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  1. more medic options

    Hello Dev Team and any one else, I was wondering if there could be an extra option applied for the medics to carry away or drag one team mate and with draw him from the field, a lot of medics have to struggle to revive a teammate that got downed right around the corner. I think for a lot of players that it is a big issue. Thanks for reading and have a good day!
  2. take cover!!!

    hi, every one! so i was wondering could we make this system also possible since red orchestra runs also on unreal engine?
  3. day night cycle

    we have UNREAL ENGINE that means we owe one of the most advanced engines so we should make use of it.
  4. 3.2 Feedback bug report.

    people should notice the ''still in alpha or in project'' warning before reporting bugs out.
  5. Rope dismount function (Black Hawk)

    true man what you guys dropped at us is amazing and id like to thank you all twice for the hard work installed the game to day and is so amazing.
  6. Rope dismount function (Black Hawk)

    changed it xD
  7. Rope dismount function (Black Hawk)

    just about it bro.
  8. day night cycle

    it makes a lot of sense when it comes to survival and tactics infect survival and tactics plays a huge role especially when it comes at night in squad and in basically every game.
  9. Hi every one, since my last suggestion about the topic (Day & Night cycle) was a quit success I'd like to present you a new suggestion or a feature what inspired me by (black hawk down). when it comes to piloting witch is some times a challenging thing when you need to drop off a squad in a dense forests such as in Saaremaa map from PR. you have those moments when you try to land the helicopter and banks to its side and crash the helicopter. then id like to see the pilots have the ability to drop a rope as simple as unloading a crate from a truck. Post back and let me know if you'd like to see this too! :D
  10. day night cycle

    Thank you very much for liking this every one, thinking creatively is a hard thing when it comes to features !
  11. day night cycle

    it is hard to see for the USA troops with an NVG if there is bright light and it is hard to see for insurgents it is dark.
  12. day night cycle

    the NVG meant for like, Russians MEC forces or any kind of a powerful fraction. my idea was if it is a conquest game where USA has to take out enemy capture zone and the night cycle starts the insurgent squad leaders are able to set like fire barrels(a extra slot for the building category) with a high lightning range so that the insurgents go in full defence so you have to play it smart.
  13. day night cycle

    then I rest my case here guys! this request shows more positivity then negativity.
  14. day night cycle

    so there is basically a chance that it will be possible?