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  1. Trying to think of a solution to the age old problem of people giving in and just respawning. How about this. Over time bonus for infantry to stay alive. With stars to indicate how long they managed to survive that round. So first star 10 mins with return of 1 ticket to the team , second 20 mins 2 tickets , third 40 mins 4 tickets , fourth 50mins 8 tickets, and final fifth at 70 mins 12 tickets. Of course if you die your timer gets reset and you start again, you only get the ticket reward once, but you keep the star mark. I know it seems like a gimick but hey who don't like a star for being a good little solider. And of course they reset on next round. Once seen on the end screen you may find more people trying to stay alive. With a whole squad doing the spectacular and surviving your looking at 9, 18, 36, 72, 108 based on a whole squad these may look high but how many maps go beyond 60 min mark and if your doing that well your side wont really need the tickets. These are just some thoughts. Whats your thoughts
  2. Is this game still active???

    Way someplay feels like that dont have any life left. The game is still bright and shining brighter with each update:)
  3. With the Territory Control can we get the 60% bleed mark and the other marks showing when the opposition will start to bleed. Or your team will bleed. Liking the direction TC going but still needs work. somethings like the bottom one
  4. If you made it that the HAB was non removable, maybe that would make it worth while. Its very rare for a FOB to stay fullstop. I think might be nice to have if a SL sees the hab it marks it, then the label turn up.
  5. With the introduction of Helo's (Great thing) you now have spotting of HABS from the air. It's making having a HAB a little pointless to a degree, can we either get HAB with Camo netting or maybe a Camp Tent with Cammo. Not saying they should be invisible but removes the fun of Hunting for FOBs.
  6. Game lags due to Memory Hard Faults

    Might I suggest you try a pagefile. 12gb or alike.
  7. Game lags due to Memory Hard Faults

    Had an fps drop with some of the newer nividia drivers after 419.67 might be that . Also check shader cache off to stop graphics caching to your SSD. May have to untick cache textures too.. spec: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/20816504
  8. its a old post but gives you an idea, think its not changed much.
  9. Think you should look for clan matches which will give you more organised play. General Pub play has a different vibe, at the best your be able to to kettle the cats . Personally I try and see how each squad reacts, start with simple things like can they all use mics, can they all get into the same truck, can they find a move point. Then move it forward each time or more experienced players only a few time have I had bounding over squads or patrols. At the end of the day, if you all have a good experience then it makes the game, dictation isn't the point of the game its building teamwork with a squad is.
  10. You can change it in your options to show the class of all the players, don't you like this?
  11. INS/MIL VS HELI factions

    The next step for INS forces
  12. Building is useless

    Think structures need a buff in strength. Push up the weapon strength required for destruction.
  13. INS/MIL VS HELI factions

    Allow INS/MIL spawn on any rally point, not just buddy. (this will ring some bells :))
  14. Alpha 16 Test + AMA + TwitchCon!

    Its a public test that's supposed to find bugs what's wrong with that??