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  1. When will the British Faction be released?

    I guess it could be a surprise feature for v10, they finished the models a long time ago and i think they wont be much different to the us forces.
  2. Will Stahl Interview @ Games24

    But why no vehicle lights at night, would be awesome
  3. Laptops that work with squad

  4. Laptops that work with squad

    Does it really have to be a laptop, i would suggest to buy a desktop pc if you can, you will get much mor bang for your buck, believe me, every single one of my friends and brothers that bought laptops where disappointet after a year and bought desktops afterwards
  5. New change - map marker icon

    This... i like this sh*t
  6. Armour on Technicals

    You are right.
  7. New Community Manager

    Sup dude!
  8. It's about factions, not special forces.
  9. Enemy marks on the map.

    Why would you play on a chinese server when you are not chinese?
  10. Enemy marks on the map.

    Good idea, there could be a transparent mark on the map of the sl and when he clicks on it, it's being confirmed and the whole squad can see it, woldn't be too much micromanagement. If the sl does not confirm the marker, then it disappears after 10-20 secs
  11. I didn't notice anything like that...