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    Ah yeah requested one and got a code instantly thank you very much :)!

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone can help me at all? I've been playing squad since kickstarter squad leader pack and was told backers automatically got access to post scriptum. I havn't received any emails with a post scriptum key like all my other pals... is there anything I can do about this? Kind Regards, Flump
  3. Hacker on FragDNA London right now.

    I was playing the same time, i ended up rage quitting my game it was that much bs... being killed from 'invisible' people just doesnt do it for me :(
  4. Please please only have a couple of dedicated servers for the halloween gimmic! i didnt back you guys to put a moon sized pumpking on everyones head -.-
  5. Right ok i see what your saying, im half asleep sorry your talking about the FOV issue.. the smaller your screen resolution the further you can actually zoom... and like you said the larger the res the less it zooms =\ would be nice to see a fix then
  6. IMO i dissagree with improving the zoom from holding shift ADS, you dont get that ability in real life lol plus it adds to the game i love the fact its difficult to kill players at distance ofcourse its very challenging but when you drop someone at a fair distance its a good feeling
  7. Weapon Sway

    I'm guessing you've never actually held or shot a real gun before? You'd be very surprised how difficult it is to keep your aim near perfect especially after running, breathlessness etc etc i can assure you squad have done a really good job in simulating realistic effect of weapon sway IMO
  8. FPS

    Corsair 1200W fully modular PSU I7 4790k 4GHz Xilence m606 CPU cooler 16GB vengeance DDR3 2400Mhz ASUS ROG VII ranger motherboard 2x GTX 980 SLI Samsung 250gb SSD *EDIT* 2560x1440 resolution (forgot to mention) Not usually one for posting specs, but i average 40-70FPS everything on epic depending on the map. dont know if this helps anyone
  9. Commander Key

    Instant reply, i now have my keys! Forward the email with the alleged keys on it to [email protected] with your forum name etc and they should reply almost instantly
  10. Commander Key

    I understand your frustrated mate trust me your not the only one , i have sent them an email and they responded within 10mins, however they just referred to a date, time, and senders email [email protected] but the email theyre refering to is the one with the "MMERGE" one. Ive sent another one, wait out
  11. Commander Key

    Ghetto, irrespective of how much you want to play etc there are probably alot of other people with the same issue, it will get resolved when it is resolved just have to wait out unfortunately.
  12. Commander Key

    Same problem, bit gutting really