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  1. I know this vid, best kind of vacation
  2. Irl you would get a shit ton of dust and small stone shrapnel in your face. They could add an extreme blur (1-3 seconds) if it hits near you. I also like the idea of temporary deafness.
  3. Squad is made to be played with strangers, of course, you are much more effective when you play with your clan, but thats not the norm for everyone, most people play squad without being in an organizes group and it's one of the development goals to make squad playable perfectly fine with random strangers. I guess you just have a different experience cause you play alot with people you know very well.
  4. He played it enough, think about it, he made this map.
  5. That A-10 made me moist. Would be even better when player controled. Just saying.
  6. Prepare to get a tactical brain**** by Falluja West
  7. Nice, my second favourite insurgency map, right after the glorious, loved and hated, Fallujah.
  8. Sorry to hear that, may the random performance gods be with you!
  9. Check your windows energy settings, my friend had a simmilar problem and for some reason his energy management was set to eco-mode, he switched it back to performence and the problem was solved
  10. Stryker bug is well known, but it doesn't happen in any of the other vehicles, i can assure you.
  11. Did you even read the thread? There is a big discussion about supression effects like flinching, blurred vision etc. and why they should/n't add them
  12. 1. I can't confirm resting weapons over objects, but they released an animation where the player deployed a bipod on a mudwall some time ago. --> 2. There is a whole thread about this. -->
  13. If you join us, you don't just die in combat anymore, you die FOR THE EMPEROR.