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  1. Insurgency

    Some of us miss the delights of weapon caches. Hoping new year gets it some DEV love.
  2. Greeting and welcome, Best of luck with your Squad Clan. Always good to see expanding community. What zone is your clan, US/EU/ASIA ?
  3. didn't realise we had MOODed servers. lol
  4. Wheel Damage

    With the next version of vehicle damage will we be able to damage the wheels with Knives. ?
  5. Not enjoying the amount of sliding that's with the present alteration. Know this is a working sliding, but really seems too much.
  6. Think SL#'s should have a Incendiary termite grenade just for taking down FOB's Just like ammo caches. For your own side ones you should have a scuttle charge or alike to make safe. (without ticket loss)
  7. Slipping and sliding

    Sorry been driving on Norwegian roads full snow and ice at 70 mph without sliding. Not an issue. On Belaya a bit of snow and your sliding everywhere at 30 kph. Not everything is sliding IRL, if i got stuck get the winch out or the dig the vehicle out, oh no I need to jump up or down on the tyre. This is feedback. I'm not enjoying the amount of sliding. Everything is drifts now, and IRL it's not about sliding everywhere, just feels like too much everywhere.
  8. Get schooled on FTs

    Fireteams work if the squad are able to work together as cohesive squad, though finding a full squad that is able to work is a bit like a unicorn hunt. The present you find in public game you have FT being used by people as a ranging tool, which is a shame. They can work but don't as a general rule, clan games are really your only hope.
  9. I'm a lover of Invasion mode, had some cracking rounds. But why should the defending team know the next target. I get the knowing the first flag for gameplay sake nevertheless the flag afterwards should be unknown or random. At present your set to have to play very linear which in its self is fun though I feel that the defenders shouldn't be aware, neither should the attackers untill maybe the flag goes neutral. Keep the order secret for spoilers/Ghosts. This could throw something to shake up the preplayed layers so not to always the same.
  10. Map Testing

    IS it is it @) a damn big map. wow
  11. Recent update logistics trucks where increased to 3k of supply. Could the insurgency get an increase in the technical s. Or give them a truck too.
  12. Insurgency supply

    lol. just thought diversity, a LGBTQ IDK logi truck.
  13. Insurgency supply

    Health and Safety with insurgency isn't the priority.
  14. Alpha 12.1

    early xmas present. nice SSD make everything better . Come to the light side.
  15. Suggest the Search function Winch has been mentioned many times. Keep the thinking going
  16. Single Hescos are my go to at present 50 construction and 8 for the price of one wall. Create roadblocks that force the Armour off roads and to positions that it hasn't got the visual advantage.
  17. Alpha 12.1

    Thanks for the extra info of respawn times details in the T? tab
  18. Don't worry there's a lot of players that don't have a clue either. Lee will sort you out
  19. Alpha 12.1

    LAT round now supposed to cost 40 and ammo bag isn't that 100 ammo to start.
  20. With the New ticket count couldn't we get the Admin command to set this so it would be a CLAN/Match choice not a map creation. Every ones got a liking to more choice.
  21. The big issue is what ever you buy it is already old tech, you can try and get the latest but new always on the horizon. If you get more than 4 years out of hardware then your doing well. i5 3570k is seven years old. More ram and an SSD will make it feel better but not sure your get much performance from squad as thats CPU based. Does your MOBO board allow you any wiggle room.
  22. A12.1 broke game

    Had to do a clean cache too. happens
  23. MRAP Turret Upside Down Bug

    Happens with the SPG too.
  24. Here come the girls

    I so want to burn the thought of that image from my mind. NO Lee NOoooooo. lol
  25. Alpha 12.1

    Lot of bug fixes nice one guys. Thanks for hardwork