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  1. Anti Tank

    Personally I feel AT is way underpowered, especially for the thin skinned vehicles in game. I would like to see BTR's and strykers take no more than two hits to be destroyed. Reinforce that they are APCs and not assault tanks. I would love nothing more to see a squad dismount from its transport 500 meters from the objective and move in on foot while the vic stays back to provide fire support and suppression. Of course, we would need decent suppression effects first.
  2. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Two things: One, if you have an issue with how private servers are ran then make a case and present it to OWI for them to amend their server licensing agreement. If you feel strongly enough that private groups are promoting their own agenda over OWI's within their servers then do something about it. Two, you, like so many others, are caught up in the useless metric of player count. That number does nothing other than point out that people are playing the game at any given moment. If you want a more useful metric then use https://steamdb.info/app/393380/graphs/ and check out unique players over a two week period. Almost 100k different people have played Squad in the last two weeks. Thats almost 20% of the total ownership base. That number is well in line with most titles across Steam, especially so considering Squad is neither F2P or fully released. I will say there was a time when certain server admin groups were given admin status on the partnered servers during free weekends. I had such access back when I was still helping run Desmo's Playground. I don't remember which free weekend it was but I do remember making a conscious choice to not play on our server and to instead play on the partnered servers. It was not a good experience. I spent most of the time purely in admin mode warning, kicking and banning trolls and teamkillers. I only point that out to say that Squad gameplay is best when both teams are founded around a cadre of experienced players. Those cadres already exist in the private servers where they cultivate relationships with fellow players. Trying to create them in new servers merely to call them "official" would be a huge waste of dollars and man hours.
  3. Bottom line, by the time two or three fireteams are so spread out that they need separate comm channels two or three independent squads with their own rally points will be more effective making this commo issue, well, a non-issue. People just need to stop being pussies about being a SL and do it.
  4. Why are role selection made as it is?

    So you want the whole thing scrapped because of a bug in a test build? Yeah that sounds reasonable.
  5. Just no. What you are describing is two smaller squads with the SLs using direct chat between them. That is already possible, yet no one uses it. You want less confusing comms? Then teach SLs that not every thought that pops into their pea sized brains needs to be broadcasted over the command net. Many times its better if a SL communicates with just the specific SL he needs to work with instead of the entire command staff. THAT is what overburdens comms and makes being a SL a pain in the ass. Also, again as a primer for fireteams, they are apart of a squad and designed to mutually support each other. They should never be far away from each other. You shouldn't have one fireteam on one objective and the other on a completely different one. Thats not how they are designed to work. Nor does Squad need or require that level of complexity at the tactical level.
  6. Required experience for being a SL

    "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." Sadly I am on mobile in Poland right now and could not find an acceptable meme from Idiocracy.
  7. null_value

    How the hell does anyone think rushing actually makes games longer? If a rush wasn't stopped and dislodged within the first couple of minutes it was 99% game over and you have a 20 minute match.
  8. Required experience for being a SL

    I've been watching this thread and after reading this I have to say the problem is there is no requirement to be a squad leader. There can never be a requirement to be a SL because there is no requirement to be a SL. We've all seen the pregame lobbies in pub play. One squad gets made and filled immediately and then 60 seconds later another squad gets made and then 15 seconds before the match starts begrudgingly a couple final squads are made by SLs that don't want to be SLs. What we see is that plenty of experienced players DO NOT WANT to be squad leaders. They assume its hard work. They assume the newbs make it difficult. They simply want to join a squad and be no different than the guy with 3 hours. I get it, some people don't like to be SL. Some people are simply not cut out for the role. Others are simply assholes and we prefer they quit picking the role up. But SLs are the lynch pin for the entire game. If experienced players are NOT going to make and lead squads then inexperienced players are forced to do it. You cannot have a requirement restricting access to the SL role until you REQUIRE experienced players to accept the role. To those of you that think this is a big issue and constantly complain about it I implore you to lead yourself. Even if you don't like squad leading it will teach you how to be a better squad member. Even better, push your friends into leading separate squads alongside of you. Nothing is more effective than SLs that are actively working together. What better way to do that than with you and your friends all picking the role? TLDR: Its a catch 22. You can't prevent new players from being SL without simultaneously requiring veteran players to take the role. More people need to tackle the role so the same five guys on a team don't get burnt out.
  9. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    And many agree with you. Even my preferred flag capture mechanic with the zones we have is for neither side to cap while ANY amount of the OPFOR exists in the same zone. That's even more hardcore than what it currently is but at least it makes sense and is relatively simple, especially compared to what we have now. The problem with these hardcore systems is that you need a damn near perfect Squad team to counter and exploit them. Which is why the competitive side has evolved the way it has with their specific tactics. But to expect that same cooperation in a pug match at the moment is folly. True, the change to round start will help teams organize. But giving defenders the initiative over flags the enemy can't cap is only a good thing for the VAST majority of Squad players.
  10. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    I don't think they ever intended it to be a slightly more hardcore version of BF4, which is exactly what it is in its current state.
  11. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Agreed, tanks will be sweet. They're also the tool I think would have settled the rushing debate. Who's gonna rush when a MBT is coming down the road? I mean who would you put your money on? The squad supported with heavy armor or the light infantry cut off and surrounded staring down the barrel of a damn tank!
  12. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by this. Is it a bad thing? I would love to e Squad do things that encourage a little more teamwork and coordination between squads. Personally I would love to see Squad become a bit more hardcore but that is at odds with the guys that love to run n gun. You by no means have to explain to me but I am curious. Also, this thread highlighted the cap interdiction change but how do you feel about the vehicle crew change?
  13. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    @Assi sorry, he touched my button. Robin and I are just on two sides of the same coin. From what I've read he wants the defending team to be proactive and controlling and securing the early caps and letting the rush disrupt that. It's a valid point but doesn't lend to play outside of the competitive scene very well. IE, he wants the rusher to have the initiative for where and when they'll disrupt a cap(s). I like that the defender is now going to get the initiative at first. It will be a good thing to get more casual players to play more often. It's hard to always be on your A game. Especially when trying to work with SLs that don't care about working with you. We just have differing opinions about Squad and it's future. He thinks it rests on the competitive scene. I respectfully disagree and say increasing pub numbers are the way to success.
  14. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Let me reiterate what others have said because you keep missing it. This doesn't eliminate rushing, it simply removes the initiative from the attacker to the defender, rightly so. It's up to the attacker to regain the initiative, which they can do by completely eliminating the enemy presence. This is a good thing because no more can you drive a truck to a point and have your guys hide while the SL+1 runs around keeping rallys up. You actually have to fight! Isn't that what this game is about? Fighting? So it's not gone, don't act like it is. It just got harder. It was going to get harder anyway. I'm convinced that it would have eventually been worked out anyway but it's not popular and for the guy that only plays Squad a few hours a week this is a huge win. And there are a lot more of them than there are guys that treat playing Squad like a second job. As for what I did as the admin of a server or actions that took place while I was an admin are not up for debate. Every server has their rules clearly posted. Players are free to choose to follow them or not and server owners are free to judge a group by a few individuals or not. You don't know a damn thing about what I did while running Desmo's Playground so you don't get to comment on it. Now as for v10, so far the recap has gotten a huge positive response. Personally, I think it's a good first step in a long road to a great game.
  15. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Please, you're just upset that as a rusher you just lost the initiative. OWI just started removing the whole "might makes right" meta that has plagues Squad since its inception. Besides, all you have to do to block a cap is literally sweep and clear it of enemies shouldn't that play into the hands of hardcore comp guys?