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  1. You are french, i think we have a problem... Just kidding i hope to see you soon on the battlefield
  2. My first official event ever, and it was great.
  3. You might have to realize that free weekend is a hard time for squad veterans who just want to enjoy a quick round and that the few brave guys who decide to squad lead are often fed up after one hour, because they have to repeat themselves over and over again. Also: You don't have any right to expect anything from a squad leader. If he is good, tell him and stay in his squad, maybe send him a friend request on steam. If he is bad, leave the squad/server. Nough said
  4. To 4. It really is not a big deal, people will always run you over, i played a match in the levelgg tournament last weekend and even there you get run over when you stand in the way, since it doesn't harm you nobody cares about it.
  5. Maybe they would fit on the "desert" maps
  6. My take on displaying the awesomeness of Squad
  7. The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

    @Gatzby Yo, can you give us these screenshots (and or more) in 4K resolution so we can decorate our desktops with the wonderful anti-beauty of fallujah? -Edit: Disregard comment, just realized the resolution is fine
  8. The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

    Guys, holy shit, if you are able to keep that level of detail on the whole map, i will pray three times a day to Vancouver. The attention to detail is freckin amazing, it looks gritty, it looks dirty, it looks like an actual warzone, this is what i have missed for so long on all thos "sterile" maps, especially Al -rush refinery- Basrah Good job and keep it up
  9. Message Hugo on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/Hugoboss47/ He will tell you everything
  10. Oi, fresh meat for the emperors warmachine, see you on the battlefield golden
  11. Animation System Update

    This... is... Awesome!!! You know, the tank/apc models from the last recap were great, but this is what we all wanted to see. V10 for President
  12. I hope you are a troll dude, games that follow the described business model are always shit, it would completely destroy squad and upset the community. And what would you need a skill system / manufacturing system for? It doesn't fit this type of game in the slightest because most people who like games like squad, hate skill/perk systems and unlockable stuff, especially when you can buy it for real money. It would just have no target audience
  13. ITC MODE

    Wasn't there recently a strategy game with a dynamic frontline system? I don't know the name of the game, but the system could fit into squad with some changes (for example does morale not play a role in squad)