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  1. Immersion

    There are very immersive moments in Squad. When you have a good squad that communicates well with good radio discipline, other squad leaders that are willing to work together and you're in that perfect moment of combat where there is a target rich environment and everyone is shooting but no one is screaming bloody murder then its quite immersive. Likewise when you move into a defensive position, deploy your troops for imminent contact and its completely peaceful but everyone is slightly nervous. Those are the immersive moments that people love. But mostly I'm with you. I don't play Squad to be immersed in combat, I play it to think and outsmart and outfight my enemy. That's where the joy comes for me personally. If I want to be immersed I'll read a book or play a good RPG. There is a level of suspension of disbelief, but to what level are you wanting to suspend it. That's what really matters. Yes, I'd prefer not to have icons all over my HUD and for communication and the mark one eyeball to provide most of the intel but it's still a videogame like you say. We get to respawn and unload a truck full of supplies in a single instance. Bottom line, ignore it, those people don't have an actual argument against whatever they're complaining about.
  2. Should mortars be lethal?

    Yes, mortars should have a lethal radius. It doesn't need to be big, maybe one meter or so but it does need a lethal component with damage dropping off from there. All the explosive weapons need this, from tank cannon rounds to ieds. Nobody expects to stand in front of a tank in combat and then get revived and walk away, just like you shouldn't expect to live through a barrage out in open cover.
  3. Looking sweet! Still can't beat those old tracksuits though!
  4. Squad is dead or not ?

    That was one thing I personally liked in PR, the old engine meant 9 squads was the max. I don't think Squad would do well with a limit like that but it worked then. As for the topic, let Squad grow a little. I don't think its dead. It certainly doesn't seem to be any less played at any point since I first played it. Games like this never quite become the mainstream either. They aren't particularly fun to watch, no offense to the countless streamers here, and it can sometimes be more work to play than fun, any person that mains as SL will agree to that. Squad has a long way to go and people will play it for a long time. Its not instantly gratifying but is full of amazingly satisfying moments. Probably more so than most games. So stick with it, support it, leave it alone for a bit and come back; whatever you want, just don't pass judgement too quickly. OWI certainly seems set to see Squad to 1.0. Lets not judge it too harshly until then.
  5. Stopping Rouge Players Causing Nonstop Steamroll

    It is the result when people treat the game like Battlefield. Unfortunately there is no one good answer and it also has divided the community on theory as to how the game should be played. Some of us want it more slow and deliberate with mistakes being punished while others like a much more fast paced run n gun style. I think Squad will have to pick one side over the other because the middle ground just doesn't seem too fun to anyone. That being said, as for your issue I think Smee hit it with respawn timing. I think it is a logistics issue. Make HAB respawn timers increase with distance to Main. That way risky FOBs can't overrun an opponent in a blink of an eye. This would also help with making logistics semi autonomous. It would also work to keep play more towards the middle of the maps which is where OWI has seemed to want to focus it. It would help the tug of war as well. As one side pushes they take longer and longer to respawn as their supply lines are stretched while the other side can reinforce much more quickly. That's my rapid thought on it anyway.
  6. AFK's, Unassigned's & Ghosting

    I think you are misunderstanding me. I'm not saying they aren't important. I think they are. But I'm sure you would agree if you had to choose between an updated UI or in game mechanics you would prefer in game mechanics. You're talking about reworking something that has already been reworked once so far and probably will again before Squad hits 1.0. What other games are comparable to Squad? Sure, Battlefield 2 had an autokick timer but it was also a fully finished game before anyone played it. To compare it to Squad is somewhat silly. Pretty much any other game you will name either does not use privately operated servers and/or is completely finished as well. The comparisons don't apply. On top of that I bet server owners could add an AFK autokick if they wanted but don't due to seeding. Again, I'm not saying you're wrong. In my post I explained how important this actually is but also provided other ways to address it that are much more simple. I'm merely stating that Squad has a lot left to do and most of it takes precedence over some UI work.
  7. Redeploy From Main Base

    This isn't a respawn problem so much as a logistics problem. Solve the tedium of logistics and this problem will solve itself. Lots of great ideas were thrown about here a while back. Logistics needs to evolve to a semi autonomous state. That will also allow maps and battles to get even larger as a bonus.
  8. Tanks? No maps playing them?

