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  1. Pretty sure that's just an animation issue right now. I believe they are working on it to where you don't put away one rifle to pull out another in. If it's intentional and plans on staying I'll just say **** squad and go back to PR. At least there I have mortars.
  2. Yes please! It's possible you could make a macro for it? I don't know though.
  3. How do you know? If I'm the SL and you're in my squad you only have a fraction of the tactical picture that I do. I may suggest a course of action for the squad that in your opinion may be total bs but due to my communication with fellow SLs may in fact be instrumental to the entire team's success. At its base, Squad is extremely simple. Attack the orange objective and defend the purple one. Now, when players get involved with the toys we have the game can get infinitely more complex. As the complexity rises differing tactics come into direct confrontation with one another. "Do we superFOB?" "Do we rush?" "Where do we place the next FOB?" "How many vehicles should we take into the field?" All of these questions arise along with many, many more and depending on who you are or how you've learned to play Squad or if you play PR they will all be answered in a different way. A newb SL has none of the answers to these questions. This is our chance to shape that person's tactical view of Squad to our own beliefs. If you see a bad idea happening, don't just say its bad and leave. Explain why its bad, explain what other options there are and take the moment to expand someone's knowledge. Because not only are you teaching that SL but you are also teaching seven other guys in that squad. If you yourself are squad leading you have an even better position because you can reach every SL on the team. You can provide advice and and help keep them focused on what you consider is important if they are lost. It doesn't take much. You dont have to get upset, or yell at anyone, just start the conversation. Squad is that game that will keep evolving with its gameplay as new assets and maps and factions join the fray. Hopefully its playerbase will continue to grow right along with it. But we must be willing to accept the new people in. We must be ready and willing to be apart of their mistakes and be there to show them why it failed and provide an alternative solution. Sure, you can yell at that terrible squad that didn't seem to do anything but if you can't provide them direction for the next round then all you've done is made it that much more likely that those players will quit Squad and not return. Squad isn't hard, but it also isn't easy. Instead of expecting that everyone already knows exactly what to do, accept the idea that we must be ready and willing to help those that may lack the knowledge or experience or confidence. Lets bring people in and help them see how awesome Squad can be. Not throw up artificial barriers to gameplay because some noob ruined your match when you decided you didn't want to squad lead yourself.
  4. Negative, merely referring to his authority as a SL.
  5. I never defended him. I said you should have been kicked or if you disagree so heartily against his ideas that you make your own squad and try to convince him of his error and show him how to do better. Lead, follow or get out of the damn way. You chose to get out of the way. Admirable but it does absolutely *** to solve the issues you find with the game.
  6. I'm shocked you weren't kicked from the squad for running away with such a valuable kit. You're talking tactics, not leading. Everyone is going to have different tactics. Part of being a good SL is being able to read the map and employ the correct tactics for the situation and at the same time be able to cooperate and compromise and sometimes coerce the other SLs into what you consider the proper action.. You running off on your own was, however, not the correct response. You are more than able to lead your own squad if you find the leadership abilities of others to be inferior. I'm not trying to be condescending towards you. I'm simply saying that Squad is a game, not some ultra competitive tournament with thousands of dollars on the line. We play it to have fun. You know what I find fun? Squad leading or watching the matches unfold while doing admin work. Rarely do I have fun in other roles so I don't play other roles. You know what makes Squad NOT fun? When there are no squad leaders and no one makes squads.You know what the newbs are doing? They're making squads so they can play the game and try to have fun. We shouldn't criticize for that. If you don't have fun in other people's squads then SL more, meet other players that you consider good at leading and only join their squads. New people have the right to enjoy this game as much as those with hundreds of hours. If the only way for them to learn is by trying and failing then so be it. You don't like it? Teach more people how to SL better. Squad will ALWAYS want for more SLs. We can never have too many of them. Try to remember how you learned to lead and provide that information to newer players. As for your last remark... Well if you aren't having fun as a SL then you are playing the wrong game. Sure it can be frustrating at times but I've never had a rush like leading a squad to overcome the odds. There are forty players per team right now. As a SL you are one of FIVE that gets to have a direct influence on how the match plays out. If that doesn't excite you than nothing here will.
  7. Does this even belong here anymore since it's now a standalone project and not a conversion mod?
  8. first off, quit blaming the newbs that don't know any better for doing your job for you. Where do you guys expect the new people to learn to squad lead if not of the veteran's are stepping up to do it? Is there some magical squad leaders course that OWI made or some clan is running that I haven't heard about? The problem is us, that too many of us don't want to do the job, have negative connotations about the job yet have actually never done it. I remember when I first started playing PR, didn't really know what I was doing but no one else would squad lead so I stepped up to it. Even went to the forums to ask for advice. Got a lot of responses that were very encouraging. Also got a lot that amounted to "don't do it if you don't know how" to which I responded, if you're not going to then don't bitch when I step up and lead. And so, I say again to everyone here, don't shit on the new guys. They are just doing our jobs for us. Yes they suck at it, but that's our fault. The problem isn't the new players leading, the problem is that the beginning of every round plays out like a bunch of boys at a middle school dance that are all too shy to go ask the girls to dance with him. Step up, get out on the floor and lead. If you aren't going to do that then don't bitch about those that do. You are always free to make and lead your own squad at any time.
  9. Nobody is complaining about it because it doesn't happen. If restrictions that prevented it were removed and it did happen you bet your ass people would be in here bitching about it.
  10. I wouldn't say instead of. In my experience it's always been in addition to. The middle flags we're always rushed. With the rule, teams focus more on the middle. But it really doesn't change much. Teams still have to defend or they get steamrolled. It's not like they no longer have to communicate because one tactic has been denied.
  11. Well I'll find out. Need your steam ID as well please to look up the ban.
  12. So well that we're seriously considering continuing the rule. The argument against it has been not wanting to artificially restrict gameplay. I fully support and understand that point of view. As far as its impact on gameplay? Almost unanimous agreement that it makes the rounds more enjoyable. Even those of us that are critical of the rule agree it makes the rounds more enjoyable.
  13. Hmm, that does seem strange. I'll look into it and get back to you when I know more. To clear up a couple of things. You can't place a FOB directly on mosque while seeding since we don't allow people to take out FOBs while seeding. That doesn't mean that didn't place a FOB somewhere close so mosque was in the build radius. Against the rules? Not explicitly. Is it bad form? I would say yes. As for the 15v15 rule, admins adjust based on the number of people we know are AFK in the server. Several members will jump in while at work to help speed up the process. So it might go beyond 15v15, that is just the minimum. Im going to work at getting it set to 20v20 due to how certain mechanics work. Anyway, I'll find out and get back to you as soon as I can.
  14. As far as I'm aware most of the custom servers are used for testing, training, making videos or scrims and scheduled matches. Don't know of any group that runs and admins a custom server for pubs. Can you provide your reasoning for wanting to remove asset ticket costs? I do think they are inflated right now but when it's all said and done I think 40 tickets is reasonable for a MBT. It's combined arms tactics. You need to be good with infantry and vehicles. To be fair, infantry tactics still reign supreme and always will. There are a lot of things vehicles can't do, such as capture objectives. So you need to have a good grasp of infantry tactics. The vehicles we have now are primarily for infantry mobility over anything else. While they can provide fire support it should be considered a strictly secondary role currently.
  15. Can't wait to play it! Its been awesome and tortuous with you teasing us with glimpses for so long!