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  1. Can I run this game

    Honestly 8GB of RAM is a must for minimum Performance Don't get me wrong those 4 GB is good enough to launch the game but not enough to handle the games Load and Texture load out Just know this that a video card with 4 GB of VRAM can help but its not enough to run your game on High with 60 Frames.
  2. Audio Issues

    Just read your Thread and I have to admit that This sounds a little tricky but I think we can work this out, Right now from what I understand is squad is not Apple Certified and your Bluetooth headset requires apple drivers and technology that require the game to maybe be thinking Apple technology. My Recommendation is try synchronizing your Power beats Bluetooth headset with all your programs and when your ready try launching squad and wait til squad main menu plays music if it plays. If it don't play anything wait till the game stays in main menu with no sound and alt tab to your playback Devices on the bottom right corner of windows and search to see if any sound is being received by any other programs including Squad. Results may vary because your Power beats 3 is apple Owned and I CLOUD is required to run. Please Respond with some information about your blue tooth.. is your motherboard integrated with a Bluetooth or are your using USB Blue Tooth ? Hope I can Help you out From Nemesis na
  3. Having to choose headsets is a real deal with us Trust I been through 4 Pairs of Hyper X Clouds and I must say the wires bring quality but when it comes to confort I give them the Quality Theater award but Honestly They want you to F up in ways I can't explain and break a pin or accidently put your deatchable micrphone in the washer and not able to use the spare micrphones you have because They are Serial Coded with there own Pair , the best I suggest is not going anything more than 35 MM on the Headsets and please make sure the headsets are compatibale with your computer cause you know how blue tooth headsets don't always work with someone that don't own bluetooth on the Tower, Let your Heart Decide on what suits your Taste , Confort, Volume, size and Performance and issurance. Those FootSteps I can hear with a pair of 2004 Headsets and last me but I loose in Microphone quality with those pair
  4. tbh I recently Tried out some Turtle Beach Blue Tooth Headsets and work wonders but luckly for me im using 30 MM jacks on my sound card (ASUS dbx) and Set up the sound card for HD only on settings but I remember the gaming changing the Performance with Dolby Surround Sound and switching it during ingame and Remember that Sound quality changes from tripping on abient sounds and footsteps to playing a HD Quality Sound that made the game not able to switch audio plugs from using Sterrio Headphones with audio to Headsets with VOIP on the same Plug but nothing on setting up analogs with headsets with Voice only and Sound out of the headsets while in game , this was pissing me off for a long time and with many attempts I figure that using 2 Male -Female on each socket on the sound card 1 being for speakers and other for microphone that I can Set my speakers to use audio while I have a plug avalible on the speaker to switch in and out of Battle Cry Mode and Still use my micrphone on the Spare cable with the Male -Female on the Microphone plug. I hear you on the Sound Quality with that AMP because that shit is real when it comes down to gaming I used to mess with a toshiba Home Theater back durring my IBM days and Man I have to say having that AMP made watching a rave at home a Real Deal
  5. Did you knotice a system performance on Gaming in squad?
  6. Top50

    Appolgies to those who don't understand but I am posting about a UI Point System that has been missing and Gaming Mechanics that can boost the ammount of people that are not squad leaders to earn there Right and Be part of the Hall of Fame withouut having to join Leauges and Competitions and such if i Do recall I remember that Squad Leaders and Squad members not Medicts Carry the Team Squad Leaders Earn the Teams Overall Teamwork points depending on how the squad performs by the end of the Battle, Look Around do you remember that squad leaders name you earned your best KD/R or Death Steaks that he left you crying till 6 am Because the pooooor poor Styiker got stuck in a Bridge on Foools Road!
  7. The meat grinder is awful

