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  1. HI guys playing on the RIP server tonight vs the world. Any chance you can knock off the first flag rushes, The oppositions not even able to get the first flag is demoralising and can't be teaching you anything only to putting people off playing. Lots of new guys about a present, they can't even use squad mics. Cheers love the RIP vs world carry on.
  2. Any chance some work on a HiRes bind for Screenshoots. Know you done lots with the Admin cam. A bind for Highres would be great
  3. Any update went we are liable to see it in the browser. So we can star our favourites. Know its not a big deal ,and has been a while since mentioned anywhere.
  4. Quite like some of the ideas except for the all spawn together. Can see GL waiting for wave respawn, all 9 dead in one go. Would prefer groups of 3.
  5. Interesting post, had to read it twice. The majority of game play is PUB which means you rarely go beyond the most simple of strategies of combined SL's. It happens a few times and it's desemates the enemy. Only clan games will you end up with more co-ordinated game play. Generally your looking at SL'#s using Simple tactics. Move here, Attack that.
  6. Hopefully some point they should get same score earned by gunner. They should in theory get higher score.
  7. It's the Devs they are now deciding the next pope
  8. Hopefully the new animation system will bring a new level of detail. fingers crossed.
  9. I'm sorry you can't just barge in and say got new rig without the pc porn pictures. And details what your running. Welcome and have fun, squad will knick your socks off,
  10. Seems to be styker bug when you change to gunner, jump out and get back in and should go,.
  11. I don't think it will be long, with the introduction of ryzen your seeing Intel trying to get back in the game with multicores. This I hope will mean more game engines will utilise mire and more cores. When I mean long, next couple of years, see how vulcan is pushing things on. Just hope it's more sooner than later.
  12. Welcome
  13. Good luck and welcome, always good to see new servers for the community
  14. LooLooks nice.
  15. Log files are created once you start the game. That would give an indication on to why your game is crashing. start the game from the exe. Your not using any command line additions.
  16. WHat does work on your system, any other games.
  17. logs are in the appdata, if you deleted it you need to verify the files.
  18. sounds like a steam issue, steam is basicly just a browser with shortcuts. Created a desktop start up from steam. Also try reinstalling your steam. (without deleting you games)
  19. C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Logs delete all in there its an hidden folder. then try and start squad, it will create a log and your see what your error is.
  20. Crewman for military vehicles, could go for that.
  21. It's like most things a tactic, I prefer the idea of using vehicles as cover and road blocks. Insurgency at present have the cheapest cost at 3tkts. Better to lose a vehicle in a place that can help, than nowhere useful. For people lose assets without thought.
  22. It commendable that people want to provide motar support but would SLs remember their members proportion of their squad to the side. I mention this for today for one squad had 9 members providing cover. In a 30 v 30 that's nearly a 3rd of the side. Pulling that amount from the battle front really pushes up the difficulty of captures. I think its better when in a defendable flag position, providing dual purpose. Thoughts
  23. You guys have forgotten if you have curtains you really need nets, so you can be like a nosey neighbour. Any frilly pattern. What's your favourite, lol.