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  1. Spectre Checking In

    welcome mate :D :D
  2. such a pity

    and btw, I'm calling bullshit on you turning shit down and still getting "BAD FPS" FFS there is a guy who started a topic to see if his 4GB RAM laptop with NO dedicated gpu could even run the game at low... please stop seeking attention
  3. such a pity

    Dude, wtf! You have a gtx 780! Which is basically a 980 from 2 years ago??? How are you complaining! I have a gtx 760 and a i5 3470 I have a blast on all games with 40 FPS at ULTRA settings no tweaks! Damn, when people are spoiled it gets to me....
  4. Mic dosen't work ingame.

    hahah this guy was in my squad xD good luck mate
  5. Will my laptop work?

    yea mate, at the moment I would say your biggest downfall would be not having a dedicated graphics card...
  6. I'm interested xD how many members do you have?
  7. oil buddy, its all about the damn oil
  8. Tom Clancy's-The Division beta?

    exactly ^^^ setting awesome....gun mechanics etc - SHITE looks too arcadey now :\
  9. Did it!

    cheers mate ;) see you on the battlefield
  10. Epic moment: Nearly took an RPG to the face

    happens a lot xD gg mate
  11. Breathtaking!

    wow, what is it?
  12. Moveable Aircraft Carriers?

    ay JarryHead man! are you really also South African?
  13. 11520x6480 screenshots

    yea ^^