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  1. your connection to the host has been lost

    Totally sucks... I want to drive vehicles, Ive been waiting a year for this moment! lol
  2. your connection to the host has been lost

    Im getting something similar: I tried and tried and couldnt get into a server. I'd join and would pop me back out to the main page. Anyone else getting this? Tried joining half full servers and the same would happen.
  3. On sceen UI elements Explanation

    Oh thanks for the info! Now I know, and knowing is... well you know...
  4. On sceen UI elements Explanation

    So I was just looking for a quick explanation to what the little broken or divided yellow/green circle is on the bottom right of the screen, just above the stamina bar. Ive seen variations on this and assume it has to do with what role you are using, but beyond that, I dont get it. cheers gdj
  5. Alpha Gameplay Day One!

    Thanks for saying James2464, we always try to PTFO and work together! Glad you enjoyed the video. Maybe next time I'll release the whole two hour version of a match and not edit it down! LOL
  6. Alpha Gameplay Day One!

    What do you guys feel about the length? Any suggestions on how I can make the videos even better and more engaging?
  7. Alpha Gameplay Day One!

    Here is an EPIC battle that went on for 2 hours! I cut it down to the best hour Enjoy!
  8. Closed Alpha Announcement

    Very excited for this release! All we need now is some vehicles!!! BTW, I'm expecting all of you non-weekend players to be in full force starting next week! No more excuses to have much higher server counts moving forward, right?!
  9. Except shadowplay, what else do u recommend?

    You should direct your problems to nvidia support. I don't think it's an issue with SQUAD.
  10. Except shadowplay, what else do u recommend?

    I've switched over to dxtory as well. Following Jackfrag's settings from the above video will get you going. If it doesn't work for you, then it's definitely something on your end. Good luck and be sure to post links to your videos in the media section!
  11. Slow Motion Rocket Fun

    Just messing around watching rockets fire and silly antics
  12. The Doctor Is In!

    Some antics trying to learn how to heal people
  13. Great FOB of China

    hahaha yeah that was fun- because of your fob we build that one! Thanks for watching!
  14. Great FOB of China

    Some insanity and magic is used for this FOB build and defense!
  15. SQUAD Gameplay Pre-Alpha v7

    Here is some footage I recorded tonight on my youtube channel. More to come!