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  1. Closed Pre-Alpha Week 6 v6.1

    where the fuck is everyone lets play some squad!?
  2. Closed Pre-Alpha Week 6 v6.1

    i read something about reviving was added this weekend? or maybe my anxiety freaked out a little and told me that. and it really read "planned for next weekend"... lol i donno i hope more people are playing than recently. definitely not fun running around looking for 3 enemies.
  3. Project Reality vets sign in here

    played pr off and on for a bit. not sure which versions but i remember there only being a few maps lol. and a lot less features... lost my key to bf2, contacted EA for the key told them my story sent the upc code to them. they emailed me a new bf2 key!!... lost that... found the old email in 2010... somehow it got erased! been playing PR for the past week or two off and on. its fun as hell
  4. Hi Everyone....

    I wish there were more servers on PR it seems they are always full and if not full..theres only like 5 people on the ones with decent ping for me. I wish I could run my own lol
  5. Hello!

    i was a fan of cyborg justice on sega genesis lol

    welcome man see you next weekend if you play on north american servers
  7. I'm in Alberta, Canada but I'm from North Carolina. I've somewhat been active on the forums, made a few friends and probably made a few people question my sincerity. I have severe anxiety problem that makes me feel "unsafe" in most real life situations because I grew up around domestic violence all of my life. I may be slightly bi polar or manic depressive as well. I manage. My love for these kinds of games started around 2002 on the pc. BF1942 was introduced to me by a friend after I got my first gaming pc. I joined their clan for a short time it was called Digital Felonz or [dF]. We played nonstop DC mod at the time and my friend Sam which I've lost contact with over the years used to invite me over for LAN parties. We used to make videos for the bf1942 mods but I don't know what ever came of the clips we took that he was supposed to edit. We also used to play EOD or Eve of Destruction mod which was the Vietnam mod for bf1942. I fell in love with BF1942 because my Grandfather was deployed and fought at the battle of the bulge. He died in '88, when I was 5 years old so I never really got to know him that well. I have always wondered what he experienced, so I scour the internet for old footage and such. I also wonder what kind of conversations we could have had man to man, but I don't dwell on it. I have a family heirloom he brought back. It's a German Luger pistol but the holster is not with it. I hear they aren't rare, but if you have one with the holster it becomes a lot more valuable. The only story he talked about was almost getting taken out by a sniper in the tree. His war buddy spotted the sniper taking aim and pushed him down away from the fire. Sniper was killed. I've always wondered if that snipers Luger is the one that he broke down and packed up to take home (if he lived through it). My other grandfather was a veteran of the korean war. but that is all I know. The only war stories that he talked about was being stationed in Germany and getting into bar fights with germans... lol. I guess my anxiety was too much for me to be normal enough to do things I wanted to do in school. I loved sports, I had an atari, sega genesis, NES, Gameboy, SNES, and in the 90's I got a playstation. I remember playing on an old epson computer in the early 90's but I only played dig dug on it and I used to transcribe lyrics from my favorite rock and metal songs that my older brother got me into. My older half brother wanted to be in the air force because his uncle was in the vietnam airforce, although, he had to have a cornea transplant done on both eyes and couldnt even get his drivers license for a long time afterwards so they would not accept him. I have a 50 caliber shell from vietnam that his uncle gave to him. He just passed away sadly on Feb, 5th 2015 driving home from work he passed out at the wheel and hit a tree. We don't know what caused it. It haunts me and is still fresh in my mind, but I manage. I know that I haven't been a major forum contributor, and I might have made a few enemies or some of you might just think I'm an ass hat, but in game I have had a blast playing with everyone of you. I just wanted the community to know that I enjoyed playing with you all over the weekend. You guys rock. You guys also have some wonderful aim and eyes because I got my ass handed to me time and time again lol. See you again next weekend.
  8. I was going to post my own thread but apparently I should stay away from that lol... but I was thinking of something similar with more complexity... The one thing I would like to see avoided in the maps are suggestive places on the maps... in other words when you have a really flat spot on a mountain near 3 tightly places flags... its like you are saying "put a fob here!"... rather than making that flat spot treacherous and unwanted by any defensive measure. I just don't want the maps to end up being a "put fob here and win every time" kind of thing. There is already a lot of in game controversies and differences on where to place fobs... someone puts up a fob behind enemy fob to attack from the rear while everyone else gets slaughtered banging their heads on enemy fob and they get talked to like a piece of shit in the game. basically from what i gather correct me if im wrong... fobs belong on flags. and rallys belong in a safe hidden location from what ive been told. but when everyone has this "secret" spot of where fobs will always go kind of takes away from the whole reason of being able to put the fob where you want it... so to stop this in game arguing i would say to place some kind of a vote system to a commander if you have ever heard the term "shit runs down hill" in any kind of business terms or what not you will automatically get what Im saying. the commander should be the main guy to point the finger at when things fail. or bad decision is made. EXAMPLE Billybobsgtsmackanass wants to put a fob in India 5 keypad 7... Commander NUT_TAP gets a notice of confirmation on his screen in which he has the power to deny it or approve it... well the fob is like 100 miles away from a flag... so commander NUT_TAP says HELL NO... you dumbass!... hes denied and cant place the fob in the meantime JrJoeRightEverytime wants his fob on a defendable capped base! wow! Commander NUT_TAP gladly approves... FOB is built... everyone is happy... nobody is switching squads to yell at the guy "trying" to make his own decisions so his squad/alliance can take the enemy bases. OR! allow fobs to be closer. OR! make it so fobs can only be built if the vehicular team thinks its in the best interest to support it.... "we need a fob over here!".... "OKAY were on the way good idea!"... or... "NO! we are supporting charlie squads fob instead!" Create a ranking system for every player that keeps a record of the most successful squad leaders... only give the top 3 of each team teh option to be a commander. and make the perk worthy for people to want to be a commander.
  9. servers allways the servers ;)

