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  1. Lan

    Just imagine 200 player lanfests I've i'ed leave my house for that.
  2. Lan

    Just wondering would playing squad over a LAN enable a greater player capacity. Could we ever see a 150 or even 200 tournement lan?
  3. TV shows

    https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80114855 Just finished watching the first season really awesome. Cant recommend this enough. Out of all the new shows this has been my fav, Close to season 7 GOT.
  4. New to Forum, Experienced player

    Join a clan. Lots are reciting. Best bet.
  5. Like the idea, think would like full stop from exiting too.
  6. Suggest you add squad and EAC to the list of programs that AVG exception's. 9 out of 10 times anti virus are a pain till you know their workings. Great to see its just thar. Not fond of AVG prefer Eset with its control and gamer mode. Suggest Realtemp check your temp if your overheating.
  7. Founder package items

    The LAW skin should come up in your game setting's. Just turn them on.
  8. [LGN] LEGION - NA Squad Clan

    Welcome to the community and the best of luck with your news can.
  9. Animation System Update

    What'ts the pull up height that you can pull your self upto. i.e single story hut, or chora high wall. ?
  10. Animation System Update

    Very nice, like the marksman scope, and adjustable ranges. Very sexy jump up.
  11. More Map commands for SLs

    Would be nice to have more, if devs are that worried about spam/drawing have a mute squad drawing.
  12. Was playing last night and thought, how come none of the trees/bushes move. Totally static, how about a bit of dynamic movement. nothing over the top, just bit to break the monotony. Cheers Know your a map Genius, was what I was thinking.
  13. Only if you can shed a light on the subject. yeah. Back on subject, there is supposed to be champion settings that stop changing gamma, dunno if that works.
  14. Didn't see this one coming . Lol
  15. Black Screens And Wrong Version

    So it's taken you months to post. Delete your Squad folder. and delete the Squad folder in the %app location. Start from a fresh. And it's not an EA game. Far beyond that, your failings isn't the games companies fault. Your hardware is letting you down.
  16. Just Purchased Squad

    Enjoy its a cracking game.
  17. Ammo Placement

    Is this the end of ammo fobs first evidence, found in the sdk
  18. Maybe if veteran players could take a like #name.vet tag so to show experience which would help. To encourage new players. Most of the time newbies need assistance to improve the standard. Just hoping the new will be on the ball is far and few, we need to expand the community not retard it for at the end of the day a small community will crumble away. So keep helping the new guys. (Yeah, I know ani your always helping.) How about a Skin for helper in game. 1000hrs to set the apart DP (Dedicated Player ) armband, which you could turn on to signify your happy to assist.
  19. Classes you will never see

    Was going to say chef, but suppose we have stirrer lol
  20. 789

    With the scout you have 3 binds on the 6 key, any way of binding the other actions to the 7, 8, 9 keys. 6. primary :shovel 7. secondary: binoculars 8. tertiary: rock
  21. September 2017 Recap

    How many RPG's to kill an M1
  22. ITC MODE

    Any chance on some more details of how ITC is going to work prior to release. Is each zone going to controller only when friendlies are in/ around the zone. What ratio /number will cause contestation. Will a FOB stop zones from changing. Will this be like conquest where you are losing tickets to start. Is this mode going to be for other than just insurgency. Does a zone only have to have one connected edge, does having more sides give any benifit. Does the fact that zones generate resources will they supply fobs. Are the resources going to be random values to add to variety. There's a few of questions that come to mind.
  23. September 2017 Recap

    Seeing how some people play I think we would do better with zombies, joke