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  1. Looking for some pals?

    I think I just played with you tonight, if your name was similar to what it is on these forums. I was Ariex. We got our asses handed to us by the U.S. lol
  2. Well I'm down to play with you! Would be fun to get a squad of friends together who get used to one another and the like. I'd be down for that... Well I guess that sounds like the beginnings of a clan actually lol.
  3. Hello all!

    Thanks everyone! Glad to be here! @Dale, alright! I'm down to buy some e-beers!
  4. So I heard about Squad a while back as I saw some videos on YouTube. Looked pretty awesome and then I heard about PR. I tried that game out and between the random disconnects and whiny adult children, it was a pretty fun game. I met a few normal people on the game and they continued to tell me more about Squad and how they are looking forward to it. So once again I kept up with the game's progress and what's in store for development. And then I decided to invest! I just bought the Squad Leader Tier package and am looking forward to playing and helping the game move along. If PR is anything to base the game off of then this will be a fantastic new game that I am looking forward to playing with other like-minded people. The videos and commentary I've watched so far look solid for an Alpha state and I'm proud to say that I have donated to the game! I look forward to meeting / playing with you all! Hopefully even join a team to help a [semi] noob like me and forge me into an integral part of a unit Little about myself: I live in Arizona, 25, about to attend college pursuing a BA in Game Art & Design, U.S. Army veteran, and I love cars & games... and women of course! Glad to be apart of the community!