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  1. Christmas is coming!!!
  2. Yes, Im pretty sure Anders said something about this sometime ago It is a bug where if you have ur gun set to fire full auto, the sound that plays to ur friends from third person may sound like the person is shooting full auto/burst instead of semi
  3. Thanks Physics Teacher..... "Argon walks into a bar. The bartender exclaims, 'Hey you! Get out!!' Argon doesn't react."
  4. There should have been an email sent to you from Offworld in 2015 with the Steam key. If you've played before I assume you know how to activate a product on Steam. Also, welcome to the forums! When you finish activating Squad in Steam you can "Link Steam Account" and it should give you the Founder tags in the Forums. Unfortunately, You missed the deadline for a the in game name thing, Jun 15 I believe I saw somewhere. (unless you cheekily did it without a guest forum acc.)
  5. game mode

    I liek
  6. Funny, after a bit of time not playing SQ, (about a month) I found my reactions were much worse, as well of my situational awareness and ability to communicate. But after getting my legs back (along with some reactions practice in Counter-Strike), I felt I did much better. Squad is really a skill based game imo, as with any first-person shooter. Even though many aren't designed around that, you can have the drop on someone in any game but still get rekt. Shooting people is allowed here! If you must "tap-tap" then you will; If he didn't notice you then that's on him anyway.
  7. Rainbow Six: Siege vibes
  8. goddammit I saw this in the new content feed and thought it was the July Recap :steamsalty:
  9. I'd just settle for good 'ol PR Commander. I didn't feel like reading through all the comments on this thread, but yeah. My 2 cents.
  10. I'd definitely be interesting! I'd probably get rekt tho.... vs Steam peeps!! CCZ!! I can't wait!
  11. whao that's actually a really good looking website!
  12. Check the Squad wiki for info.