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  1. 20+ kills are not uncommon, i hit 20-30 kills almost every round as SL, up to 70 kills as automatic rifleman (on long games like invasion) also squad wipes, completely possible in public games because a lot of people don't pay enough attention, yes there might be cheaters but i don't think it is a big issue in this game, i myself didn't encounter any cheaters yet.
  2. What is really going on with Squad?

    @SgtHerhi you forgot the fastropes
  3. Weapons precision nerf

    That is the one thing that always annoyed me about pr, i like the gunplay as it is
  4. Key Binds Issues

    Whats wrong with wasd?
  5. Ok, now it's time to add BMP-2.

    We need this bad boy for the RAF
  6. The Wrench, April 2018

    Squad Battle Royale? I thought april fools is over. I really cant imagine Squad in a battle royale setting.
  7. The best game you've ever had - (Kills)

    My best game: 58/5 Logar valley, first half of the match i was machinegunner, second half i was stryker gunner happened in v10, but i am most proud of a game where i played 25/0 as a squadlead.
  8. A heads up to everyone that applied, I am now officially a recruitement officer of the 66th, we had some internal issues and stuff to sort out, in case you applied and never got an answer and you are still interested in joining, please pm me in the forums or on steam ([66th] Frinz), i will take care of you guys. Long live the Emperor Frinz out.
  9. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Aaah, thank you for these epic pics again *sheds tear because the beauty is incomprehensible
  10. Yeah, I told hugo to take a look at this guy, he seems like a perfect member
  11. Kokan - Squad Cinematic

  12. Pre- Destroyed buildings?

    I would be happy with some basic destruction thats easy on the performance, lie we had in PR or Arma, explosion/big dustcloud/intact building model replaced with destroyed building model.