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  1. 6km now that's amazing
  2. Always think maybe SL could get server award as being an approved admin SL. Not that it would stop people creating squads but seeing quality SL might inspire. Change the sarge stripes to pips.
  3. Guy that in chat complains about other SL's even though he's not a SL , and has time to bitch over chat.
  4. Bet if told you Stryker north of you'ed be on it like a rat up a drain pipe.
  5. People that get the HAT kit then go around trying to kill infantry even when there's vehicles about.
  6. If it goes the PR way your have damage state with limited movement where your need repair drop.
  7. So you get rushes to the bleed flag instead?
  8. Just wondering how your not rushing the first 2 flags went on your server?
  9. Could we change the bleed flag indicator (first flag that causes bleed), so it's obvious that it got some significance to that flag. How about a nice Hexigon .
  10. Best of Luck with Squad and welcome. Google did translation and your name changed to Brigade Friends Fighters so the acronym BFF (best friends forever) lol . Bon Chance mon ami
  11. Last night joined and was only 2 in my squad. Found it easy to get someone to join just so we could get a logistic truck. The community is stronger, nicer than you think. Maybe it's the servers you play on. There is a massive ex PR/Arma community in squad these players can make a cracking round. Most CS once they realise that they are going against 40 other players figure out they need to change their play style. Hope you find a better match
  12. squad

    These are some great ideas. 1, Warframe with the loading screen has ships you control flying in, (very simple) As my son says better than a black screen. All your suggestions sound reasonable.
  13. Lol
  14. Trying something Different 3/4 through a round. What 4 could do.