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  1. Amazing Teamplay !

    SQUAD pre alpha GAMEPLAY - Taking the FOB Had a blast playing that day. Really nice Teamplay. I'd love to hear your opinion on the Video Thank you !
  2. I did not fully understand this part, and i think its very important to me. I am a Youtuber and plan to upload squad gameplays. Does this prohibit uploading pre alpha videos now ?? Many thanks for a reply. However... Among many reasons for termination of your access to Squad IP, overt antisocial ingame activity for purpose of dissemination and/or distribution of video/audio/still images/written recollections of Offworld Industries video game Squad will result in immediate and permanent banning of your key and SteamID. If said video/audio/still images/written recollections are found online and can be associated to an account on our systems, Offworld Industries at it's sole discretion can and will ban keys and SteamIDs.
  3. Acog scope

    I am pretty sure its the gun itself... its not very accurate as far as i know.
  4. SL to SL VOIP Not working

    I have also a problem with VOIP. I can hear all the voices from every channel only on my right headphone. All the other sounds (gunshots, explosions ...) work just fine. Very strange
  5. Closed Pre Alpha (CPA) videos playlist

    Would be really nice if you could add this Video to the playlist; if the contents quality is good enought. Thank you
  6. 2 types of Reloads.

    Great idea.
  7. Pre-alpha general impression main thread

    Great game. Very happy to see everything going so great. However, there is one strange thing. I am running more or less the same setup as my friend. He is getting around 50 - 70 Fps, and i am playing the game with somewhat around 30 - 40. There is also a huge diffrence from server to server - as an example, the Austalian Server is running great for me, but the german one will give me even less frames. But nevertheless - great game overall. Really looking forward for future content such as the medical system.
  8. Commander Key

    Me too, i got the same key.