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  1. help

  2. help

    Can you send me a link to where u change it
  3. help

    yh i changed it 2 times and it dosent work how can i change the pass
  4. help

    password for my game
  5. help

    I forgot my pass how can i change it
  6. Servers down????

    yh the servers are down
  7. Question about steam

    okay steam is not letting me go online i have click go online then when i go to click on my freinds list it still says you are not online
  8. Question about steam

    I re downloaded steam and it still dosent work
  9. Question about steam

    i carnt go in online mode when i click steam in the top corner it just says go offline and when i click sign in when i click freinds it dosent do any think any idea
  10. Lights for weapon

    Sounds good +1
  11. Commander UAV, 2 Hellfires, reaper/predator?

    i really think a crafting would be better instead of paying
  12. Commander UAV, 2 Hellfires, reaper/predator?

    Sounds good i think there should be a crafting system instead of paying for bunkers and that u should have to chop down trees for wood
  13. Name the towns/villages on maps

    Sounds like a good idea
  14. mic not working on squad

    thank u