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  1. Man, good thing you missed out on those 50+ queues we had a few weeks ago. Make sure motion blur is off in the settings, it's on by default. There are also a few other settings that can sharpen the game up for you and of course there is always reshade. Go to the firing range and switch maps then start messing with settings to see how things look.
  2. You know the little "assets" tab on the top right corner of the map? We really just need that to have functionality to click to that page and bring up the quantity and type of vehicles the game has, their ticket value and their respawn times. I'm assuming it's in the plans but the UI just hasn't been done or all those values are going to change so much they don't want to make sure they all update.
  3. @Instride SLs are not positions of limitless authority. Once they choose to start berating their colleagues over their choices it no longer becomes a "difference of opinion". I agree, a more appropriate reason should have been used in this instance but hopefully you'll be relieved to know I have already made that clear to the responsible admins. And yes, it does suck when a squad loses it's SL, but you know what's worse? When a SL is toxic to the other SLs. In this instance I would rather lose one SL than possibly lose four.
  4. I apologize. I never really got much from the admins involved and forgot about it. I'm removing it now.
  5. Server rules updated.
  6. @xControl send me your steam 64 ID either here or in a pm and I'll look into it.
  7. I'm going to go ahead and have this ban removed. I can't verify either side but there are a few strange parts. Not enough for me to be comfortable with leaving it as it is. Just be careful going forward. It might take a day for this to be removed from our #2 server but I'll remove it from #1 immediately.
  8. I'll look into this. Two of our admins were responsible for this. One of them claims to have heard the players talking about it in local chat. He should have video I can look at. Until then I can't make any determination yet. It's always possible we banned the wrong person by mistake. Also, if you could post the link to your steam profile that would help out. Thanks.
  9. Is the shovel always going to be the only destructible tool in Squad? Surely we could use explosives to remove the wreck as well, right?
  10. Rifle to pistol transition time has been timed by multiple sources and confirmed by the devs to be at 2.0 seconds, maybe 2.1
  11. @PuppyFur I am happy to inform you that we have pushed through some work with our Rcon and the server now broadcasts specific rules for each layer at the start of the round. Hopefully this will make things much more clear. @SnippleRifsky thanks for the support! We aren't always perfect and we have made mistakes but stories like yours are exactly why we do what we do. I apologise for the queue over the last week as well. We are contemplating a second server to take care of the demand. We are committed to growing the Squad community by providing new players with a less stressful environment to learn this amazing game in. I'll pass this on to @DesmoLocke to make sure he sees your post.
  12. Nice! I got one of 57 or 58 when I was in queue the other day. It's crazy. We are looking at possible solutions, maybe even getting another server.
  13. Seriously? Wow, freaking streamers man. I hope someone got a screenshot of that. New record!
  14. @PuppyFur I understand, the rule has two exceptions. One of those is Al basrah and the other is the 8 flag layer on yehorivka. Admins should be broadcasting at the start of Al basrah not to rush village or refinery. Those are the flags we want protected on that map. Nothing else. Having the rule read to cover 90% of the maps is better than nothing and saves us a lot of time. Yes, the two flags closest to each main get protected except in the two cases mentioned above. Also, fools road v2 is a special case as well but since it isn't in our server rotation and an admin must set it manually the admin is expected to announce the rules for it. Anyway, most flags are five or six flag layers. The middle flags points to the singular flag in the middle on five flag layers and the two middle flags in six flag layers. I hope that clears it up some. We are working with our Rcon to be able to automatically broadcast specific rules at the start of each layer. Unfortunately we also need OWI to improve things server side before this can be done but there are whispers that is is close. Being able to do this would remove all ambiguity because then the rush rules would all be layer specific. But then the players actually have to read the announcements. That's something you will need to bring up with @Odin but as far as I'm aware we applied for license and are abiding by that agreement.
  15. Responded via PM