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  1. NO The RB6 is a cracking game but it's short and FPS full bore. If this is the staple that you want squad isn't going to be your thing. Now if you want to have you mind blown in the ways people come up with ways to win/loss a round that can go on for upto 2hrs, then squads your ticket. Caveat emptor . Squads cheap at its price and the hours your get from it, upto you if you want to buy, support it.
  2. Microphone not working

    Squad will only recognise sound device when launching, if you turn them on or change after staring the game your game it wont work, this can be a pain. Windows 10 has another sound setting now called APP volume and device preferences make sure its not assigned to something strange. Minor thing disable other sound devices that your not using in device manage. Squad is supposed to use the same sounds settings as your steam, (correct me if wrong). Some people have reported turning your sounds to low have sorted things out for them too.
  3. Cannot accept squad invites

    oh thats got to be the new troll move lol
  4. At the present there is no animations for getting on and off the back of trucks you just appear at the sides. How about moving the entry exit points for the rear section to on top of the flatbed. This means you would have to vault up to get a seat at the back. This would remove most of the disappearing appearing and feel more like your mounting/dismounting. Know it seems like a small thing buy might help with immersion.
  5. Mic not working in game

    Think your being a be disingenuous. Considering this is your first post and your saying you have been having issues for 3 months cant have been that important to you. But getting beyond that. There are a miriad of mic/headset and other sound options OWI cant be expected to test every one. 90% of the time it's a user issue being as set up in windows or alike, sound software and communication software. How can I say this because there are so many people without issue. If you think its discord suggest you try different setting. Normally just having discord set to default should work. If it's not working how about posting your sound set up. MIC/Headset, audio device. You can only really find a bug when you can narrow down if its specific devices.
  6. Squad founders- where are they now?

    We are like stalking ninjas hiding in the reeds
  7. We now know the real enemy, its FONTs lol
  8. Cannot accept squad invites

    NP. also don't suppose you rebound your permission keys. mine are bound to my chat V, B
  9. Cannot accept squad invites

    Are you out of a squad when you accept.. If your in one it wont work. ?
  10. AFK's, Unassigned's & Ghosting

    Think the worst one experienced last night on full server , was that 3/4 of the team where afk and it was invasion. As defenders wasn't till 20 mins in did we have a team that was actually trying. We had lost 3 flags by then and was then rolled back to the mercy bleed. There needs to be a kick timer.
  11. Should mortars be lethal?

    Would like to see the mortars effect the materials around. Do some procedural damage like the wrecks. Give a more burnt up appearance.
  12. match recap at the end

    Don't leave us hang, lol . Is there new engine got facility for it
  13. BF1 had horses how about having horses for the insurgency for bigger maps. Give them are real afgan feel.
  14. Very often people forget it can get boring defending a flag if nothings happening. Many times you would bound forward to do the next attack so your guys get the action. But many teams don't want to allow for this. Forgetting that sometimes defence can be a good way to limit player fatigue. If you don't want people to spawn on a forward for, and start to show activity. You can just supply and not build the HAB/AMMO etc, leave just the radio and if it becomes needed you can then build when you get there. The deactivation spawn's as SL's could become toxic, and what happens when the guy leaves your squad creates one and then opens the spawn? Maybe a reduced timer for FOB closest to the defence flag, or attack flag. As to good game play it depends on good SL's and its not always the luck of having a team of them.
  15. match recap at the end

    Would Love the old Battle recorder, showing what happened with the round.
  16. Should Finland be added to Squad?

    Would like to see Regular MEC, or Asian forces first.
  17. Bring back resuscitation paddles, so miss the zapping of marksman with them bad boys.
  18. Grenade and Mortar Blast Radius

    Can we get Suppression effect on Grenades as well, with a slower decrease? Note, never been in a grenade AOE, but don't think I'd be not effected, other than bit of damage.
  19. Vehicles wrecks could we not have them take damage to be destroyed to be removed.
  20. What does this game do better than PR?

    Yeah what have the Romans done for us. lol The game is evolving PR is 15 years old. from BF2 its an ancient engine and inspired Squad. PR not the delight everyone remembers they both have issues.
  21. January 2019 Recap

    Why does it always have to be Criticism Sad panda
  22. Smee SL

    Warning these video's contain Cockney accent, unabridged and with fragrant disregard for the class system. If you find this tone or videos offensive for the tone of language and inflection then you're in the wrong place. Can't keep the boy down. "Threading the eye of the needle & damn that's a big gun"
  23. Smee SL

    Warning these video's contain Cockney accent, unabridged and with fragrant disregard for the class system. If you find this tone or videos offensive for the tone of language and inflection then your in the wrong place. Gameplay with Smee, can you tell there's a map. Was a fat moving game.
  24. Demonstrate of shooting at a corner, didn't realise rounds go parallel to hard surfaces. Why they shoot at the wall looks like a hack