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  1. Punishment for teamkills by mines

    Isn't the lost of tickets enough of a punishment. Agree with the not being counted vs TK's for the auto boot.
  2. why we cant destory trees ?

    Will Chaos make a big change to Sqaud
  3. You need to have more squad co ordination. Long gone is the instant single kill. An AT round + a GL will take out scout cars . Or get the HAT round which will start burning, or use your second AT round for the kill. Generally with armour MBT try to track them to get time to co ordinate more assaults. Even if you don't kill a piece of armour your line it up for someone else, or make it RTB for repairs. I try to think of the Hyenas hunting a Lion, as a single Hyena your limited to pissing it off, but as a clan of Hyenas your more powerful and able to take any armour down. Immobilise it first, track it, then kill the crewman that gets out to repair and then have more of your clan take it apart. Its quite rewarding, working as a Fireteam on AT. If you don't like that idea work from beside an ammo crate and do the long shots, lots of ammo helps. Or call for a rifleman to support you. Hope that helps. PS. check out the armour models on the firing range to assist where you should be aiming
  4. Hi guys I play in 3440 x 1440 with a 1080ti and updated to the new 430.67 drivers only to find what felt like poor performance. I have been playing TW:WH2 and the fps is terrible. So deciding to have a roll back to older drivers tried the 419.67, which to my surprise sorted issues with WH2 and feel that Squad is running better. No set fps difference but just feels better. Thought might put this out with others on NVIDIA cards.
  5. Any chance that motion capture had the ranger roll?
  6. Squad has killed my hard drive

    It was the Russians
  7. Steam Summer Sale -- 50% off!

    sorry couldn't resist
  8. Personally I want Ranger Roll, big Will Willis fan. Maybe some point dragging will be put in.,
  9. As the title says can we make hex numbers scalable. In 3440 x1440 the numbers are very small. Could we get a slider or option to change the number in the hex.
  10. We need more servers

    Quickest way would be to join a Clan and they would whitelist you, meaning you get to go to the front of the queue. Be glad theres queues means it getting more popular again.
  11. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    It's a shame that Clan players feel Base denile is a valid tactic. Maybe in a clan match, but in public I think clans should be trying to create a better player experience for all. Round breaking tactics are just so very unsporting .
  12. Surrender Role

    Take it back it's back in lol . sorry for bad news. just seen it in the deploy menu
  13. Voice Lines?

    Don't see myself using them except first 2mins to just annoy Lee lol. Why would you use anything to give the enemy an advantage? If we must have them then make the automatic.
  14. Surrender Role

    Not in v14 so think it's a work in progress. Civilians worked well in PR maybe that will be the next iteration.
  15. Building is useless

    People forget that you can just remove the fob and leave defences for later. My favourites are road blocks and funneling methods. Denial of access of IFV/APC to around towns turn vehicles fights into more CQB, topped with the fact that if the enemy armour is using its rounds to destroy deployables then it's not killing friendlies. Superfobs have problems now, for having 2 enemies within 30m kills the spawn, very rarely do SL consider this. And how placing Radio next to a outside wall that a sapper can take down without even entering. Engineers sandbags can be great for deploying for AR bipod so as to give some protection and rotation of the gun. Or to half block a road so to force the enemy to drive over a mine. There are an ever developing gameplay meta, if you explore the game enough to experience them and see what various SLs are doing. I do like trying to create fake HAB, a hescos with triple sandbags behind to seem like HAB from distance, you've only limited to your imagination.
  16. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    Think Gatsby looking to run for Trudeau next presidential run, way to play with data. Losing percentages from data always looks like your stacking the deck. Lol Thanks for the update:)
  17. How do I quick fire with the Spandrel?

    Doesn't it fire two rounds then second gap then another two rounds.
  18. Wind direction?

    US smoke grenades the smoke always come out the bottom on the smoke grenade and goes right. Russian ones come out both ends
  19. SL Quality of life suggestion

    I'd like the previous build item to default in green until next build item choosen. i.e. if you building sandbags default to sandbags till you change so pressing T would be sandbag.
  20. Weapon Cache rearm

    Addendum to this How about allowing to store ammo like a FOB.
  21. With insurgency can we get re arm and kit change from them. Seems silly you have to build a ammo box next to one.
  22. please fix the vehicle flipping

    Its not the people are always to blame, just happens too often things happening like vehicles stuck in objects, small walls that float vehicles in the air, general glitches that are just too numerous. How about when you start the map and 2 of the vehicles are flipped at the start is that the players fault too. No ones asking for the world. If you can pull a Radio out of your butt think a command to reset the vehicle isnt too much.
  23. Might I suggest that you slow down, try and work on your surviving. Running around trying to get kills gets you killed. Thinking about your positions will help, work with your squad mates and keep close to the medic. Having a full health will increase your chances of wining in a shoot out. Full fatigue will have you better accuracy and improve your odds. Look for cover and not just concealment something that reduces your target size will make it harder for you to be shot. just a couple of points
  24. please fix the vehicle flipping

    Its the tossing a logi , its like a new Highland event.