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  1. Gamemode - CHAIN

    what happens if the second fob is destroyed. ?
  2. Mic/Radio Getting Stuck Frequently

    Yeah it's a long time bug, normally occurs when you have your command map up, only fix ive found is saying sorry.
  3. 30mm Gunsight explain pls

    So the sight is below, if you move the gun up the upside down v and all the ranging moves up so the range marks on the left for the 30mm are useless. really the v and lines should move and the scale stay still so you get an idea of where its at. I was watching a video about gunning the 30mm and they said there is 2 seperate views for ground and AA. is that the issue at present.
  4. |R-B| Royal Bandits

    Best of luck.
  5. Close air support

    Don't care if being shoot or dropping just want to hear that A10 magic. Memories of PR Jdam.
  6. [TLR] The Last Rifles

    Nice bunch, highly recommend if you want a good game.
  7. About Radio and noise pollution

    The whole thing of this game is comm's. The second you have SL mute you will lose team cohesion . Easy to see what the effect is like have non native speaking squad that does nothing but for themselves. Communication between Squads elevate game play, knowing what squads are doing give a feel of the battlefield . In addition take you don't want commander, for having squads that mute team squad mean no point in having him. Keep comms open. Other option maybe only have Red command channel open for first 10mins then only keypad if you really want single squad comm's.
  8. M1 Abrams Crew

    Just wondering will the M1 have 4 crew, will there be a loaders position. Also will it be possible for people to ride outside?
  9. Ticket loss for downed players

    Welcome to the forum. If your downed you don't lose a ticket. If you give in your team loses a ticket. If your revived no ticket lost. Does shooting your SL and reviving him give you back lots a tickets. Its got a crazy suicide squad mentality life of brian springs to mind. At present its 2mins from going down which isn't long to hold out. Like the idea or extra tickets for getting shot in the first place. Keep the ideas coming
  10. Why is there "free weekends"

    free weekend worth it just for that so made me laugh> Special needs program, can we get charity recognition and tax breaks.
  11. The Doughnut Shop Server Rules

    Why eat one when you can finish the packet, is that a rule. Does in my house.
  12. Deployed assets incorrect ammo use

    worse is sitting there with a TOW and someone drop the ammo below 500 as a target comes into view
  13. UE4 Crash

    try 12gb. you have a 1 tb drive wont use all your space/.
  14. How do I add friends?

    Go to steam , then View>Players. Find him on the list and click profile and then add friend request.