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  1. New video of the new update (Sorry for lack of uploads)

    New Squad Video with some awesome slow motion - If you do enjoy don't forget to leave a like and comment to let me know to make more. Also if you have any ideas or questions ask in the comments or reply to this forum post
  2. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: TheTacticalGamer Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheTacticalGamer42/ Primary Language: English Age: 17 Timezone or Region: UK (GMT +/-0) Nature of Interest: MilSim and competitive Gaming Background: I have been playing squad since the pre-alpha so I know this game like the back of my hand, also I have help with the game by giving ideas. I have also played a lot of Arma 2 and 3. Additional Skills: I am good at listening to people and remember what they said. I am also a good at long range shooting and can hit consistent shots at about 300 meters.(rough estimate) Status: signed
  3. LandsHeer Gaming Videos ENG

    That was a fun game and you were a great squad leader
  4. =SRR= Special Reconnaissance Regiment Recruiting

    I am interested in joining this clan, is there any requirements
  5. I hope you do enjoy this video and if you have anything to say go ahead in the comments of the video or reply to this post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f09TYvSPfQY
  6. Backer Tag Redeem!

  7. Squad | V3.11 | Running and Gunning

    New video on my channel and it is action packed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OpqHw1ZHOc
  8. The run to victory

  9. I can't here people in squad chat

    i can't here people talking in squad chat but i can i local, i had this happen to me before but it fixed it self.
  10. The most intense battle ever

  11. Stream Highlights | New Map and New Weapons

  12. Funniest moment in SQUAD

    silly question but how do you post videos like that
  13. Funniest moment in SQUAD

    This was a moment when SQUAD became my favorite game https://youtu.be/IAMTBCqAnAc
  14. TheTacticalGamer

    New video went up today, hope you enjoyed it and if you did please subscribe for more in the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7p2Uq4eqyks
  15. RPG travels slow then the M72 LAW

    Thanks you very much