    Sencierly The Meat Grinder has been a issue since Starcraft and Warcraft but they seem to find a solution, Stratagy and Defence work , Attacking and Advancing work also but no one pays attention to what squad leaders are doing we only worry about the big picture and that is winning, the meat grider works in ways you don't want to know and I have Evidence of that in tape also scree shots with 1 ticket only with a ful stacked team against a leader from the underground Highland winning and losing by 1 ticket it all depends on squad leaders orders and courage even loyalty to beat the meat grider cause I stick with my squad til I F it up laying a rally point under a CROW HMV or Styikers 3D Camera Visuals thats when I say spawn
  8. Anti-personnel mines

    Anti Personal Mines, Satchels, Trip Wires, Soviet Union Anti Personal F1 Land Mines, Vietnam Arrow Trap and even the Egyptians and Aztec Civilization use it protect Grave Sites of the Greats and most Wikid People, if not Physical then Mentally Exhaust the Spell Caster till they Surrender or Die from the Books looks at Aleister Crowley. The Issue that I been presented is pubs and Pros end up setting up a Tripwire for example and place it where the most Traffic from tBluefor is running thinking that OPFOR is on its way to Spot out the Hide out
  9. Top50

    Well to start of im Nemesis, EX Admin on Project Reality Number 1 Server Kokan&Hookers 2008-2014 (estimated Guess) and I have been introduced to a system that calculates the number of wins and losses including deaths and kills and assist kills, this system was invited by one of my fellow brothers and I was wondering after Overheating my CPU and down my Motherboard last month and counting about 1150 Hours in squad since 2015. My question is there going to be a leader board counting the number of wins ,loss , Kills and Deaths? are there any fellow squad leaders who want to know what there status on the best leadership or assist that we can know about? This question is a real deal to me because I have been recording only hours and I honestly am happy but I can bet a Taqueria de Anda Mexican Burrito that this System is a required status in the game, I believe it can add stability and increase in the number of Squad Leaders that are around. what are you Ideas or Que Ladies and Gents do you believe that a system like this can work or Accept the Truth that we are putting in hard hours for Respect or ride till the ship sinks with it captain and accept Respect without recognition. American Sniper did it , Finish Sniper white death , lets not forget the soviet unions Legend Sniper Vasily Zaystev . Please take the time to vote if you care or don't care about this system cause this System has been ignored for a while and I can Honestly say this "The Worst case of being the being the best is being remembered by your Peers and Family not by staying awake 24/7 and kicking ass everyday I clock in eating Durrito Puffs to earn a stripe"
  10. Post Scriptum Keys

    I beleive that you are going to receive a code to activate the Post Scriptum, I beleive that if your running under a clan Package then your leader is going to receive the Keys for him/her to send out to your Clan , If your working independently then I suggest you Confirm with a stating you are signed up. and proof of purchase or an Invoice. -Nemesis
  11. Console Commands

    While you been on CMD i knotice that stealing strikers logistics and transportation is easy-peasy
  12. January 2018 Recap

    Personally I am very Exited for the Insurgency new Approach and I expect this will carry on for those who are Expecting a Fierce British and American Russian Arsenal because of new weapon mods and Tech that these Factions carry, I admit that using these Camos are amazing but when you don't expect to Fight your worst Nightmares! Beleive me that when I mean this because The militias are ready for whenever the invasions are happening Locked N loaded Straped ready. I admit that The Close Range CQC has been quite exiting but I expect a new Class some time around Maybe giving the Scouts and Specialist in Jumping Roofs and Setting up Trip Wires. I must be TRIPPEN BALZ on this Blue For, ask yourself what Faction are you! Supprise Song for the Squad Community-Nemesis
  13. I ask cause there have been 90% of the time I join a server there are dudes taking the role of Alpha and I think that the Females don't want to take part and hide behind the scenes. what do think? Also I honestly have come across 3 Girls in the past 780 Hours I logged in and I must say they kick ass better than the guys do. personal Opinion.
  14. I really hope this year ends well but I ask the General Public what do Role in Squad do Females play? Hopefully This year could end with this question being answered and honestly but do Females get a chance in Military 1st Person shooters in the year 2018? Click on Link if you want to vote.

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