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  1. Smee SL

    Tip on using the rpg7v2
  2. Smee SL

    Warning these video's contain Cockney accent, unabridged and with fragrant disregard for the class system. If you find this tone or videos offensive for the tone of language and inflection then your in the wrong place. Gameplay with Smee, can you tell there's a map. Was a fat moving game.
  3. Smee SL

    Nice to be clipped. On the hoof idea, worked like a charm when you think your going to die.
  4. Struggling with this game

    meant clan tag on clan server.
  5. Struggling with this game

    wow thats harsh.
  6. Smee SL

    Learning to count with smee 3, 2, 1 Warning these video's contain Cockney accent, unabridged and with fragrant disregard for the class system. If you find this tone or videos offensive for the tone of language and inflection then you're in the wrong place. Can't keep the boy down. " It's all about the new meta"
  7. Struggling with this game

    Try and get onto one of the Clan servers and find a Clan SL. Generally this is your best hope, it doesn't guarantee anything but should give you good start. Extra tip, if someone has a crap sounding squad name/basic game name good chance your going to have bad game. If you don't like the SL, join another squad. After a while your see regular names and start to get a feel who's trying to play the game and have a good time. Don't worry theres lots of people that are just dieing to have a good game too.
  8. Mark Rifleman Ammo Bags on Map

    Can see what you mean. Spend a couple of mins customising your map icons can be worth it. Scale, opacity and role icons can make a big difference. Plus options have a myriad of choice.
  9. Mouse smoothing?

    yeah the deploy isn't perfect. try and find upward angled surfaces to deploy on they give the best rotation. It can be annoying but you find that once set your good to go.
  10. Maybe a short video on loading with an option to disable once seen. Like a how not to suck video.

    Don't feel you have to be stuck with doing logi's. Doing 1 per person in a round should be enough. If the SL doing superfob you should expect it, but if you didn't signed up for it then don't. Join another squad, form one or just say someone else turn. Some people enjoy fob runs, my fav is on fools road, with the supply for puppopnof (cant spell it) do the wall jump that's fun.
  12. Mark Rifleman Ammo Bags on Map

    stick the icon under the supply filter in the map, that way you can turn it off if you want
  13. V12 no ammo

    V12 works out this way, only medics should be using the rallies. The lack of ammo for the non medic make it non adventagous for all other classes the lack of ammo is crippling.beyond playing. If there is no close ammo source. Rallies are now a security blanket left over from v11 and the lack of bravery of the devs to remove them (possible backlash from parts of community). Try thinking moving from main more or from FOBS are the go to action. I'm at the point where I ask medics to start out as riflemen just for extra ammo for the squad and then have them change once the action gets going. We all have to adapt for the game to evolve.
  14. Update V12

    I was being polite . Anyone that thinks that just because it doesn't work for them and start starts putting ambiguous figures from the air is correct is normally 100% wrong. Plus don't believe i'm your pal either.
  15. Update V12

    100% sounds like its your system. Suggest you get a SSD,
  16. V12 no ammo

    Its going to take a while but its not that bad, just need to remember spawn in reammo.
  17. Smee SL

  18. Fix bipod height

    Agree could do with some work. The placement is more annoying.
  19. V12 mic changes

    Not directly, only real change is the colours that appear on the bottom left.
  20. 4 hours trying to connect

    Check you don't have preloading textures ticked. Also try to load firing range to see that everything works there first.
  21. A12 just got released?

    Yeah not a lot of PR guys. Blow your trumpet pls.
  22. please do not release this patch

    At present HABs arn't worth enough in the bigger scheme of things 10 tkts isn't anything. Yeah you lose a spawn position, ok you don't have the defence or ammo but it doesn't break your team. This is becoming blasé with placement and security, whether this is a good thing or bad only time will tell. Personal I liked the idea of increased cost.
  23. Alpha 12 Release Trailer

    With the massive amount of playtesting on the public testing servers wont be long.
  24. With the new change of v12 few game that i've played have noticed a lot of abandoned vehicles. This has me thinking how about having the option to turn that vehicle into a resource. Allow you to strip it to create deployables (not HAB). This may make people less likely to leave a Truck/MRAP in a place that the enemy could use it to their advantage. OR say strip to repair your vehicle with your with your shiny new repair kit. Of course you lose the vehicle, but this makes more sense for insurgency who would be more inclined to put to use things they find.