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  1. Beta 17 Public Testing

    the new lighting looks 300% better than the old one
  2. Caps lock causes game to tab out

    since V12 update i am having the same problem, no idea what is causing it...
  3. Battlefield 1

    Codename Eagle > BF1
  4. Battlefield 1

    exactly, im boycotting them since bf3, havent spent a cent on DICE ever since then... No Mods = No Buy and dont forget how even DICE lied to its fans about modding prior to the release of bf3
  5. Can I get back my money?

    bad performance optimization isnt a user error, none the less :)
  6. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    id like to see an urban mesopotamian arab setting again before anything else! however i voted for IDF since it havent got many votes so far and i would like to see IDF and Hamas again, maybe within a setting that extends into the west bank this time. Iran vs Saudi Arabia would also be juicy. besides, id like to see the easter european setting extended with a lot of additional urban statics like multi story buildings, post soviet townhalls, abandoned public baths etc etc
  7. Devs.. Add this.. I beg of you.

    imagine this: build 10x10km map, restrict inf movement to 4x4... mind = blown!
  8. PR HD

    i dont know what you are about but i never said something else, maybe read my post again... anyway nice for you that you like the terrain graphics since they are even becomming better (trusky etc). however there is no reason to not to reasonably use UE4s potential for no reason.
  9. It will take time fot a decent public server culture to develop and the PR community will be the seeders of it. There isn't an alternative to this.
  10. New genre for SQUAD?

    yeah... its too complex, it would require NASA personell to mod it, anyway im gratefull that EA is extending their games with DLC at least. I love DLC! thanks DICE and their EA overseers for taking care of things that are too complicated!!! p.s. lets NOT FORGET that EA proclaimed - 2 weeks before release - that there MIGHT be modding tools for BF3, so maybe its not in vain if you buy BF3 in the hope for mods! it$ too complex but maybe not!
  11. Vehicles in Unreal engine 4 (videos)

    offcourse squad wont feature arma style mounted pellet guns, offworld will create a deluxe punchy experience for mounted weapons, because if they dont... im going to go to their office and uninstall all of their computers with an entrenching tool!
  12. PR HD

    get a quarter of the content of PR into Squad and it will be legendary, thats all i got to say. p.s. About Arma, i dont know what arma is supposed to have to do with squad, however one of the very few things that id like squad to move toward to is the hyperrealistic mapping (not in terms of size but rather in terms of appearance), UE4 can potentially leave arma 3 far behind even.
  13. New genre for SQUAD?

    i feel the urge to distinct myself from the casual, less commited peasants that arent as tacticool as i am. i think im going to refer to Squad as "anti-battlefield" from now on :)
  14. im enthusiastic about Squad and im convinced that the rifleman pack was a good investment but i will not advice my friends to buy squad before vehicles are in the game, i feel like this is the minimum scope of functionality that is required for the game to live up to minimum expectations, right now its still too rudimentary. [edit:] also one shouldnt have illusions about how performance optimization is neccesary to take of as pvp shooter.