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  1. Mogadishu, Somalia?

    Oh, God... the memories... I love that map; I still remember that Ramiel was my first map in my first PR experience. It was hardcore AF and memorable...
  2. 100+ Lessons Learned as a Squad Leader

    Great reading, indeed! I hope that more people share their experiences as SL's as well... Also I have been reading a U.S. Marine Squad PDF manual for giving me an idea of the art of SL'ing... it's a tough role, indeed...
  3. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Agreed... I have been playing in various servers since last night and there are few people willing to play with teamwork & mics... A few exceptions but mostly gameplay is chaotic at this stage... BUT... this will improve with time (everyone started as a novice anyway)
  4. Soldier career

  5. 9.4 Thoughts?

    So far, so good... Great to see how Squad is getting a PR "feeling" after these new features (Al Basrah, mortars, IED's etcetera) But I noticed perfomance issues with v9.4; even with a GTX 1060 6GB is hard to play this in a smooth way (or maybe it's just me, who knows) I can't wait to see helicopters in this game, it would be epic...
  6. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

  7. I have to say... after playing Al Basrah it's the most accurate "PR expierence" I had so far in Squad... Fallujah will be a BEAST for sure...
  8. Announcement: Free Weekend + Alpha 9.3 Update

    I have to say that after playing Al BasBrah for 3 hours it was the most similar "PR experience" I had so far in Squad... clearing T buildings, urban warfare, long distance, irregular warfare, etcetera... I can't wait for Fallujah, Muttrah city... (and helicopters) Excellent job!
  9. Announcement: Free Weekend + Alpha 9.3 Update

    I want to play now! God damnit!
  10. Announcement: Free Weekend + Alpha 9.3 Update

    Urban warfare here we come!
  11. What goes on inside some Squaddies heads?

    Praise KEK
  12. Black hawk Down / rescue scenario

    CSAR mission scenarios would be sweet! But I don't thnk this kind of scenarios could be added; Squad mean to be a full scale battle game (100 PvP)
  13. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    Can't wait for...
  14. CRTV

    Louder With Crowder is da best!
  15. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Oh my... I cried of happiness when I saw this... This is... no words really...