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  1. W♥S Mortar Calculator 2.2.1

    that's probably because it is the W♥S Mortar Calculator the one and only
  2. License Application Time?

    Start by reading the pinned thread on top in this subforum...
  3. Can't place FOB's on server

    Hey, haven't seen you join the serverhosting discord yet - still wanted to share... with the update to the last patch some reported this issue on their servers when something with the update of the game server itself failed. I'm not sure what particularly because neither of our community servers had this issue - but I think it was Steam-related. A fresh reinstall of the game server (Squad instance) helped all of those as far as I know. Not sure what to do there on a slot-based server which you cannot reinstall yourself, but I'd go for opening a ticket with GH, I presume this issue is known to them and usually they're pretty helpful, based on my experience.
  4. German language on server

    AFAIK this depends on the server OS language, because steamcmd (as Steam overall) typically localizes anything to equal the OS language. You could try using the "app_update <appid> [-validate] [-language <lang>]" command line option steamcmd offers and see if it changes the game language... that seems less overkill as installing EN localized OS at least. That would should work by altering the Start-Script line %STEAMCMD% +login anonymous +force_install_dir "C:\servers\squad_server" +app_update 403240 validate -language english And to be clear, I haven't tested that myself, that's plain theory :-) Should you have rented a managed server/slot-based... well, good luck asking your provider to change it for your instance.
  5. High Network Usage/Throughput

    People have reported something around 7TB per month on a rather steadily populated 80 slot. Mine aren't 24/7 populated, but something between 50 and 80GB per day and server are to be expected.
  6. Server unreachable after 24 hours

    I've experienced the same on Linux once where it happened after a (scheduled thus automatic) restart. The log showed the server complaining about being unable to reach the Steam-network during startup. That left it in a somewhat undefined state apparently. It was running, still players couldn't join (I presume because it thought it cannot reach Steam) - a manual restart fixed it. I thought it would've been a temporary issue with Steam as I've only experienced it once so far a couple of weeks ago (during Summer Sale, were Steam was at it's limits sometimes anyways...). Check your logs and see if it's something similar, then I'd try to figure out the reason for it failing to connect to Steam. If it's not the same - then no idea. If that would happen daily on me, I'd probably write a script that greps the log after start, looking for any specific lines showing only when it's hanging - then trigger a restart. Sure, that''s not the nicest approach but currently Linux is a bit of alpha-alpha-ish with UE as well as with Squad servers, so... yeah. Haven't seen it on any of our windows servers happening ever, so it might be something specific to Linux.
  7. Feel free to join our Discord - https://discord.gg/eKxWrQT - to discuss a ban. These forums are the wrong spot for it. By the way: having over 800hrs and being banned on "We ♥ Squad Germany - new players - NO RUSH" for rushing despite admin warnings... play on one of our other 2 servers. There rushing is allowed (and on those you are not banned)
  8. Hi Hadi, trying as good as good as my personal knowledge is: #1 with rcon you should be able to issue every command that's available on the console while not being on the server, given your rcon tool supports it. (the player-list command is currently kinda broken with 9.5, but that should be fixed more sooner than later ) #2 chat is currently unavailable outside the game and it's not logged (as far as I can see not even with debug logging enabled) - so no, currently it's not possible #3 you can disable vehicle claiming, but only on unlicensed servers (and, as far as I know, that must be done manually after every round start) #4 you can only allow all kits all the time (again, on unlicensed servers) so people can use what they want, but it's not possible to limit kits more than they are (also, this needs to be set manually per round and per team(!)) #5 only for yourself (by disabling HUD elements, that takes the compass with it then), but not forced on the server for everyone (as far as I know) So far my knowledge about those points, anyone might correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Rising Storm 2

    Du meinst Rising Storm 2? Komische Abkürzung Davon abgesehen - klar. Bin schon drauf gespannt!
  10. [DOG] GERMANY.EU SINCE 2005 #2

    Whatever you say my friend.
  11. [DOG] GERMANY.EU SINCE 2005 #2

    @WeiSS My friend, don't twist my words around like that. Also there is no need to get defensive. I wanted to say that I'm aware that it might be inappropriate to use SS in a user name. For sure it's depending on the intention and the meaning it should have. Especially on a German server with mostly German players it might look strange in the first place. You can understand that, can you? When I see such, I'm checking the user. I checked you, saw you apparently didn't use it for any "nono" intention, so that was it. Not more nothing less and for sure not any insults in that direction Just wanted to bring that point up, because I've seen people getting banned for less in other games - and if you remember... I've also seen several comments by players in-game regarding your name, asking your what's that about, so that's not like pure invention. Little counter-fact to the "you ban people just so" subtext. @Ridoc well, aren't we? We do all wear Lederhosen and drink beer for Lunch, eh? Also... thanks for stepping in and sharing your thoughts again on this topic. Very well said and -again- much appreciated! And... apologies you got sucked in that topic as well... I think this topic's pretty much worn out now, is it? shells
  12. [DOG] GERMANY.EU SINCE 2005 #2

