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  1. State of War: 41

    A quick overview. The mod aims to bring the early parts of the second world war into Squad. Depending on the amount of participators in the mod creation, we will expand the ambitions accordingly. The mod will aim to change the flow of battle and gameplay by removing individual radio communication, making communication through man-carried and vehicle-mounted radio's the most deciding factor in winning a battle. We will emphasize the strengths and differences between factions according to history. The vision is something in between Forgotten Hope and Project Reality, introducing fixed wing aircraft and iconic tanks. Other possible features to be discussed is squad/fireteam types, having access to different special equipment. Nothing is decided and changing the core Squad concept too much deserves a serious discussion. What fronts will be depicted? The initial release will center around operation Barbarossa and the german advances through Soviet, possibly through a simple meta campaign. The first release will focus on the early light tank warfare, with tanks such as the BT7, T26 and Panzer 2/ Panzer 3. The second release will most likely continue expanding the arsenal into 1942, introducing the iconic MG42, T34, Panzer 4, along with Stalingrad maps. It will also introduce an insurgency mode with sum-o-dat terrible partisan hunting. The third release will center around the North African campaign, with such vehicles as the Crusader, Stuart, Fiat 13/M40 and El Alamein. What factions will be depicted? German Wehrmacht (First update) Soviet Red Army (First update) German Waffen SS (Second update) Soviet Partisans (Second update) Britains Western Desert Force (Third update) Italy's Royal Italian Army (Third update) Deutches Afrika Korps (Third update) Free French Foreign Legion (Third update) Awfully ambitious.. Yes indeed, this is the reason i have divided the different fronts into different updates that will mostly likely take years to complete. On the other hand, the goal is not to make every obscure Czech rifle used in the war, but to focus our efforts on the most important and commonly used equipment. Because this is a mod and not a product with a price, i can only put so much time and effort in it. I'm a huge World War 2 geek and love historical accuracy. If you feel the same way and know anything about map making, 3D-modeling, texturing, coding or blueprinting in Unreal Engine 4, animating or other, please consider joining. If you have a basic knowledge of Blender and Zbrush, i'm always willing to help (or recieve help, god knows i have a lot to learn). No, this is not another WW2 thread, it's a mod project and i'm looking for people who wants to help working on it. If you are a sad fellow who loves to shit on other people's work and ideas, i'd encourage you to move along to something that excites you. It's a new year, let's get this shit started.
  2. Flight controls for Jets

    Hah yeah, my only fear is the impotent nintendo-stick-syndrome where the stick falls over, but that may only apply to really old ones.
  3. Flight controls for Jets

    I know, i wonder if we will ever see them. But if so, it could be a nice solution.
  4. Flight controls for Jets

    Having played a lot of games like Arma, Battlefield and similar where there is any flying, there is the constant problem of not having a Joystick. While i can understand why you might want to "weed out" the filthy casuals that didn't cough up 200 bucks for a joystick, i have a suggestion. War Thunder (a very casual game, i know) solved the "mouse as joystick"- problem by simulating a joystick on screen. So essentially, you have a large circle on screen, where moving the mouse point to the outer parts of the circle means maximal output in that direction, vice versa. http://forum.warthunder.com/uploads/monthly_02_2013/post-216087-0-20610600-1360856198.jpg A very clever solution that gives both control and a much more comfortable experience compared to shoving your mouse as if you were having a seizure, or worse, key controls.
  5. The big Tank and Apc thread

    Thread bump, check out/contact Burnes Armories, a modder for Arma 3 that made a M1A1 and a M1A2 with interiors. He seems skilled.
  6. Different appearance for different classes

    (Vibrates uncontrollably in excitement)
  7. Different appearance for different classes

    That's very good news, i'm really looking forward to modding this. I take it it's a 64bit game (being in UE4 and all)? I rembember from Red Orchestra 2 where it was a total pain in the ass due to memory restrictions.
  8. US soldiers - First look at player models

    You must have worked on the RHS mod for Arma 3? :-D
  9. Different appearance for different classes

    Hahah oh you mean like that, well hopefully they will make some kind of difference. Yeah, maybe it's good the way it is. It just feels so cool knowing you have a role and that people can see it, and that you can identify certain types of soldiers from their appearance in a tactical way.
  10. Different appearance for different classes

    W..wut? The word sniper is a prefectly valid word to describe a soldier equipped with a long ranged- rifle operating from a distance.
  11. Can we get a character template for modding?

    Well having 3d modeled and textured for several years i know the basic anatomy of human males. The problem is stretching textures when rescaling the equipment down the line. True, rigging is the greatest enemy of any modder.
  12. Engineers wear heavier backpacks+earmuffs, snipers wear caps/fishing hats, recon wears camoflauge netting etc. Or a framework for modders if it's too much work.
  13. Getting knocked out from an explosion.

    YES! It's a great idea, i wonder if it's possible to attach the player camera to the ragdoll. Could get very jiggly though..
  14. Can we get a character template for modding?

    Someone has to fight the good fight, hopefully i wont turn into a mod though. Cheers!
  15. Can we get a character template for modding?

    Why thank you, what a valuable piece of information. That explains a lot more than that it "simply is too early". Regarding class appearance, is this something you can answer or is it undecided? Forgive the question-barrage but i'm just trying to figure out what kind of stuff i can work on.