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  1. Suggesting free resupply for Medic, we always try and encourage having medic so can we have no cost for their kits.
  2. How does the ticket bleed work?

    In wiki It's under game modes CapturingEdit Capturing Control Points rewards certain ticket bonus based on the amount of flags in play, likewise, losing flags will penalize your team based on the amount of flags in play. A Neutral Control Point will neither add or subtract the total ticket amount from either team. For flags controlled by the enemy team, you will need at least 3 teammates, with a stack bonus rewarded for more teammates on the flags. A neutral flag only needs one teammate to capture. Control Points Ticket Gain Ticket Loss 3 26 52 4 20 40 5 16 32 6 14 28 BleedEdit Capturing Control Points incurs a bleed penalty for the enemy team. This bleed varies based on the number of Control Points present on the map, and the number of Control Points your team holds (e.g. Your team hold 3 out of 4 flags = 9 ticket per minutes penalty for the enemy team). Note that to inflict ticket bleed upon the enemy team you need to control a majority of the flags on the map, it does not matter if the remaining flags are uncaptured or captured by the enemy. example: on a 4 flag layer map, if your team captures the first 2 flags and the enemy has not captured their flags, you will not inflict bleed on them as you are not holding the majority of the flags. Control Points Bleed Amount 3 or 4 3 tickets per minute 5 or 6 2 tickets per minutes .
  3. Mercy flag bleed. (Question)

    Good to know thanks.
  4. Mercy flag bleed. (Question)

    Last night we had 2 and enemy had 3 including mine, just seemed to lose quick
  5. squad crashing on windows 10

    Did you do a fresh install of windows or update from previous, for it never ends well with updating from previous versions of windows.
  6. With Fools road and ammo dump you can capture the last flag even if you don't own all the flags, my question is does that trigger the mercy bleed.
  7. People wont care if they are supplied or not. I don't want the distance to reduce because its about right at present. The build could be increased to 400m if that' s what you implying.
  8. Yeah played too much of it. too. Sgt Ross as said in other posts HMMWvs will have ammo.
  9. Sorry so 5 in 150m what's the difference. Either way too many.
  10. Lol really you want more ammo abuse, lol .Let's get rid of the limit have 5 fobs in 100m sounds awesome.
  11. Yeah all vehicles had ammo box drops , humvees had 2 boes if I remember right.
  12. Would love transport drops, but thats a big drop. I;m after supplying a surviving squad getting ammo. So till we get choppers can we go with something simple. Ammo box drop.
  13. How about air drops for SLs to provide ammunition for the troops. Say have 1 signal flare for regular forces. And say a phone for non regular to to locate local ammo store, for resupply. This wouldn't have any construction points but might curtail some of the fob abuses. Plus make them usable by any to spice things up a bit. (still find it hard to believe you can get ammo from enemy.
  14. If there was an argument on range think your find that people will want it increased.
  15. Alpha 9.7 Hotfix

    maybe it's twice the amount of damage