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  1. Warning before squad kick

    Why over-engineer something that is so simple? First warning is the title of the game they're playing, isn't it? squad skwäd/ noun a small group of people having a particular task. "an assassination squad" synonyms: team, crew, gang, band, cell, body, mob, outfit, force "an assassination squad" a small number of soldiers assembled for drill or assigned to some special task, especially an infantry unit forming part of a platoon. synonyms: detachment, detail, unit, platoon, battery, troop, patrol, squadron, cadre, commando, tiger team "an elite reconnaissance squad" Give them the boot if they're not adhering to your orders and working with the other 8 people in their squad. If they want to go play lone-wolf, have them install CoD and give that a whirl. They'll be happier, you'll be happier, we'll all be happier.
  2. Submit Your Battlecam!

    2 video examples of a squad working together to destroy enemy vehicles and infantry in ambush and defense of cap point.
  3. Tacticalgamer.com Really Adhere to SAG?

    I can tell you we do not summarily kick someone for complaining about a loss without asking for the following, in order: 1) All chat spam to stop. This will happen if you repeatedly use global to complain. The first time is usually more than enough. 2) You've been warned. Spamming chat is not at the same level as teamkilling. You're going to get a warning, usually several, to stop once you've gotten your point across. Also, not everyone that wears a TG tag is an admin. If you have complaints about specific admins or other players, please reach me at our forums - https://www.tacticalgamer.com/forum/simulation/squad/squad-contact-an-admin-aa. That forum is private and will only allow admins and yourself to see the post. Screenshots of the chat exchange are extremely helpful.
  4. Squad Not In Steam Sale

  5. Squad Respawn: A proposed overhaul to Rally Points

    Nice idea, @killerorange. Well thought out and would definitely add value to the game. A change like this keeps the goal of making the game accessible while still driving the game toward being a teamwork-orientated shooter where maintaining squad cohesion should be paramount. Perhaps another way to add value to lives and reduce the spam nature of rally points is to make them a "weapon" that the SL has in their kit that requires it to be re-armed before it can be used again. If the squad is operating near a FOB position, this is not an issue as ammo should be available. If they are operating far from any support then they get their one rally to use and will need to be careful. If the squad is wiped then they return to the main or the nearest FOB. Once ammo is available from vehicles then squads will be a little more self-sustaining - as long as they protect their vehicle. Again, squad cohesion and protecting assets will be desirable side effects of this type of change to the rally point system, which is a good thing for the game. Lastly, a change like this also adds value to the team that wins a fire fight. Right now, you never really win a fire fight, as there is a constant stream of enemies to contest a point. Winning a fire fight should mean gaining control over an area. A change like this means that you really do win a fire fight when you eliminate the enemy squad, not just a 60 second or less break from the action.
  6. Why is development so slow? / prioritization

    Can we re-title this thread to "I want choppers and I want them now?" "9 women can't have a baby in a month." - software development proverb
  7. Having this issue - it started on Tuesday for me. Noticed small Steam update, launched game, cannot connect to any server. I will join and then get kicked seconds later with a Server Closed Connection issue. Eventually went to the extreme step of uninstalling and then reinstalling Steam. This allowed me to connect and play. Again, this was Tuesday. Came back to the game tonight, again, small Steam update and then I've experienced the same issue again. Restarted Steam, verified client files, cleared Steam downloads cache, rebooted. I've tried everything, no joy. I'm not going to uninstall and re-install Steam every night. Seems to be an EAC issue? Not sure, but there is definitely a problem ,as my fellow admins on TG that were able to connect reported seeing a lot of player connect and then instant disconnect messages, so there is a number of people experiencing this issue.
  8. Delayed Rally's for first 5-10 mins of a game.

    I would like to see the following, which is mainly the implementation of the PR FOB mechanic and some RP changes: 1) Change logistics trucks to be capable of carrying only 2 people. 2) Leave the FOB placement requirement at a SL + 2, although some argument could be made for SL + 3 3) FOBs should not be allowed to be placed unless there are logistics present. 4) FOBs are not spawnable for X minutes after placement regardless (no more automatic spawning once supplies are dropped) 4) RPs should only be allowed to be placed within a certain distance from an active FOB. 200m? 300m? up for debate, but a restriction should be in place. 5) RPs should be considered equipment that needs to be reloaded once deployed. A SL should have to be within the same range as placement for X period of time for the RP to "re-arm" and allow them to place another RP. Perhaps they should require re-arming at an ammo crate? These changes will go a very long way toward slowing down rushing and seeing rounds lost in the first 5 minutes without entirely restricting the ability to rush. However, it does add a great deal of risk and some coordination for a team to rush. This seems to be a fair trade off. If you want to rush, you can, it will just take an investment in team assets and a great deal of risk, but the reward is the ability to greatly influence the outcome of the round in your favor if you are successful.