    Is that really the case? I haven't played in ages but I assumed that would happen with more vehicle proliferation. Hopefully something will be added to restore a bit or armore/infantry balance.
  9. commander?

    I've always envisioned the CO as a combination of the S3 and S4. Overseeing the entire operation and helping it run smoothly. The first example you give are tactical decisions and the CO should NOT ever give tactical orders. The CO lacks the information the SL has. However, providing operational commands should certainly be allowed. If a flag is vulnerable the CO is more likely to see that and see which squad is either closest or most mobile to respond. The idea of the CO is to be the big picture guy while the SLs handle their immediate worlds. The second example is how it should work but just shows the other SL being a prick. The defending SL could have asked the Logi SL and received the same reply. That doesn't discount the commander or that role of enabling communications. In PR games with good commanders I've really felt the effect of having them handle the comms. It's handy for a SL to place his request and get back to commanding his squad instead of having to handle talking to other SLs.
  10. Ranking System?

    So at what rank is someone able to be a squad leader and at what rank MUST someone be a squad leader?
  11. AFK's, Unassigned's & Ghosting

    They'll probably get addressed as the game gets closer to completion. Unfortunately they just aren't important enough to be dealt with when so much of the game is still to be determined and implemented. I can tell you from my time as an admin that lots of time was spent finding unassigned players only to find out they were brand new and needed help navigating the menu and understanding the squad system. By bar the biggest issue with Squad is that it is still a work in progress and things change quite often. Yet, even a simple quickstart guide would go a long way in helping some of this. As for the rest, a solid game roster UI would be helpful but is again super low on the priority list. Personally, an icon next to a player's name in the roster while in admin cam would be very beneficial for fellow admins. That way at a glance someone could see if they're actually AFK or filming. Personally, I found it quite enjoyable to watch entire matches in camera mode. Not only did I find it fun but it was handy to have someone ready to look into anything fishy or deal with griefers without taking someone playing the match out of it.
  12. Anti Tank

    Personally I feel AT is way underpowered, especially for the thin skinned vehicles in game. I would like to see BTR's and strykers take no more than two hits to be destroyed. Reinforce that they are APCs and not assault tanks. I would love nothing more to see a squad dismount from its transport 500 meters from the objective and move in on foot while the vic stays back to provide fire support and suppression. Of course, we would need decent suppression effects first.
  13. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Two things: One, if you have an issue with how private servers are ran then make a case and present it to OWI for them to amend their server licensing agreement. If you feel strongly enough that private groups are promoting their own agenda over OWI's within their servers then do something about it. Two, you, like so many others, are caught up in the useless metric of player count. That number does nothing other than point out that people are playing the game at any given moment. If you want a more useful metric then use https://steamdb.info/app/393380/graphs/ and check out unique players over a two week period. Almost 100k different people have played Squad in the last two weeks. Thats almost 20% of the total ownership base. That number is well in line with most titles across Steam, especially so considering Squad is neither F2P or fully released. I will say there was a time when certain server admin groups were given admin status on the partnered servers during free weekends. I had such access back when I was still helping run Desmo's Playground. I don't remember which free weekend it was but I do remember making a conscious choice to not play on our server and to instead play on the partnered servers. It was not a good experience. I spent most of the time purely in admin mode warning, kicking and banning trolls and teamkillers. I only point that out to say that Squad gameplay is best when both teams are founded around a cadre of experienced players. Those cadres already exist in the private servers where they cultivate relationships with fellow players. Trying to create them in new servers merely to call them "official" would be a huge waste of dollars and man hours.
  14. Bottom line, by the time two or three fireteams are so spread out that they need separate comm channels two or three independent squads with their own rally points will be more effective making this commo issue, well, a non-issue. People just need to stop being pussies about being a SL and do it.
  15. Why are role selection made as it is?

    So you want the whole thing scrapped because of a bug in a test build? Yeah that sounds reasonable.