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  1. Player Generated Haze

    Mmm....mayby if its overcomplicated. Ive seen it somewhere before with WW2 aircraft(planes flying by will part smoke) but I cant remember for the life of me
  2. Some issues with AMD compatibility.

    Idk, its having Monthly driver updates over Quarterly updates like Nvidia does.Cause who wants to only use beta drivers until next Quarter. And hey if the game isnt Optimized yet thats fine,With the money he saved by buying a AMD card he can do what ever he wants!
  3. Why not add a Haze that is generated by Gunfire/Explosives? Say for example a little village is a hotspot for heavy motar fire,gun shots and grenades,and over time itll start getting a heavy haze/fog that starts to hamper vision and you dissipates with time like the real thing? Cause any video from Dust getting kicked up that stays in the air for almost a hour if not that, Would also be cool too if the Helicopter's Rotor Wash would plume the smoke down like the real thing too~ Just my ten cents since I was at the Range today with my CA Akm and had to wait after i shot about 20 rounds cause it was hazy (light breeze in the woods. not indoors) Also I would like to ask that when recording Sounds for the game, Please take note of postion of the microphone, First Person, Next to Muzzle Blast, Infront of muzzle blast. 200 Yards, Infront of muzzle blast. All sound Entirely diffrent. just a heads up.
  4. Arma 3 Movement System

    Peak,Stand,Crouch Run,Kneel,Laydown. is all they need. Arma while giving the options has always felt robotic.\ with its movment.

    Your running the game that well, and its not even Optimized yet. I will offer you a tip aswell. go onto Amazon.Lookup, the R9 270x and on Every card that is sold brand new click used.(here me out) and look for Used - Very Good Item is in original packaging, but packaging has damage. or Item will come repackaged. Small (less than 1/4" x 1/4") cosmetic imperfection on front of item. MAKE SURE THE SELLER IS AMAZON.These are all BRAND NEW CARDS They either have A, A scratched or Dented box, or B, Been opened to look at for a reason. I have done this for 3 people, I paid $143 for a Asus R9 270x that at the time was going for 199 Just recently my friend bought the Saphire 280x for 175$ and its a 240$ card The cards the R9 270x and the R9 280x are compared to are $250 to $400 Cards. and for the most part perform sometimes 1-8 frames lower, most of the time its the same fps,and CAN perform better sometimes. and for alot less. if someone tells you otherwise.Ask if they own a Nvidia card,If they say yes.Dont listen to them because buying 400$ just for a graphic card can make you belive its better when it really isnt.
  6. Spanish or Latin players?

    99% of the reason is lag. splitting the community is bad but, if a player is going to run around with 250+ ping. it ruins it for anyone,no matter where your from.
  7. Where do you aim with the ACOG?

    All depends on what the scope is sighted for. Idk if this game has that feature yet, or intend to. But military Rifles by default are set to 300 yards and have been for some time.Accurate shooting is Necessary however there are more than 99 reasons why a bullet wont go straight and its why there is always alot of shooting.but very little results in firefights.
  8. Paradrop type aircraft

    True,but compared to a Helicopter using Fast Ropes,or doing other Drops, This one would Allow the ability to drop in faster from any angle, and still allow the enemy team the ability to deny that option, which is still fair, and since the Osprey has 2 side gunners and a rear door gun, being able to provide air-cover and not have the need for airfields, However! the C130 was Deigned to land on dirt strips, so something carved out of a road or trees,is suitable and gives engineers task if a runway is needed. Then that built runway would be a key supply route taht can be a target for attack.
  9. Names above players heads

    I did,and when you have a player laying down,and your trying to look/shoot over them, That nameplate is dead center in YOUR screen.Im pretty close to watching almost all the videos on youtube on this game, the nameplates should stay the way they are, but should be set to a key that will bring them up,or even have it as a Toggle switch.
  10. suppression??

    The sounds in this game are amazing! Usually Ill look for a way to add my own sound mod to give better more realistic sounds but this game nailed it on the spot, Just the bullet Travel sounds,Impact with Ground Sounds and Player Hit sounds are too quiet. Beef it up by 4 times and itll make getting sniped from "snip" your dead to " KA POW" Holy god that scared me dead. I was watching a stream with no commentary,and you can even hear it when players get killed, you the sound of the bullet impacts are as loud as the bullet sounds.Even watching others(watching hte last playtest) its quiet. Even the bullets hitting/killing you are quieter than the bullets hitting the ground, I mean cmon when bullets are making so much noise blurring out Comms its pretty cool, and instead of just seeing a black screen that says " Your Dead" hearing a loud snap that sounds like its directly at you then a Very loud Thud that sounds like your guy got the wind knocked out of him,then a black screen shows up, kinda more dramatic and really stresses the player Audibility instead of Visually.
  11. suppression??

    And no one here is saying they arn't,However from watching raw gameplay, the sound isnt loud enough,its why I say increase it tenfold,I have really cheap speakers and Astro A50s, and compared to gunfire the snap and pops of the rounds are pretty dull, Increase it so it startles players, So when a MG opens up on you,you scatter for cover and nothing else,instead of looking around for whos shooting at you.
  12. Names above players heads

    Having name plates above players heads at close range is going to obscure vision of group operations. UNLESS! there was a button,like say Shift-M that would highlight your teammates around you, That way you dont have Vision loss.
  13. Paradrop type aircraft

    Isnt really a idea, actually was a question x3
  14. Mayby having New(stock),Slightly Used(slightly scratched),Used(scratches and light dust),Veteran(More scratches and dust),BattleHero(Pieces missing, Scratches,Tape and Loaded with Dust). Does sound good. As long as there is no like Pink Tiger stripe Camo and the lot, cause thats what all of you are thinking when it comes to Camo. Also,Having the option to just Remove Optics would be nice,not all of us like scopes~ Tell me you wouldnt want Stock black gun over this!
  15. Bad Ping and bad decision

    Mayby its time have a free weekend for all backers and non-backers >.>