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  1. Weird Issue with Fullscreen Resolution

    Try this one, supposed to cause micro stutters. turn of shader cache in Nvidia controls.
  2. What is the build area of a FOB?

    150M . as long as you see the flag in the top left. Little extra can be gained if your in the zone and face outwards .
  3. The RedCoats - Actively Recruiting

    Nice to see the RC back up and running
  4. Steal supplies

    With the change in the new logistics how about being able to steal supplies from FOB, and LOGI trucks. Just the points, but only with vehicles. So you cant take the asset, but the loadout.
  5. I'm honestly sorry that you haven't felt its the game you thought it would be. I have cracking games. Every night. even public play. Hope it moves in a way you end up feeling like you have been worth it.
  6. 1/ Lay down move forward and back sorts that. not fix 2/ Have to change kit at ammo box 3/ 4/ shader caching seemed to be a cause for me. Agree they do need fixes.
  7. Did 2k hours in PR before doing Prt 2 years of that. Moved over to squad done 2.3k of squad for its got more future that PR old look. Any game is as good as the people you play with. Go join your trolls.
  8. wow played 30hrs. waited longer in the queues lol . sounds like your SL's arnet helping; Squad/PR are both sandboxs you create the game you want. want FSG then run a squad that way., want logi do it, want to play as amour support etc. The game you describe isn't the game I play, maybe its the servers your playing on.
  9. Scope kits dominating gameplay

    I think the owi scopes on emplacement will smash the present advantage of scoped rifleman. I do think people are still trying to play v9 which amplyfies the situation. There was talk about new inventory system maybe this will change it to.
  10. Sometimes it's the EAC services not on, just reinstall to make sure. Is a bummer but that's how the cookie crumbles.
  11. Dragging your allies

    That all you found , think your slacking lol. JOKE
  12. PR didn't become PR over night it was a slow progression, and limitations of its engine. Most of the things you mentioned where not in at the start, it also had the advantage of already having many of the the things already in the game. This will just end up PR this PR that. Yeah it was good. and the the word is WAS. Theres lots of experience thats came from PR and its not going to happen over night. Armour hit locations, ammo bags. Armour. helo's. All the things that have been mentioned.
  13. Try changing sharpness in graphic, plus what anti aliasing method have you set.
  14. Just wondering has the damaged increased enough to make worth using now. Havent tested on rifle yet.
  15. V10 - Whats next?

    You don't understand it's because the dev's want to add curtains. lol
  16. defence - defense

    Defence is the English spelling. DefenSe is the US spelling. Both are correct.
  17. Wailing moaning

    Thought that was your go to move as SL, " not again, ahhhhhhh " " LTPG "
  18. Wailing moaning

    In the game menu there are 2 downed players and a medic. Can we get the groaning wailing animation on the downed players ?
  19. I like to give information to my squad, could we get there line/path tool to indicate move route. Like the arrow rubber band marking tool. Just for squad.
  20. M110 - Awfully weak

    Game play at the end of the day.. Rpg needing two on technical 4 rpgs on striker. 3 hits with AK 5 rounds from pistol If we have one thing that one shots all the time we need others too. Sks, g3. All big rounds. It's balance. Your just have to headset more.
  21. *Personal* rating of SLs

    I quite like this idea, easy to see SLS you have enjoyed playing with, or not. SLS wouldn't know. Every thing could be seen as trolls.
  22. How are ye!

    Lots of great clans.check out the clans page
  23. Has been mentioned before. Hoping it will come too.
  24. NO, please no. If we start lowering the assets we are going to start nerf;ing everything. People have to learn V10 hard hitting, adapt stop trying to out shoot the 30mm.