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  1. Get a sapper to put down sandbags, or anything you can use as cover and deploy from behind. Look for rocks that have level to upward angles to deploy on. Flat grass is annoying but once you know about it you can work around it
  2. Commander your cost upate

    Wasnt meaning end of the round. It's just a reminder for the commander. End screen that's a different conversation. But can understand where your coming from.
  3. Could we get a running total reminder for the commander of their cost to the team. Had a commander that died 13 times 65 tkts. Think would be good to have a gui reminder on their screen. Dont believe a commander would as an intentional destroy his team chances. Just a thought.
  4. Dshker Sight

    When will the Dshker get some loving and fix the sight so it's range can be set. Love it with the GL and other iron sights .Know it's not a big deal but would be nice for the INS and alike. Remember a Dshker not just for xmas.
  5. Beta 17.2 Released

    Don't suppose your overclocking your ram. I had over aggressive ram timing which was causing this issue. Dunno if this helps..

    Logi trucks now have wood colours just hide in one of them :). No your right US should have different colour, maybe it's to reduce friendly fire.
  7. VR headset

    Was hoping to hear from squad players and their experiences with VR. Similar game background . But thanks for the link
  8. VR headset

    Hey guys thinking of getting a VR headset this xmas, any suggestion or comment on what one not to get.
  9. Just a thought of things I would like to see in squad in the coming updates. Update to the vehicles , Horns, indicator, break lights, radio Adjustable height adjust for windows tip toes. Consolation of ammo so can reduce the amount of Red/orange mags. Put ammo into the same load. Allow use of any ammo as is a generic system. Ammo bag, more able to put into and take out, so you can put resources back in the bag, Don't want all them smoke grenades. or alike you can off load them. Map with map taking out animation, looking at map is looking at map. Compass for quick reference.(remove bottom compass) Basic 1 layer sandbag for all inf. (represent diging hole) No stamina recovery when under fire/suppression or bombardment. No stamina recovery after bandaged till liquids consumed. (water bottle) plus animation. Use any light arm re-supply for magazines and bandages. Unless both uses the same Calibre rounds. Return of more building structures. So whats your list.
  10. EAC Failed to load

    Friend had this issue, had 2 version s of EAC. Deleted the second version kept the common version in default. Dunno if that helps . Check to see if you have second EAC.
  11. Trying to think of a solution to the age old problem of people giving in and just respawning. How about this. Over time bonus for infantry to stay alive. With stars to indicate how long they managed to survive that round. So first star 10 mins with return of 1 ticket to the team , second 20 mins 2 tickets , third 40 mins 4 tickets , fourth 50mins 8 tickets, and final fifth at 70 mins 12 tickets. Of course if you die your timer gets reset and you start again, you only get the ticket reward once, but you keep the star mark. I know it seems like a gimick but hey who don't like a star for being a good little solider. And of course they reset on next round. Once seen on the end screen you may find more people trying to stay alive. With a whole squad doing the spectacular and surviving your looking at 9, 18, 36, 72, 108 based on a whole squad these may look high but how many maps go beyond 60 min mark and if your doing that well your side wont really need the tickets. These are just some thoughts. Whats your thoughts
  12. Is this game still active???

    Way someplay feels like that dont have any life left. The game is still bright and shining brighter with each update:)
  13. With the Territory Control can we get the 60% bleed mark and the other marks showing when the opposition will start to bleed. Or your team will bleed. Liking the direction TC going but still needs work. somethings like the bottom one
  14. If you made it that the HAB was non removable, maybe that would make it worth while. Its very rare for a FOB to stay fullstop. I think might be nice to have if a SL sees the hab it marks it, then the label turn up.
  15. With the introduction of Helo's (Great thing) you now have spotting of HABS from the air. It's making having a HAB a little pointless to a degree, can we either get HAB with Camo netting or maybe a Camp Tent with Cammo. Not saying they should be invisible but removes the fun of Hunting for FOBs.