    Ok, thanks for your thoughts and your side of view. I can understand how this particular situation might actually have looked like to you. From your point of view it might have actually looked like you described it above, so I'm not taking it as an offense at all. That it has been a long time story couldn't been known to you. Yes, we all were on the opposite side on that particular round. We played in the same team before on other days, we didn't do something when enemies were using your Twitch stream to spot our fobs (and proudly stating that in the chat if you remember...), and we monitored your friends performance over weeks, regardless on which team we were. I even watched your stream for quite a while days ago to see how you personally play, WeiSS. Didn't get any bad feeling, so you're still able to join our server. I haven't even done something against the bad feeling we Germans got with those two capital "s" (for obvious reasons) in your name, as I haven't seen any reason for it. So you can call me whatever you want, I still won't revoke my decision. And by the way, Mr. Factsheet, I didn't play the "it's my server so I can do what I want card" - just for the files. One "fact" slighty off the thruth, another "fact" slightly off the truth, is that how you work? I explained why your friend was put on the ban list. If you believe or don't believe my intentions about it, is basically your problem. Not 10 "facts" will change that. You can continue to try to make me, our community, any player on our server and the whole server bad... if you got nothing better to do, fair enough. I can live with that. shells.
  13. [DOG] GERMANY.EU SINCE 2005 #2

    Having a different user name in the forums here as I have in the game, as the name I usually use ("shells", yes) has already been taken, or appeared unclaimable in the forums back in the day. Nonetheless I'm the main admin of the server ✠✠✠[DOG] GERMANY.EU SINCE 2005 #2 ✠✠✠ Skul, Sergi or however you like to be called (sadly can't post, nor understand, any of the Cyrillic letters you came in our TS first), we had our discussion in TS this morning as you've correctly stated. Sad to see you're now trying to name and shame our server and try to get its license revoked (or how should I understand the intention of this thread?). I tried to explain my point of view to you as you might be remembering, but apparently your opinion was already rather fixed. Maybe just as fixed as your already prepared (I presume) "explanation thread" with videos, that "proof" basically just as much as any recording of any video or audio that has (totally not!) been edited you posted to our forums. And now, as you didn't get your will, you're trying to really give it back and show us - or rather me personally? We're giving the community a as lag-free and low-ping as possible experience on a dedicated host, being a host for new and veteran Squad players, based in Germany with decent DDOS protection at Gamerzhost.de and I find it kind of contradicting that the intentions you're trying obviously to support, Skul, would be to try to bring this server down, really. This is a personal vendetta and you've not even masked it very nicely :-) However, you're totally correct, here is no thread in this forums because I couldn't open one. The fact I couldn't open a thread for it has been posted here in the forums as well, without a solution until last week (when I last tried). It might be due to some setting on my machine or whatever, yet it's not working and I don't know why. That's none of your problems, right. Still wanted to mention. Thanks to Ridoc for your opinion and time to respond to this offense. That's highly appreciated pal. Yet, as you've quoted me correctly, Skul, there have been complaints about the player in question (it has actually been quite a few during the last weeks). SI3R2A has been playing on our server since weeks before you put that "RAKI" infront of your names and basically since then we got complaints. As Ridoc states as well, he's not doing anything you would see instantly while looking at him and to be fair I'm not 100% sure he cheats, has any devices, mice or tools running that reduce recoil or whatever helping tools are available to unfair players. I've seen strange kills in the admin-cam during several rounds I spent monitoring him, yet. No proof that you might be requesting, so it's a "maybe" from my end. HOWEVER - and I have tried to have you understand that fact in TS today - we received several(!) complains he wouldn't play fair of the last weeks. Seeing (I explained it to you this morning as well, still: I'm trying again!) he _never_ does rounds with less than 40-70 kills and 1-10 deaths - and people THINK he's cheating and they expect US, the admins, to do something against it. Problem is: if people think your pal cheats, he might be not cheating but be the best player in the world, but he's still appearing as a cheating to others and especially new and unexperienced players leave because of him. It's not much of a difference to long-time players, just that they might take it a bit longer. People playing often on other servers come over and ask why SI3R2A is still allowed to play on our server because he's banned on a handful of others don't help much neither. If that's true or not, I don't know. As it appears, he's been on Ridoc's list as well, that's what I know. Players that are new to Squad (and not only them after a while) will NOT be very excited to be one-shot killed 15 times per round, be overrun and losing every round for half of a day, while the enemy team has people playing with a 68-9ish K/D the third round in a row. Long story short: Finally, after watching this for a while, I've come to a decision. This decision was that, for the long term fun and beginner-friendliness, SI3R2A is no longer welcome on our server. I'm sure there are several "pro" servers, league-games and your own server you can play on together. Everybody else of RAKI of course is still very welcome on our machine to have a nice time togehter. shells (charon)
  14. I tried with Edge, IE11, FIrefox (does not load the forums at all due to "endless redirect" something something), Chrome, Safari and neither works. When trying to create a new topic in the Game Server Feedback forums, it reponds with the 500 - Internal Server Error. I know it's strange as it, obviously, works here... so... I don't know. Maybe I'm missing something obvious? Thanks
  15. Hi, as the title says I can't create new threads in the game server feedback forum. when I click "post" the server replies with error 500. Any ideas? Thanks!