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  1. Think Militia should be allowed to shoot in the air, like they just don't care.
  2. It's great news on the price, keeping fingers crossed on performance.
  3. Neutral flag requires 1 person. A) An Enemy flag requires 3 people B) It's like a see saw starting at 3 enemy having 1 enemy can stop the capture until they bring a fourth. C) Yes don't know the perfect number for maximum speed, but does go down quick when no one there with a full squad is on it.
  4. About time you started learning how to lead. lol Congrats.
  5. Happens a lot, first or second flag rush can be successful but needs organised squad against an unprepared team. Can't believe you only just come across now. Main rush is normally the bleed flag, more chance of success and less push.
  6. Are you trying to say the " Most Annoying Post done by others ". For I totally miss read the post. Please accept my apology for being a numbnuts and not having my glasses on, my only excuse.
  7. 1. Yeah let's have dive for cover, forget your weapon. Spend the next couple of minutes recovering from possible effects of concussion as a min. 2. You've been shot drop everything, screem in massive pain and try and get your patch, if you can even find it. Then start screening medic cause it was the wound from the grenade that got you in the back. 3. You need to put you banage away nicely or you won't be able to find it when you've been grenade and in shock. 4. If you hadn't been grenaded, and shot you might have killed him if you been behind cover with your squad mates and all been enggain together . Not just trying to Rambo.
  8. Would like to see increase in the supression effect, caught in the blast radius(room) shold make you disorientated for at least a min. Think being in close proximity to one would muck you up.
  9. Technical are only car's Hummvee have protection. That makes sense, would like to see technicals go up in one. Military ordnance should be tougher.
  10. When your rally timer is in cool down it isn't effected by the enemy too close. Just spam out the rally point and you see the time. Suppose a message would be nice but not a game breaker.
  11. In real life one will kill, but in games it's too easy, unlimited rounds. No consequences of firing. Instant spawning make it much more enjoyable to have twos and threes. A bit more of a challenge.
  12. They mentioned a damage system which will make it even more interesting.. look forward to that . :)_
  13. Strange that, one of the few Germany serves I have played on, even with my non existence skill of spoken German. Found the German SL friendly and happy to work together. Hope you have better luck in future. )
  14. Don't think the squad name is a killer. Mine's normally English Tea mic uk . Mines to encourage UK players, that would realise only a English speaker would want TEA in his squad, and the British army is run on Tea. What are you wanting from your game play? curious. Close fireteam play with coordinated squad play? designated patrol area with strict engagement rules. Servers I would recommend, Not in any order Exodus, Rip, Mumblines , ZXD, QFF are my go too's they normally have good game play. After a while you will see and get to know what squad leaders you want to join and have enjoyable matches. Or if your feeling up to it, be a SL and run the squad how you want it to be. Either way Happy Gaming
  15. I've played on QFF. Don't play there your have too much fun and stop me joining (joke) Well performing server. Thanks