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    I say! can someone send the char wallah?
  1. Forum Upgrade to IPB4

    I really like the new layout.
  2. 54 Min Dev Q&A

    but why? You had it in PR and it WORKED!. Please dont bloody tell me that it has anything to do with not beeing political correct or something? Seriusly i want to know why? is it completly of the table?
  3. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Ladies and gentlemen i present to you! perhaps one of the most awsome looking riflies in modern time! The Croatian VHS-2! Now let us see what gloryus things we could have if we only do some modification and add a drum mag.
  4. I would pay for DLC if it helped the devs..

    To be honest, i f****g hate DLC. on the other hand if the Squad Devs fughter down the line were to come up with a proper expation pack. Think like Shogun 2: Fall of the samurai. Or perhaps a ex pack that includes.....lets say some factions that aert as popular, like norway, sweden or the dutch. along with maps that areu nique to each faction then i would have less of a probelm with it.
  5. 1,600+ live players Steams Top Seller!

    congertulations to the Devs. You deserve all the praise you lads get!
  6. Greetings from Norway

    Welcome! Good to see more Norwegians. lets conquer squad together!
  7. Closed Alpha Version 2 Announcement

    Wow this changelog was bigger then i thougth it would be, Either way i am happy to see so much progress beeing made. Cant wait to try it out!
  8. Female Characters

    +1 I fully agree with with what you have written here UnFrail. Especially when it comes to how rare the female player models should be in game. Someone figure out in what kind of infantry role there is the most amount of females and ta da! problem solved.
  9. What guns would people like in the game

    The M-96 in Bren Gun configuration.
  10. Music!

  11. Reload animation for Heavy MG. 50./DShK

    Ok then. To bad regarding the grappling hooks, wanted them back inn. anyway thanks for the quick anwnsers.
  12. Simple question. Will there be proper reload animation for the vehicle / stationary mounted HMG's? Also will there be any kind of grappling hooks? Thx. -Mr. Weyland
  13. M249

    Can't wait to try the paratrooper version!