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  1. Logistics Mechanics

    The current logistics system is in desperate need of an overhaul. The radio is antiquated and should be done away with. It is inconsistent with the inventory system current in the game. Persistent ammo in the game now means I have limited grenades, bandages and magazines for my soldier, yet the Squad Leader seems to have an endless supply of big boxes and cumbersome radio equipment on him, with the only restriction being that he is 300m away from the last radio stack he dropped? Radios can hold up to 30,000 construction and ammo points, which is a lot of supplies, but it can be hidden in a bush or inside a building and there is not the slightest clue that all of those supplies are present. If there are 30,000 points of ammunition stashed somewhere on the map, that ammunition should have a large visual footprint. There is no difference currently between a radio just dropped with no points on it and one that has maximum points allocated. It is an additional liability to the HAB itself and the ability to spawn, and it causes defense to be spread too thin trying to protect the radio, the HAB and the defense objective (if placed for defensive purposes). The radio has too many functions: it is the container for all supplies and it is also the linchpin that allows all other deployed assets exist and function. It has too many purposes in the game right now. The current logistics system is not ideal for helicopters. If the radio system remains along with invisible supplies, pilots will have 2 choices: Hover inside the "magic circle" of the radio (does altitude matter for this?) and drop supplies, or, worse yet, land to drop off supplies. As mentioned above, this will expose the location of the radio to the enemy team and also make the helicopter extremely vulnerable. The result could end up being the same as the "leave your apcs in main" meta that we've seen in previous versions and still do on some maps. Helicopters might very well end up in main more often than not, leaving us with driving logi trucks all over the map again. There is also a related issue of repairing and rearming vehicles away from main base that I will touch on below. So, despite the constant argument about whether Squad is PR 2.0 or not, there are systems from Project Reality that absolutely should be brought into Squad because they've been proven over time to work. They can also be improved upon and re-thought to make them better. If I could, this would be the logistics system I would put into Squad: Replace the radio metaphor with physical supply crates. Crates should be required to build any type of deployed asset or resupply ammunition. Assets, once deployed, remain until physically destroyed by the enemy regardless of the presence of supply crates. This increases the sustainability of the HAB as your spawn points are not destroyed by one player who ninja's your radio. Building should only be allowed if within X distance from a construction crate, such as 50m. Distance obviously can be adjusted as determined by play testing. Vehicles should be able to drop ammo boxes as a representation of the ammo, although the current system is not horrible. However, dropping ammo boxes and not allowing players to resupply from the vehicle itself will put a stop to certain "gamey" strategies, such as having a H-AT player ride on the hood of a logistics truck as a poor-man's TOW Humvee. While those type of tactics are creative and fun, they really don't have a place in a game like Squad. Instead of loading "points" into the trucks, allow for a certain number/composition of crates to be loaded, with each crate taking up a number of inventory slots in the logistics truck. For example: A logistics truck has 8 Inventory slots available when it is empty. Supply crates (used for building) each take up 4 inventory slots (they're big). Each Supply Crate has X Construction points in it - say 2000? Ammo crates each take up 2 inventory slots and each crate carries X Ammo points - say 1000? Repair crates each take up 2 inventory slots and can repair up to X points of damage to a vehicle - say 200? Helicopters, depending on the size, would also have inventory slots available to fill as needed. For example, the UH-60 could have 4 slots available while a Chinook might have 12 available. Etc. Numbers will have to be worked out for balance. The idea behind this is it lets the player decide what kind of supplies they want to bring out and the utility of the vehicle. Is it to support tanks? Okay, bring out repair crates. Are you building? Take out 2 Supply crates. Etc. You get the point. This leads to my last suggestion for logistics overhaul... Remove the Repair Station as a deployed asset from FOBs. Vehicles can be repaired from a repair crate dropped by a logistics truck or at main base only. This allows for fun game play opportunities for the armor squad in terms of composition as well as something for people who drive logistics trucks to do that adds more of an element of danger and tactics. Secondly, it gets rid of a the "gamey" element of armor sitting on a repair station constantly re-arming and repairing while defending a point, or having massive repair/re-arm facilities hidden throughout the map. This will have implications further down the road in the development of Squad once attack helicopters are introduced. The logistics system is a vital part of the game of Squad. It deserves some attention and the injection of some new ideas.
  2. [WIP] Qwai River but not really

    Sprigg - this looks great! Can you put in the doors on mine that would get blown up with C4 and then the engineers would work frantically to repair to keep the troops out? Please? Also Must. Have. Land. Bridge.
  3. We need more maps!

    https://squad.gamepedia.com/Squad_SDK Want more maps? Get to work.
  4. Better podcast service - you can skip around, etc. on this one: http://pca.st/td9j
  5. Interview with Merlin and Drav from OWI

