into it.
  13. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    feel free to add me on steam bro Don,Meehan glad to hear you met the guys yh a lot of people in squad dont like to SL and then join squad and dont like to listen to there SL or even try to tell the what to do, Everyone i meet who gets involved with our guys enjoys the hell out off it. Mable take a different approach next time you join one of our squads you naver know it mite be you thats the problem. Any ways as i said to Griff if you have any worries feel free to add me on steam always down for a chat
  14. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    We ensure banning follows multiple warning's if you wish to talk to admin feel free to add me on steam.
  15. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    Thanks for getting in touch @avguste feel free to add myself on steam and we can get on discord with yourself and talk some more, http://steamcommunity.com/id/DonMeehan/