    How about providing the people who are experiencing issues with players on a server a way to report the information necessary to server admins so that they can help rid the community of trouble-makers instead of just being an ass to those that are trying to help?
  10. What ruins the game are people making it impossible for new people to *want* to learn how to do things by constantly berating them at every turn. Help the new SL figure out the role so he wants to keep doing it. Where are new SLs supposed to come from? Make the game and community welcoming to new people, not hostile. The only way the game community stays healthy and strong is to give new people a chance to grow into the game and become passionate about it. Making them feel like idiots or noobs is not the way to do that and is only going to result in a small community full of know-it-alls.

    Never had a problem with this happening.

    How to help your server admins to report TKs (and other issues): 1. Take a screen shot of the console output (~) showing the tks. You'll need some proof to back up your claims. 2. From Steam (either SHIFT+TAB while in-game, or your Steam app out of game), go to your Profile 3. Go to your "Friends" menu option 4. Go to the "Recently Played With" tab 5. Find the player and click to view his profile. 6. Copy the URL to that profile. 7. Report the incident to the server administrators (via their web site, Discord, this forum) with the screenshot of the console for proof, a description of the incident and the URL to the player's Steam profile. The admins can handle the issue from there and they will be grateful for the assistance.
  13. Server Feature Requests

    This has been mentioned before, I'm sure, but bumping it because it's high time some progress was made for the server operators as well: Server Information/Loading screen that shows a block of text about the server, how to contact admins, server rules and other announcements as well as a banner for the community/clan operating the server. Additionally, perhaps the mini-map of the current map, etc. Replace the keyboard layout screen that is currently shown on loading into a server and move it to a help menu from the server browser so it is also accessible from in game by pressing ESC. Provide some form of access for chat logs, either from RCON or some other way. This is crucial for admins to be able to do their jobs. Add commands to disband a squad. Several instances of squads with offensive squad names containing racial slurs or other inappropriate language and it is a hassle to get all members of a squad to leave the squad so it is removed from the list of squads. This is even more difficult when the squad is 9/9 and an admin is not in a position to speak with those players. * Necessary to uphold terms of license agreement Extending the request above: provide an ability to filter chat, squad names, etc. for specific language determined by the server administrators that would be considered offensive and allow for prevention of squads being formed using those words or an auto warn/kick/ban functionality for those words. * Necessary to uphold terms of license agreement Add ability to issue a warning message directly to a player from an admin. This message would not be visible by any other player other than the one being warned and would be best if it were in a different font color and perhaps in a different screen location from the rest of the chat output to make sure it grabbed the player's attention. Add a "!r" or "!reporting" function that players can type into local chat and have that message broadcast to all admins currently on the server. Again, different font color and location outside of the normal chat flow would be preferred. Add a "ShowAdmins" or similar command that will allow a player to list the names of any admins that are currently on the server.
  14. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Update has some nice features. Definitely welcome larger maps as well as new ones. How about an update to the logistics system and FOB spawning system to help reduce or eliminate the ridiculous rushing of back flags that is part of the current meta? Will SLs have the ability to speak directly to another specific SL via the number pad bindings that is currently implemented with mumble in PR to reduce the comms overload currently plaguing the SL kit? I would add: How about the ability to add a loading screen or server information screen from the server browser so that server owners can distinguish their server from others, post rules and contact information, and let the players know exactly what server they are connecting to? Sorry - I know this isn't a suggestion thread, but I'm sure a lot of server managers would like to see some things being worked on in parallel to game development to make our experiences better with the game as well.
  15. TacticalGamer - bit icky tonight

    Hey Paperback Sorry you had a bad experience on the server tonight - I think we were light on admin coverage which is unusual for us. In the future if you need admin assistance we have a few means of reaching us: Discord: We have a channel dedicated to requesting admin help on the game server. You can join our Discord server at www.discord.me/tacticalgamer Teamspeak: We have a Teamspeak server available as well to reach our admins. TG Teamspeak Server Information Our forums, Contact an Admin: This will obviously not be the fastest way, but we will see reports posted there. TG Contact an Admin Lastly, if you can provide screen shots of any teamkills or other issues happening when there isn't an admin on it will allow us to deal with the troublesome players regardless. Thanks for letting us know, and we hope to see you back on the server soon!