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  1. Was talking about post processing to show damage over time which sounds like a plausible thing.
  2. Isn't platoon leader just another Commander role really? Not sure how having a secondary command will work, its having confidence in the other SL. In a clan/tournament I can see how it could be an asset. But how would it work? Welcome to Squad forum, nice first post.
  3. Looks very nice.
  4. Quite like idea, basing it on distance from captured flag. Indicating supply lines. Or active Hab.
  5. It commendable that people want to provide motar support but would SLs remember their members proportion of their squad to the side. I mention this for today for one squad had 9 members providing cover. In a 30 v 30 that's nearly a 3rd of the side. Pulling that amount from the battle front really pushes up the difficulty of captures. I think its better when in a defendable flag position, providing dual purpose. Thoughts
  6. Do bunkers protect you from mortars?
  7. Congrats, great bunch.
  8. Best of luck with you new clan. Have to say the idea of a BLT a stiffing idea. and glad to see your freshly made.
  9. Go to the head of the class with that one lol.
  10. In your steam you have a find players/ previous games which can help to find remember good team players. You can then see where your favourite SL'S are playing. Strong Clan servers can improve the chance of finding good players, but that's the luck of the draw.Try not to join first squad for that's normally the impatient squad, check the squad name. Has the SL got kit. It's very much like PR finding a good game.
  11. You forgot, change to rifleman(unscoped) and spam 2 grens at a time.
  12. Played first warzone tonight, both rounds thoroughly enjoyable. Was a corking couple of rounds. Thanks Chronic.
  13. Lower shadows turn off motion blur and eye adaption. Try various A,A smaa and alike, find one that suits your eye. Make sure astropic filtering is set to x16 biggest effect on textures. Experiment with SS lower soften, once again personal preference. View range high. Hope that gives you starting points
  14. Thanks for the info. Always thought it looked tougher, but Isn't anything used incorrectly basic crap.
  15. Played today and guess what first attack able flag rushed. Didn't last long this no rush