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  1. Found that with every good round I've had my friends list that plays squad has grown, you really don't need fluffy things, you need more experienced players that's what you gets you a good game.
  2. Extra frag grenade, sidearm ability to self heal what more you want.
  3. Where you dig that one up. funny to hear that outside a fob.
  4. Oh cone on they where switched off to stop crashing. DEV will get it sorted soon enough. Its nit the end of the world.
  5. Wintski, Rip Gentleman as always. World night is a pleasure. Was the start of the evening lots of less hardcore there. But you are one of the top servers to be one Queue of 18, takes a while to get one. lol
  6. How about a newbie setting that shows when any tickets are lost and how it effects on the screen. An option that maybe admin could enable and an option to disable in your settings. So when you start out you see reports like admin message with team kills. Stryker Destroyed your team loses 24 tickets. 470 remain. FOB removed 20 tkts lost. 450 remain. Teamkilled lose 1 ticket. Being aware of ticket system might help with asset waste. Of course pro's will turn it off.
  7. HI guys playing on the RIP server tonight vs the world. Any chance you can knock off the first flag rushes, The oppositions not even able to get the first flag is demoralising and can't be teaching you anything only to putting people off playing. Lots of new guys about a present, they can't even use squad mics. Cheers love the RIP vs world carry on.
  8. Any chance some work on a HiRes bind for Screenshoots. Know you done lots with the Admin cam. A bind for Highres would be great
  9. Any update went we are liable to see it in the browser. So we can star our favourites. Know its not a big deal ,and has been a while since mentioned anywhere.
  10. Quite like some of the ideas except for the all spawn together. Can see GL waiting for wave respawn, all 9 dead in one go. Would prefer groups of 3.
  11. Interesting post, had to read it twice. The majority of game play is PUB which means you rarely go beyond the most simple of strategies of combined SL's. It happens a few times and it's desemates the enemy. Only clan games will you end up with more co-ordinated game play. Generally your looking at SL'#s using Simple tactics. Move here, Attack that.
  12. Hopefully some point they should get same score earned by gunner. They should in theory get higher score.
  13. It's the Devs they are now deciding the next pope
  14. Hopefully the new animation system will bring a new level of detail. fingers crossed.