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  1. Netcoding is off ???

    WTF is wrong with hitboxes? Are you serious about that? Most times it takes 3 up to 5 hits to get 1 down. they can even withstand between 2 or 3 headshots. This is happening since v8.x. Is that intended? And hits are clearly confirmed by blood spray. Just feels like another Battlefield since v 8.x. Dont come up with that" shot through the bone" thing. Every one who gets hit by an bullet would get out of their aim or the body would shake on bullet impact. This is bullshit for now!!! i had that happening on servers with a tick rate between 40 and 50!!!
  2. Iam a little bit upset about the new map borders in chora. Is this gonna be final?? Are you serious about that? There are a few spots where i cant walk along a wall because of that borders or even cant get in cover for example west of packers estate where i have go in the very open field instead of beeing covered in the bush alley to prevent sniper fire. What are your Intentions with that new borders?? Havent found anything related to this in the search function so i post it here. Cheers Bullroy
  3. SAW gunners need some serious tweaking

    There you can see the saw firing in a stand up position. I think you can clearly see that recoil isnt that much.
  4. Game freezing non stop

    i5 and gtx 670
  5. Game freezing non stop

    Gameplay since Hotfix. Freezing starts at 1:07
  6. Game freezing non stop

    hotfix causes freezings to me. Every 30 seconds for about 5 seconds.
  7. V6 update not smooth

    Since the hotfix from today the game is freezing every 30 seconds for 5 seconds. thumbs down.
  8. Backer Tag Redeem!

  9. What job do you got?

    Iam in the German Army, Armored infantry.
  10. Hi everyone

    Thanks for the warm welcome and see you in the field Cheers [TP]Arlt
  11. Hi everyone

    Hi folks, iam playing since the end of september and just forgot to step in here and say hi. Was just focusing on playing that awesome game :D . Started my fps career back in 2001 with Operation Flashpoint , Delta Force series, Arma 1,2,3, Red orchestra1,2, Battlefield 2, Bad Company and Insurgency which is the last fps game in that row i had been playing before closed alpha started. Havent had a game in the past that engaged me that much. As You can imagine with that game my wet dreams come true B) even when i have some spare time at work iam playing squad there. I think iam addicted to squad :lol: . Also a big thanks to the great community. Havent seen anything compared to that in an fps shooter. Thats all for now. See You in the field.
  12. ok, have tested a little bit. A comrade gave me the hint to run an other programm that is using ue4. So the result is that my enemy seems to be the amd driver. Question now, where to find some older amd drivers so i can test a little bit with lower versions. couldnt find something on the amd site. cheers Bullroy
  13. Hi Ray, nothing is running in background, i extracted in the download file, where it was before and everything was fine. It cant be an issue of the router, both devices laptop and pc are running the same router. laptop is fine with that pc not. As i said every other game is running fine also. ill try to run the game from desktop and report later. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the fast reply and yes did exactly what you said. According to my system specs.
  15. Hi fellow gamers, my pc was slow on starting, so i decided to do a fresh windows installation. So far so good. i updated ever driver, graphic, sound windows etc like it has bee before, or even a newer one. But for now i cant play squad anymore. its not crashing just runs like an dia show. It was running fine before.Never change a running system i know but on start ive had time to cook a dinner before beeing able to play, that was quite annoying. Every other game runs fine so far. Have tried everything an now i ran outta ideas, Downloaded everthing that was mentioned on alpha profile page or in forum. Maybe someone can give me a little hint. I can play it fine on laptop but i hope that wont be that last result till its released on steam. intel core i5 3570K @4Ghz 16Gb ram win 7 64bit sp1 xfx R9 290X Cheers Bullroy