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  1. SL Quality of life suggestion

    I'd like the previous build item to default in green until next build item choosen. i.e. if you building sandbags default to sandbags till you change so pressing T would be sandbag.
  2. Weapon Cache rearm

    Addendum to this How about allowing to store ammo like a FOB.
  3. With insurgency can we get re arm and kit change from them. Seems silly you have to build a ammo box next to one.
  4. please fix the vehicle flipping

    Its not the people are always to blame, just happens too often things happening like vehicles stuck in objects, small walls that float vehicles in the air, general glitches that are just too numerous. How about when you start the map and 2 of the vehicles are flipped at the start is that the players fault too. No ones asking for the world. If you can pull a Radio out of your butt think a command to reset the vehicle isnt too much.
  5. Might I suggest that you slow down, try and work on your surviving. Running around trying to get kills gets you killed. Thinking about your positions will help, work with your squad mates and keep close to the medic. Having a full health will increase your chances of wining in a shoot out. Full fatigue will have you better accuracy and improve your odds. Look for cover and not just concealment something that reduces your target size will make it harder for you to be shot. just a couple of points
  6. please fix the vehicle flipping

    Its the tossing a logi , its like a new Highland event.
  7. Smee SL

    Have to remember that there are a lot of new people out there, when you have your clan mate and you can just lead and gun with fun its a different round. PUB games generally your end up explaining what a smoke grenade is. Glad you enjoyed it.
  8. Smee SL

    Warning these video's contain Cockney accent, unabridged and with fragrant disregard for the class system. If you find this tone or videos offensive for the tone of language and inflection then your in the wrong place. Gameplay with Smee, can you tell there's a map. Was a fat moving game.
  9. Smee SL

    Warning these video's contain Cockney accent, unabridged and with fragrant disregard for the class system. If you find this tone or videos offensive for the tone of language and inflection then you're in the wrong place. Can't keep the boy down. " DAMN , those medics been working"v13
  10. Is it time to give up the shovel. At present we have the tasks of shovelling building everything, is it now the time to push away a lot of the tasks of players. Maybe the assets should built over time instead of dug up. Or allow them to be overtime with the soldiers be able to decrease the construction time by digging. Maybe even allow soldiers to build sandbags where they like with their shovels but have SL's focus on the infrastructures. We have a lot more tasks now than we have ever had and maybe its a thought that we could be more toward elevated towards more game play. Even thinking is it time Medics lose their shovels focus them to ward combat. We've have had a couple of years digging and don't think it brings much to the table, maybe uses of the spanner to build Weapons stations but non ammo assets we could leave that to history. Thoughts on that.
  11. Front Line Game Mode

    Thanks for the update
  12. Ingame Interface

    Might be nice to have more faction based UI too. Even with more customised options too.
  13. Front Line Game Mode

    A little bump, any news of this game mode or has it been canned? Territory Control Game Mode Prototype?
  14. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Did the accuracy change from the tested public to the shipped version. Feels like it lots quite a lot of accuracy in shipping?
  15. Cant talk ingame

    Can be just a case of restarting squad. Is annoying
  16. Artillery Jeep removed?

    Hard to find doesn't seem to pop up as it did. Might need to be update in map layers
  17. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    Don't think it's a server based call, cause doesn't change if the person is speaking english or other language, so seems to be an audio call , It looks like its a fluff piece.
  18. Buddy rally poll

    Dunno if would be classed as good or bad. Had a game today, defenders lost the flag and the fob and no rallies to get back to the defend flag. All looked lost from the great attack of the enemy except, I got the IFV to change their kits and deploy rallies on the west and east of the objective. The defeated squads put down buddy rallies and assaulted back at the flag, regaining the objective. Is this an exploit or is it just the envisioned play style. There can be some co ordination that good, but still feel it rewards failure.
  19. WOW. you don't make a game over night. If it was sold to EA it would be shut down. 200hrs playing squad is nothing. Maybe your play style is repetitive. This is a sandbox game you can adapt it to how you want. EA would have you running in the same 200m to just get a badge to make you feel good. OWI are expanding more and more, do you think EA started with thousands of employees you cant compare the two. And in two years this is your first post OWI arn't charging people for DLC this is more content. You should be happy to see it expanding. Getting your monnies worth. Don't know why you would be starting your first postings with a troll like post.
  20. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Thought the movement of the soliders was motion captured, so shouldn't it be at that movement rate?
  21. Founder skins

    It comes it goes.
  22. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    That sexy beasty.
  23. Well after 50hrs of playing V13 have to say even with the server crashes and minor bugs I'm not going back. Any others feeling this way.
  24. Deployable truck/rally

    FOBs are fine, didn't say mobile spawns for building. Unless maybe you could be lower less stuff on them .