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  1. Squad leader level

    yeah could have had good or bad. lol Yeah was thinking might give new SL's something to think about.
  2. Squad leader level

    At many times people seem to think SL just means shouting at players, but theres so much more. Here's some of my thoughts on how I would categorise Squadleading. . It's not just are you going to be the SL its more what SL are you going to be playing as. What levels of SL you think I missed out. It's not that you have only one level of sl you could have multiple levels to your Squad leading. Newbie Join the game just looking to get some frags. Take assets and just want to get frags NO mic. Creates squad then leaves. Combatant Par taking in a coordinating squad to keep people upto date on progress. Working to capture the attack flag. Defending the flag. Supply fobs so to increase defence, motars. Working with comms. Squad Member Create communications with your squad. Defending a flag to give time for others to attack. Co-ordinate other squads, to attempt at team strenght. Multi tasking with squadmates, and blueberries. Operarator Working out if your manpower can take the flag. Create avenues of attack other than straight at the flag. Look for tactical chance to improve spawning positions. Detailed planning of battle. Bob the Builder Create FOB with HAB Extensive building of defences to create Super fob status Defender Creation of FSB(firebase), HAB and Mortars Maximise logistic resupply with constant mortar Use of 50 cals to provide cover and area denial. Shock Create fob on Flag for denial of capture. Thinking of competitive play, level of opposition. Deep insertion withing enemy territory. Armoured assault Strategist Promote flanking and non linear lines of attack. Try to establish intelligence , FOB/HAB positions prior to attack. Calculate, ticket loss while attempting to juggle losses. Establish enemy numbers with your squads. Understanding the cost of Assest Promote infrastructure. Commander Work with various squads. Create multiple attacks with mutiple squads. Promote inter squad communications. Do Admin and SL at same time. Real time tactical analysis of friendly/enemy forces. Reservist Casters, they are a class unto themselves. Seeders ADMIN.(afk) Just something to chew over.
  3. Lan

    Just imagine 200 player lanfests I've i'ed leave my house for that.
  4. TV shows

    https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80114855 Just finished watching the first season really awesome. Cant recommend this enough. Out of all the new shows this has been my fav, Close to season 7 GOT.
  5. Lan

    Just wondering would playing squad over a LAN enable a greater player capacity. Could we ever see a 150 or even 200 tournement lan?
  6. New to Forum, Experienced player

    Join a clan. Lots are reciting. Best bet.
  7. Like the idea, think would like full stop from exiting too.
  8. Suggest you add squad and EAC to the list of programs that AVG exception's. 9 out of 10 times anti virus are a pain till you know their workings. Great to see its just thar. Not fond of AVG prefer Eset with its control and gamer mode. Suggest Realtemp check your temp if your overheating.
  9. Founder package items

    The LAW skin should come up in your game setting's. Just turn them on.
  10. [LGN] LEGION - NA Squad Clan

    Welcome to the community and the best of luck with your news can.
  11. Animation System Update

    What'ts the pull up height that you can pull your self upto. i.e single story hut, or chora high wall. ?
  12. Animation System Update

    Very nice, like the marksman scope, and adjustable ranges. Very sexy jump up.
  13. More Map commands for SLs

    Would be nice to have more, if devs are that worried about spam/drawing have a mute squad drawing.
  14. Was playing last night and thought, how come none of the trees/bushes move. Totally static, how about a bit of dynamic movement. nothing over the top, just bit to break the monotony. Cheers Know your a map Genius, was what I was thinking.
  15. Only if you can shed a light on the subject. yeah. Back on subject, there is supposed to be champion settings that stop changing gamma, dunno if that works.