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  1. Well done a quick 3dmark. still have to sort ram timings, having problems. getting them above the 2133. Even with Bios update.
  2. Try running in boarderless. Had couldn't spawn today.
  3. Might be nice if the SL could assign fireteam leader so as to change his I'd so to have a stripe on the bottom compass. Or simple squad layer to be able to drag names around the squad list.
  4. Thanks for the love. waited 6months went going to wait another )
  5. Well it's up and running, still have to muck about with clock speed and ram but even in default I'm happy install windows 10 4 mins(from USB). Load time of map in squad from little boxes 9 secs halves the 20 sec on old machine. 85 - 90 fps with Al bash on epic all res 3440 x 1140 Intial prognosis machine will go. Will stick up pictures latter
  6. Love the idea of good probing, lol Intel seems not to be on the top list of things to do. Love having suppession cover when advancing
  7. So playing last night on Kokan and had a couple of queries ( command chat ) why I was withdrawing my squad from a flag (District Center) who's state was Insurgent to neutral. Explaination When neutral flag is starting to be recapped by the opposition its an indicator that the enemy has more troops in the cap zone than yourselves. And considering we had our full squad in the flag, I believed it must have been a squad and a half considering the speed of the change on the indicator. Normally I would be happy to fight to try and gain control over the flag, but our Rally went down and we got caught with enemy within 50m so we where fubar, when it came to any respawn. So I ordered withdrawal; half the squad to take out a FOB at Ruins and the others to fall back to place a FOB and get a rally back up. After which we regrouped and assaulted once again. from the north. ( Latter, to deploy a HAB ) Meanwhile there seemed to be a lot of consternation from other SL's that you shouldn't leave a flag no matter what. No it's not a dirty word to withdraw from a flag area if you feel you can't take it. Just have a plan. Throwing tickets at a flag isn't the only way to win it, numbers tend too. You might have to fight your way back in, but better than having to start from half way down the map. Keep considering your respawn and where the team can assault from multiple angles it devastates. This isn't a thread about me trying to justify myself, more to get people to think there are more options than just feeding a grinding machine. Any other tactics that people think don't get used very often? comment by squad member " What, we not going to rush in like headless COD players, lol " Happy Gaming.
  8. With the different rules on different servers could we maybe get a tab like the map legend that would call info from a ttxt file or a like. So if in doubt you could simply find information without having to have lots of broadcasting messages. Of course Server could use it for clan info too.
  9. Rflol, I'd break his knee
  10. So that's just after lunch
  11. Well PR been going years so if it takes after that it could be a long time.
  12. It's been dispatched, just like Christmas.
  13. Would like to see adjustable sight at some point and have no doubt it's in the pipeline
  14. Press enter, brings up map. Click on yellow circle to choice spawn position, press enter you spawn in. There is a default 45sec wait, when you give in.
  15. When SL create squad and don't have a plan with start iv a round. Loll Sorry couldn't resist