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  1. Try clicking on the map and placing a construct symbol on the fob that you want to range from. Then at the bottom of the compass you will have a range from that FOB so you have an idea of how far you have to move. Then click on the Radio and move away, when it turns green your at the minimum distance away. Nevertheless A visual zone around the fob's would be nice.
  2. Don't suppose it's man for putting up in kite weather )
  3. Now that's hesco building. Wonder if the update has that for the BRITS. Lol
  4. Thanks for update
  5. What has to be considered is that if you have 5 squads you have the potential of 10 RPGs on the map. In a coordinated round any armour is easy tickets. even with the 3 for a kill. When you bring in Javelins then your get 1 hit for a kill on a Btr that would be more like it.
  6. It's 200 for all only thing at 25 is barb wire.
  7. can't be that bad. But how does Squad run that's the question.
  8. Sure its not the 1st of April look forward to it.
  9. Well know that AMD can be a dirty word with Squad at times but. Any clues if Squad will have issues with Zen Ryzen or will be a kick arse processor for it. Just planning for new system
  10. You can only place 5 items and having a selection never hindered anyone.anyone . personally I use various symbols and would like more. Sure your not spending more tiime shooting than coordinating.
  11. Think it's been mention a few times. But agree would still be nice.
  12. Don't take any in incapacitated state. Once revived any hit and you and instant death. (Lasts 1 min)
  13. Thoughts of where I would like to see the loading/help screen going towards. Yeah it's at my squad res