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  1. Post Scriptum Keys

    I beleive that you are going to receive a code to activate the Post Scriptum, I beleive that if your running under a clan Package then your leader is going to receive the Keys for him/her to send out to your Clan , If your working independently then I suggest you Confirm with a stating you are signed up. and proof of purchase or an Invoice. -Nemesis
  2. Console Commands

    While you been on CMD i knotice that stealing strikers logistics and transportation is easy-peasy
  3. January 2018 Recap

    Personally I am very Exited for the Insurgency new Approach and I expect this will carry on for those who are Expecting a Fierce British and American Russian Arsenal because of new weapon mods and Tech that these Factions carry, I admit that using these Camos are amazing but when you don't expect to Fight your worst Nightmares! Beleive me that when I mean this because The militias are ready for whenever the invasions are happening Locked N loaded Straped ready. I admit that The Close Range CQC has been quite exiting but I expect a new Class some time around Maybe giving the Scouts and Specialist in Jumping Roofs and Setting up Trip Wires. I must be TRIPPEN BALZ on this Blue For, ask yourself what Faction are you! Supprise Song for the Squad Community-Nemesis
  4. I ask cause there have been 90% of the time I join a server there are dudes taking the role of Alpha and I think that the Females don't want to take part and hide behind the scenes. what do think? Also I honestly have come across 3 Girls in the past 780 Hours I logged in and I must say they kick ass better than the guys do. personal Opinion.
  5. I really hope this year ends well but I ask the General Public what do Role in Squad do Females play? Hopefully This year could end with this question being answered and honestly but do Females get a chance in Military 1st Person shooters in the year 2018? Click on Link if you want to vote.

    There are days where You look at yourself and think how the hell do you name yourself Nemesis and when the Resistance Lights up the World as hope.
  7. Blood everywhere

    Looks like the Ghost Received quite a soul reaping
  8. Regional conflict maps.

    You have the Right Idea. Theres alot of Great new tools to check out and Test aswell as map editors.
  9. Regional conflict maps.

    Yes there are quite a Few Maps I can think of that Host Russia VS Militia.
  10. Incorporation of Water into Maps

    From what I seen when the Albarah map was realeased the Water levels where Amazingly Deep and I must admit that even the water was to great to beleive but when You watch it looks Dangriously Deep and well you try and swim You eventually end up sinking and Dying..
  11. Hello This is Nemesis, I have to admit that the Development of Squad has been amazing! Everybody probebly Agrees that Squad has made a Huge Jump in the Progress Report inside the Latest Update. When I have time I jump inside Squad and Find it kinda Easy to bECOME a Squadleader, Couple clicks here and walla I am the Big bad Bandino. I Happen to win some and loose some rounds inside squad that I am really proud of Leader. The begining of Squad in 0.4 When My Buddies where Alpha Testing and I was working on Project Reality I happen to meet couple guys and gals that have tought me something alot better than to lead a Team. They Tought me one of the biggest problems of Soicety and that is Getting to know OURSELFS, I beleive there is the person inside that makes us Proud and also a person that Takes care of his Family and watches out for his or her kids, But admit that there is a Soldier in all of us. One way to descibe the Leader is by leading by example. Leadership is required to make progress in the mid of Battle, as you all know Stress becomes a favorite. My favorite kit is Squadleader does not make you a Leader it just happends it puts you in charge of a Mission. If you all know the Diffrence between buying your Coffee and Drinking your own Coffee. Please Take note that Characters inside Squad can be quite funny and or very quite. Value the Squad based on the Squadleaders decitions not his by his or her Gamer Tag. Trust me because your in a Professional Gaming Leauge this does not Mean you are in charge.Trust . What I suggest is that in this Fourm is that anyone that is learning to trust there Squad must Learn to Re-Evaluate ourselfs and Learn from mistakes your leaders have made and Make Smart Choices about Leading by example not by Honors.
  12. Incorporation of Water into Maps

    Hi This is Nemesis. I have to admit that Marinelayer maps are the Best maps of my gaming experience because I have had the honor to test out Mods like Normandy MOD inside the Project Realiy with 100+ people storming the Beaches, But if you don't know that inside Squad we have a problem with Swimming with the Sharks. The best way I can Put the Swimming Experience is this, I can swim 6 times back and forth on a Olympic size pool but am I going to be Stop from Reaching my Goal because I didin't make it in the underwater EOD Team? The Reality is this, The program is running solid no mater what, The only problem is that there is no swimming team to teach the SQUAD how to navigate The Character threw Storms and Calm Seas.
  13. Just curious but I find it really hard to believe after the 9.0 Release with albasrah and so many other maps to come through that a soldier can look at the beautiful landscape and come across water, He walks up to the water and sinks and Suffocates bleeds and dies. Mind you that this is something I came across in Alpha stage and its a real. I bring this up because its funny you can arm everyone with granades and Rifles but why can't that man swim??
  14. Head popping up when bandaging

    That's important to be able to drag your friendly to a new grid but what's going to make the drag exhaust, Really it's a awesome idea I just wonder how long is my Corps man going to be dragging me Sent from my LGMS330 using Tapatalk
  15. Game Opening Launcher But Not Launching

    I have the same problem right now where EAC Times out