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  1. BBC Click had an interesting video about the US using the UE4 engine to train for school shootings. So how much does squad prepare you for battle. 20%/30%. Remember a time when with CS the idea of using children in a shooting game would get you banned. How the world changes. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b095fpzs/click-school-shootings Thought someone might find it interesting. Do like the custom roles.
  2. I was thining a different mode would be nice say one that the present system determine's the length of the game lose the 500 tkts assets ends the round. But the winning team is the side with the best kd for team (not singular squad). Promote more reason for revive. Or would this be too hard core. Think it would be a simple concept for anyone to understand.
  3. [Solved] I cant update to 9.10 :(

    in your steam right click on your squad and go properties and localfiles then click verify game files.
  4. [Solved] I cant update to 9.10 :(

    in steam validate your SQUAD that will force update. And check your files.
  5. Anti-Infantry Mines/IEDs

    With each advancement of Armour/assets the regular forces get irregular forces need a counter balance. Anti personal mines are just one of the needed things. Personally I'm waiting for Molotov cocktails.
  6. New Class: Radio Bearer

    There are already enough people that don't communicate, don't think we we another reason to stop comm's.
  7. Oil drums

    Must have been thinking of Hesco. Thanks for correction
  8. Unit patches

    We had Founders patches that haven't worked for a while. Maybe they will return with a vengeance.
  9. Oil drums

    Think its 350 for the barrels.
  10. Does the new animation system change the stance on this?
  11. Oil drums

    your dreaming the dream
  12. Ticket Spoilers

    It would become something like 200 banana's lol . I did like your thinking Maybe warning " talking about tickets with enemy isnt allowed and unsporting". message when doing it with all chat/
  13. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    Didn't mean it like that. Squad members communicating enemy around when they die. Revealing your position.
  14. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    Things people don't think about. Rendering at distance vegetation don't show. Communication between squad members can reveal your position to others. People not listening to movement sounds around them, Crow weapon system viewable nearly across the map. IED send you staight to black. AT mines instant vehicle kills. 50 call headshot instant kill Running about on half health one round and down. A few of the usual reason why people die. This game is about playing against a team which a lot of people forget. And communication is the best weapon,
  15. Oil drums

    At present you build an oil drum and it's single storey for a massive cost can we get second layer to match Hesco or at least be able to put sand bags on top. Or bring back tyre wall just for on top.