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  1. Slow switching

    For my own input, I'd like to see the new animations reflect reality. A well-trained rifleman, in contact, under the pump, conducting his drills flawlessly in order to save lives by killing. We run a live scenario where the firer is to select an area target and see how many rounds they can get in the air at the same time. The lads are under pressure in a complex environment. Five accurate rounds on target is good. Seven is not unheard of. In terms of in-game implementation, I don't expect anything near this. I don't expect anything at all. In fact, the current animations could stay in play and I would be happy as a pig in shit. That being said, If the end product doesn't meet my personal expectations, so the fuck what? It's not tantrum worthy, unlike Chinese AK-pattern re-models. If this thread gets locked and I get a ban, flick me a PM and we'll go from there. [Edited down to the normal parts by @invisible.nin/SINE] You knew better, and you even admitted it.
  2. Slow switching

    The man is right. Weight isn't a factor. The operation in-game is indeed slower than it's real-world counter-part. It's a very quick transition between the two; adjust sight, sight target, off safe, fire. If an operator can't achieve this in a rapid fashion he should uppercut himself and sit his ass on the bench, someone else can use the weapon more effectively and they're fucking up the callsign's capability. There is a reason why individuals train and train and train. As for the animation shortfalls, have faith lads. The corrections are more QoL-related than a necessity. They'll be picked up somewhere along the line. Not a big deal, nut up and crack on. In the interim, individuals can take advantage of this time to develop a more tactical mindset if they're patient enough to do so. The game currently makes a player be more deliberate in their choosing of their inventory. Most inventory mistakes a player can get away with, like picking the wrong grenade during a lull in the battle or whilst in the advance to contact. The real learning opportunity comes when a player gets nailed mid-firefight; provides him with the opportunity to conduct a brief AAR on their actions. What did I do right? What did I do wrong? How can I improve when the medic revives my dumb ass? Pretty FULLSPECTRUMMILSIM level of thinking? Sure. But such thinking encourages tactical gameplay on an individual level. You, as individual players, can personally benefit from all the little flaws and bugs currently in-game. When the updates fix the flaws, you'll be better players because of it. Liken it to high-altitude training. This thinking isn't quite applicable to players just passing through, instead to those who want to stick around and have a positive experience leading a squad. Take advantage of the development time.
  3. Militia/Insurgent. The "scout" class would fit either. While we're on it, the methods you listed are practical, bud. Unless you're visualising the sledge being disregarded and the ram in this context is the forehead of the nearest PFC.
  4. The Wrench - June Edition

    Good write-up, Zeno. Big fan of the modding community, especially enjoy the converse on the discord. I enjoy watching the lads hook into their projects, witnessing the individual progression and the support the members provide one another. It demonstrates that modders are the heart of this community. Should be proud of your efforts lads, both individually and as a collective.
  5. Well, you proved me right about you acting like a child. If you want to talk more about it, PM me.
  6. Don't panic, lads. This micro attention-to-detail stuff won't be overlooked. Common as dog fuck. As for lack of balance, don't be upset and sit out of the round like a petulant child. Get involved, adapt your tactics to suit your environment and make a go of it. Use your head. Squad is the successor to PR. You won't always be fighting a near-peer enemy in this game. Again, this is common knowledge.
  7. Do we have an Idea on how mortars will work?

    That's pretty much it in a nutshell. To expand on your assessment, the entire process should look something like this: 1. Call for fire relayed to Mortar SL via fire controller. In this context, an FC is any member capable of delivering the information. 2. SL inputs target information into the minimap, providing target information to Mortar line. 3. Tubes lay onto the target; bearing supplied by grid/minimap direction and elevation via inputting range into the "ballistic computer". 4. SL designates ammo nature to be fired, amount of rounds to be fired and gives the final order to fire (if command to fire has been authorised by FC). 5. End of mission and BDA given by FC. Outstanding system, the PR mortars. The perfect mix of casual gameplay and realism. Blows my socks off. As for confusion and possible risk of fratricide, there are a few methods you as a Mortar Squad Leader can implement in order to minimise the risk. - Have a notepad and pencil handy to record target info as it comes in from other callsigns. - Read back the packet information as it comes in from the Fire Controller. Bit too FULLMETALMILSIM? Sure. However, the the simple, preventive steps you make as an individual lessens the chance of dropping HE on the wrong ****. Which will really ruin their gameplay. Which will really ruin your gameplay.
  8. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    ^what Cheesy said. You'd rather limit your own gameplay time just because a lone player is causing grief and there isn't anyone to pull him into line? To create a better visual representation: you'd rather not play on the playground when the teacher isn't nearby because there might be bullies. If you want to cut your nose off in spite of your face, it's your choice. Implementing a shit system which effects everybody to counter offences by the minority is a bad way to sort through a problem.
  9. Do we have an Idea on how mortars will work?

    In Project Reality, the 81mm had a restricted range of 1500m, about one-quarter the range of the real-life weapon system. Gameplay reasons. One assumes the Devs would do the same with Squad.
  10. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    Reflective damage is a really dumb idea.
  11. Do we have an Idea on how mortars will work?

    Why so, Joe? Just another IDF weapon system with a larger lethal radius. The range will likely be restricted as in PR. Keep the faith. I, for one, welcome our new high-angle overlords.
  12. Marv is right. Your idea is bad. Your justification is even worse. There are already measures put in place to notify offending players of fratricide. After too many transgressions they get the boot. If you can't correctly identify your target without a nametag you're a muppet and need to uppercut yourself. This game ain't hard.
  13. When will we see the sniper class? (1-2 per team)

    In Project Reality, there were control measures in place in-game that limited this effect. Don't panic.