    I dont like how they took the west coast server down after a hour of playing. Now that I think about it... maybe they took west coast server down to use it for their own internal tests?... I'm not ranting but having to fill up a va or ny server with west coast pings when theres a useable west coast server thats not up was pretty annoying. but it is pre alpha
  10. Flares for night maps ?

    I noticed on every us soldiers back packs there are glowsticks positioned in the storage loops. i was wondering if they were going to use those as markers eventually, obviously a glowstick will not illuminate anything around it. But yea, thats the only hint I have seen of personal illumination. I'm sure they have flashlights planned. We'll see I guess
  11. Nameable FOBs

    I wouldnt mind a coordinate overlay at the right or left of the compass on the bottom so you can quickly look down as a SL and say the exact area that you are standing on... rather than looking at your map. but that would take out some of the immersion what do you think?
  12. Weapons Raised/Lowered Suggestion

    my favorite part about this suggestion is the US weapons being in auto on default.
  13. Most Important Infantry Improvements IMO

    https://youtu.be/dglrd6kFDIU?t=17m1s russian spetsnaz ballistic knife vs us green berets entrenching tool... lol pretty much done on the forums... ill see you guys in the game! The developers are bad ass and need no suggestions! You guys know what to do! Peace!
  14. At this moment in development, it is really hard to be critical knowing that this is only a pre alpha. A lot of suggestions that are made on the game seems to just get thrown under the "pre alpha" truck by the community rather than be addressed by the community and discussed in a civilized manner. So my idea was to address infantry mechanics only, and to list the most important or the ones that should be worked on first Below is a handwritten list I made during the last day of the 2nd week of pre alpha. Please take into consideration that I am new to the community, and that these are only my own suggestions as to which I think should be most important to make the gameplay experience more reasonable during the rest of the pre alpha testing into alpha/beta and so on. These are in no particular order. Bullet registry and hitbox issues with limbsEDITED OUTFixing Prone BugSome bushes are still missing collision, meaning you can just walk right through it and clip inside of it. I did not get the chance to test and see if bullets collided with them.Map Opacity Option (not a big deal but I had it scribbled down)Melee Attack: I ran out of ammo a few times or was dancing with an enemy while we both reloaded and looking at each other like idiots.EDIT*** Forgot to add the missing textures on the small stone walls (on the ends of them)Shovel Grapple with a Neck Break and of course the no brainer combat knife, or fixed bayonet
  15. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    http://www.nosler.com/ballistic-tip-bullet/ lol its for hunters with bad aim, the tip doesnt project unless the target is hit though