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  1. yeah , lets all be HAT's or GL, doesn't sound game breaking
  2. customization

  3. Pasted my 3k

    Well passed my 3k time played today. Damn been a journey. How many more hours that's the next thought.
  4. Territory Control?

    3 weeks
  5. Re-Master Loading Screen

    Once the MOD 2 comes out maybe be able to alter it with out a massive DL.
  6. Not sure losses for own team, maybe for clan games or option for turning off this but for public games this would lead to too much trolling and possibly victimisation of one person.
  7. Price

    when they work the skins are worth it, and always try and support games that could be for me. #
  8. Price

    It's cheap for me, and been worth every penny. £70 for nearly 3k hrs. No dlc cost, no money transactions, no loot boxes. Squad is one of the last games where you get everything for the purchase price. Doesn't happen much now.
  9. Nvidia RTX in Squad?

    RTX also has AI cores couldn't that be used for civilians, animals birds etc ?
  10. Nvidia RTX in Squad?

    https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/epic-games-demonstrates-real-time-ray-tracing-in-unreal-engine-4-with-ilmxlab-and-nvidia shows the UE4 using RTX. how long till it's mainstream, who can tell.
  11. Modern cards come with a lot of processing power, try upping your setting sometimes your be amazed. Start with things that make and break the game, textures, effects push them up, try one at a time. Shadows should be the last thing to incase, distance shadows are heavy too (shame they look good.) Disable motion blur, bloom are 2 things I'm not a fan off and turn off. Increase astropic to x8/×16 to see texture details at distance.
  12. Try Enable shadow cache in Nvidia settings. Turn off preloading textures.
  13. Direction Indicator when hit

    no, from here. you've been shot not with a Paintball.
  14. Could we maybe get a UI on the map of any numerical indicator of actual alive players, of your team. (not visible to enemy). Might be a good way of encouraging players to stay alive. Red, Yellow, Green indication 10/40, 20/40, 35/40. Think a lot of players don't realise how being down gives the enemy a massive advantage, and drain on your side.