    Recently Jeepo and I conducted an interview with Merlin (CEO) and Drav (Project Lead) from OWI, talking about all things Squad. Enjoy! Also available are our interviews with AFSoccer (OWI mapper) and the one, the only, IronTaxi. SquadCast Audio
  6. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    Now that's a goddamn fire fight! You don't experience that - ever - in Squad. Engagement ranges are far too short due to map design, and the duration is non-existent due to the pew-pew laser beams. How about having suppression reduce your stamina? Since v10 introduces sway based on stamina, you will have reduced accuracy without introducing gamey jerking of the gun. It will also reduce mobility/sprint - which will likely make you have to hunker down while being shot at since escaping isn't really an option. That, coupled with better sound effects, particle effects and maybe a bit more blur should do the trick.
  7. Return of Password Nights The tradition continues. Password Nights were perhaps our most popular events on our Project Reality server. High levels of teamwork, coordination and competition made Password Nights special events for players in the community. We are going to be bringing these events back to our Squad server starting Friday, February 2nd (7pm Central). Interested in joining us? Well, you won't have to scour the web site searching for the password to join. We're going to whitelist the server for these events, so you'll just need to get approved for access prior to the night of the event. Getting whitelisted is easy, just join our Discord server and request whitelist access through our friendly robotic assistant, TacticalBot. Complete information on Password Nights, a link to our Discord server and how to request access via our bot can be found here: https://www.tacticalgamer.com/forum/simulation/squad/1802345-return-of-password-nights We look forward to seeing everyone there!
  8. Warning before squad kick

    Why over-engineer something that is so simple? First warning is the title of the game they're playing, isn't it? squad skwäd/ noun a small group of people having a particular task. "an assassination squad" synonyms: team, crew, gang, band, cell, body, mob, outfit, force "an assassination squad" a small number of soldiers assembled for drill or assigned to some special task, especially an infantry unit forming part of a platoon. synonyms: detachment, detail, unit, platoon, battery, troop, patrol, squadron, cadre, commando, tiger team "an elite reconnaissance squad" Give them the boot if they're not adhering to your orders and working with the other 8 people in their squad. If they want to go play lone-wolf, have them install CoD and give that a whirl. They'll be happier, you'll be happier, we'll all be happier.
  9. Submit Your Battlecam!

    2 video examples of a squad working together to destroy enemy vehicles and infantry in ambush and defense of cap point.
  10. Tacticalgamer.com Really Adhere to SAG?

    I can tell you we do not summarily kick someone for complaining about a loss without asking for the following, in order: 1) All chat spam to stop. This will happen if you repeatedly use global to complain. The first time is usually more than enough. 2) You've been warned. Spamming chat is not at the same level as teamkilling. You're going to get a warning, usually several, to stop once you've gotten your point across. Also, not everyone that wears a TG tag is an admin. If you have complaints about specific admins or other players, please reach me at our forums - https://www.tacticalgamer.com/forum/simulation/squad/squad-contact-an-admin-aa. That forum is private and will only allow admins and yourself to see the post. Screenshots of the chat exchange are extremely helpful.
  11. Squad Not In Steam Sale

  12. Squad Respawn: A proposed overhaul to Rally Points

    Nice idea, @killerorange. Well thought out and would definitely add value to the game. A change like this keeps the goal of making the game accessible while still driving the game toward being a teamwork-orientated shooter where maintaining squad cohesion should be paramount. Perhaps another way to add value to lives and reduce the spam nature of rally points is to make them a "weapon" that the SL has in their kit that requires it to be re-armed before it can be used again. If the squad is operating near a FOB position, this is not an issue as ammo should be available. If they are operating far from any support then they get their one rally to use and will need to be careful. If the squad is wiped then they return to the main or the nearest FOB. Once ammo is available from vehicles then squads will be a little more self-sustaining - as long as they protect their vehicle. Again, squad cohesion and protecting assets will be desirable side effects of this type of change to the rally point system, which is a good thing for the game. Lastly, a change like this also adds value to the team that wins a fire fight. Right now, you never really win a fire fight, as there is a constant stream of enemies to contest a point. Winning a fire fight should mean gaining control over an area. A change like this means that you really do win a fire fight when you eliminate the enemy squad, not just a 60 second or less break from the action.
  13. Why is development so slow? / prioritization

    Can we re-title this thread to "I want choppers and I want them now?" "9 women can't have a baby in a month." - software development proverb
  14. Having this issue - it started on Tuesday for me. Noticed small Steam update, launched game, cannot connect to any server. I will join and then get kicked seconds later with a Server Closed Connection issue. Eventually went to the extreme step of uninstalling and then reinstalling Steam. This allowed me to connect and play. Again, this was Tuesday. Came back to the game tonight, again, small Steam update and then I've experienced the same issue again. Restarted Steam, verified client files, cleared Steam downloads cache, rebooted. I've tried everything, no joy. I'm not going to uninstall and re-install Steam every night. Seems to be an EAC issue? Not sure, but there is definitely a problem ,as my fellow admins on TG that were able to connect reported seeing a lot of player connect and then instant disconnect messages, so there is a number of people experiencing this issue.