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  1. Supply still a work in progress. I would like more loose system not more restriction. Maybe a 3rd divison. Constructuin / Ordnance / Munnitons Let the Logistics decide what's there.
  2. With the Hi lights record could we get a vehicle exit camera (Exterior). Had an excellent pilot tonight, did a great drop off but wasn't able to get a record of it, maybe an external camera record for pilots or a like.
  3. Royal Battalion

    Wow these are some long T& C lol. ( yeah know normal for good servers)
  4. There is one that you hear at 30 when your side is losing. Time gives a good example, but why would you want to know exactly when the game is going to end for theres only going to be some idiots that destroy your teams chance for a last min win.
  5. At the present you have one setting for your sounds with Command/Squad/Local. Could we maybe get preset bonus so If I play as SL my Squad and Command are boosted and my local are reduced. Or allow me a preset for these roles. Generally as SL I have squad and command at 120% and local as 80% were as as a Grunt I would prefer Squad to be reduced to 80% and local at 100%. (and boost my effects too ). Anything that would help would be good.
  6. Bojo plays Squad

    Bojo just announced they will reconsider the confinement in 3 weeks, he must be be used to waiting for updates, lol.
  7. It's a steep curve, but not impossible curve. Be friendly have a mic most of the other stuff will come together. Dont be afraid to say your new, that will give you leeway and time to get a hold of what's going on. Glhf
  8. How should armoured vehicles be used?

    Theres a myriad of uses for armour of how to use and how not to. Generally as a rule if your supporting your team and working as an active squad you cant go wrong. No one is upset if your communicating and trying to work as a team. It's the lone wolves that get armour destroyed that gives a bad name.
  9. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    Boom drop the mic. me likes
  10. Could we get an ammo component on the logi truck. It carries massive amounts of ammo generally so having one would make sense.
  11. Think you need to run your own server if you want those kind of rules and non interaction, dont think your survive. Squad is about building cohesion and communication with complex bridges, muting people especially SLs will never work. The greater communication the more fun. I will admit I've muted music junkies but not SLs and found my max is 10 SLs communication with a full squad which a lot.
  12. Variable with ammo status is above my limited programming. It's more a hope they might. Just think sometimes it's the little things that add a finesse of a game and set it apart. Not all going to use the A10 strike but more like to interact with logi.
  13. Had a go at doing it last night was fun
  14. Suppressors

    Was asked Last night while playing " Can't we get suppressors for the trucks, as they're so loud ". Lol Made nice change from weapons. made me do a double take.
  15. What about Chaos? Will that ever reach Squad.
  16. Let's give everyone bolt action rifles. Oh right it's been done it's called postscriptum
  17. This has some interesting points. I think we are getting to a crossroads of where the game goes. We have seen a reduction of tickets for nearly everything except infantry. Why not take away their cost. Redirect the focus on to destroy assets than thinking spawn camping will win the battle.
  18. Get a sapper to put down sandbags, or anything you can use as cover and deploy from behind. Look for rocks that have level to upward angles to deploy on. Flat grass is annoying but once you know about it you can work around it
  19. Could we get a running total reminder for the commander of their cost to the team. Had a commander that died 13 times 65 tkts. Think would be good to have a gui reminder on their screen. Dont believe a commander would as an intentional destroy his team chances. Just a thought.
  20. Commander your cost upate

    Wasnt meaning end of the round. It's just a reminder for the commander. End screen that's a different conversation. But can understand where your coming from.
  21. Dshker Sight

    When will the Dshker get some loving and fix the sight so it's range can be set. Love it with the GL and other iron sights .Know it's not a big deal but would be nice for the INS and alike. Remember a Dshker not just for xmas.
  22. Beta 17.2 Released

    Don't suppose your overclocking your ram. I had over aggressive ram timing which was causing this issue. Dunno if this helps..
  23. VR headset

    Hey guys thinking of getting a VR headset this xmas, any suggestion or comment on what one not to get.

    Logi trucks now have wood colours just hide in one of them :). No your right US should have different colour, maybe it's to reduce friendly fire.
  25. VR headset

    Was hoping to hear from squad players and their experiences with VR. Similar game background . But thanks for the link