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  1. Penalty for early give up

    How about once you give up you have respawn fatigue say 3 mins a Purple fatigue as to be able to see the difference, this doesn't recover till the 3 min timer goes by. Might change the gunhoo spirit. Of course respawning at main should remove it.
  2. Penalty for early give up

    maybe bit of a carrot, after 1min of waiting reduce the amount of damage the medic has to heal afterwards too. Only thing at the end of the day there are very few people that either care about low Deaths. Been a long time since had a squad that was near zeroes across the board.
  3. Ranging for rocket techi

    Crude makings on the back might be nice, with a help tutorial explaining changing angle.
  4. It will become a recovery service. Can see a team losing there assets, don't think it will stop people they still waste them.
  5. Question about tickets

    0 ticket for downed, 1 lost for giving in. That's why medics are great goal keepers saving tickets. Should ticket lose be looked at, not too sure there's already a massive loss for vehicles and fobs.
  6. Post Scriptum Keys

    Many thanks
  7. [NWG] Northwest Gamers - PORTLAND, OREGON!

    Dude, get some cheat camo sheets and deck the walls or hang from the ceiling give you a cheap combat feel.. looks fun. Also some flag, or things that look like flags
  8. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    Sorry think the weapon systems don't not enough accuracy at present. 500m isn't anything for the modern day shells. I don't think you should be running around expecting the BTR/Strykers not to nail you at 500m. The CROW shouldn't have drop. These assets should be feared.
  9. I like this idea, abandoned vehicles giving Intel
  10. Two "cute" Ideas

    Most maps have multiple layers which have various names of locations. After a while you can name them without having the overlay. I think they don't have lots of names to aid clearness of the map. Cant see a reason you couldnt have it in the info panel, which would be good. As a SL you should be marking for your squad and identifying threats so they can be seen by your squad and team. Don't like the idea of numbers just for the point it removes some personality. Nice ideas keep the thinking up .
  11. Going with the large IED how about an IED that has the capacity to be built up. So you can add to it if you have time. A three time build say add an IED each time to add to explosion, so not total over powered?
  12. Love the animation. Think you have to think more. Going prone is a death sentence, doing things in the open just exposure's you too lots of pain. Cover is your only friend. Are the animation long yeah, more realistic than COD CS and others. But I'm happy with that, maybe it's your playstyle isnt changing. Basically if you are doing things other than focusing on fighting your an easy target. Maybe a cancel action so you drop the smoke or rpg on the ground so you can speed to getting your gun might be nice.
  13. Would like to see reduction of squad members ammo costs to one tenth of what they are now. Seems insane 5 bandages cost the same as full reload. Keep deployable at same values and repairs.
  14. GTX 1080ti Temps

    It's like this one.. for heatspreader. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Computer-Kryom-Passive-Cooler-M-2-2280-SSD/dp/B0742LYNWN/ref=pd_sbs_147_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=AV84ECEDM24616WFAJ11
  15. A Little Update from Merlin

    Sounds like perfect Aprils fools. Nice to see community updates.
  16. GTX 1080ti Temps

    Mine does the same, had to define a user fan profile just to start it. So as to keep the M.2 cooler that was behind it. Its a very chilled card.
  17. Game Mode Event: Operation Chaos

    Very interesting, love to see more game modes.
  18. Try running boarder less let's you alt tab no.
  19. Placeable Flag Pole! or Flag

    Yeah place able within 10m of the FOB. Show everyone where your at.
  20. Map Loading Times?

    There is an increase from previous versions, would be nice maybe an indicator of what's loading, map, textures, OS. Etc.
  21. Ego play - what you do ?

    It's rarity if you are on a flag to get complaints, if it's a defence or attack. But communication is the key. Nevertheless you will find some people are never happy. If the sever is toxic to your play style find somewhere else, generally though admin have enough experience to guide you.
  22. Squad lead, and squad comms

    Oh please, don't even think it. It's bad enough getting SL's communicating in the first place. How many times have been lose because some arse doesn't want to co ordinate with the rest of the team. You need to hear whats going on with the team so you can be part of the team. Too many SL's want to do too many other things at the same time. Squad comms should be the most important comms going on at any time. Or no lets just get rid of all mic comms and then you have to repeat it 5 or 6 times over channels . Thats really going to speed up and make life easier.. Oh and you can mute people in the scoreboard, dunno if that effects the SL channel. OP, wouldn't be an issue could see it as a good thing. separate output, find having the bleep helps to know who;s talking
  23. Common match length

    Normally pub match, at the 60 min mark lot of SL are starting to decide how the match it going. Have the enemy been throwing armour away, has your side been reckless. who's been sitting on the bleed flags. There are a lot of things to take into account. Did your side take a flag just to lose it and extra tickets. 70 - 80mins for a good game <20 mins for a whitewash. 2 hrs is rare now days.
  24. un**** the fob mechanics plz

    Cracking US fob placement. 10.1
  25. How long till it die ?

    No where close. Armour, Helo's other air assets Expanded map modes, other factions. 50:50 players. Larger maps. There is always going to be peaks and troughs, think the animations reworking took longer than any one expected. The next year going to be the big one, if it can deliver. But everyone has their own thoughts of what the game should be and where its going.